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Town Hall Meeting 11/10/2010 · on 11/21/2010 2:28:32 PM 5149
Oooops. I realized getting ready for today's Town Hall Meeting that I never posted the log of the last one.

We talked about the event surrounding the blessing, Morlaena and the Shadow Realm. We also discussed a visit by the archeologist Terald who mentioned an upcoming Zoluren dig.

Alexsei says, "The Zoluren Town Meetings are, first and foremost, a community event. Even if they are sponsored by the White Rose, please do not see them as simply a time for us to preach and teach."

Alexsei says, "The goal of the event is to create a forum for people to get current with happenings and events, as well as share ideas on how to best protect and defend our province."

Alexsei says, "Think of it as a place to meet fellow Zoluren citizens and visitors, and share ideas, information, and practices."

Alexsei says, "First, before we talk a bit about current events with Talliska, let me bring back up the topic of communication in emergency situations."

Alexsei says, "Those who were present at previous Town Meetings will recall that there was concern raised with bringing up sensitive information on the gweths during emergency situations."

Alexsei says, "A few solutions and alternatives were brought up, one of which being the use of colored albredine rings. It was decided at the time that the Zoluren emergency color would be Banded Cobalt."

Ezolde asks, "Oh we have the colored rings now?"

Alexsei says, "For those wishing to participate in sharing information on that network during invasions, attacks and emergency situations, the White Rose will offer a Banded Cobalt ring, already pre-attuned."

Alexsei says, "For those interested in having one of these rings, please whisper to me, and I will hand you one after this meeting."

Alexsei says, "For now, I have droned out enough - before anyone falls asleep, let me give the floor to Talliska, who will speak of current events."

Talliska asks, "Oh, my turn already?"

Talliska says, "All right then..."

Talliska says, "Hello all, I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to give the current."

Talliska says, "Events update."

Talliska laughs!
Talliska clears her throat.

Talliska says, "I've been absent from the latest events since our last town hall meeting. A very important emergency called me away."

Talliska says, "So this time around, I'll be relying on others to provide me with the information I'm lacking."

Talliska says, "Fortunately for me, the Hollow Eve festival kept everyone busy until recently, so there isn't a whole lot to report now that I'm back."

Talliska says, "Still, I'd like to start with the events involving Morlaena and the shadow realm."

Talliska says, "Much of the information I have comes from Powerhaus, who was present for her attack on the Crossing. Cyiarriah has also offered to share what information she has about what occurred at the front."

Talliska says, "So my thanks go out to them for helping me out here, I have nothing but the utmost respect for them both."
Talliska says, "Most of you I'm sure at least have the gist of what happened, but for completion's sake I'll summarize what led to the attack. If you have a question or comment, let me know in an unobtrusive way and I'll try to accomodate."

Talliska says, "I tend to be kinda wordy, but I'm flexible too."
Talliska says, "Morlaena claimed at first to be a priestess of Eylhaar, and from many accounts, she looked the part and played her role well."

Talliska says, "She distributed a 'blessing' that many were skeptical about, but that she claimed would protect against the shadow beings that have attacked us recently."

Talliska says, "She even claimed to have prior knowledge of the attacks, and that she learned this through a vision from Eylhaar."

Talliska says, "At first, there were many who willingly accepted the blessing. Since it protected against the shadows' spirit attacks, some took that as evidence Morlaena spoke truly."

Talliska says, "But there were some hints that all was not well. For example..."

Talliska says, "The blessing had a 'shadowy' appearance when bestowed. Those affected by the blessing felt oddly giddy when interacting with others."

Talliska says, "The blessing now and then drained health and energy from those who accepted it, in order to sustain itself."

Talliska says, "Moon mages who were blessed found that their moongates sometimes opened arches leading to the shadow realm."

Talliska says, "There was also a strong suspicion that the shadow beings manifested where many people were gathered. Some even theorized that they could be shadow apparitions of the 'blessed'."
One of Ezolde's kunzite roses starts to cartwheel along its orbit. The other two swiftly
Talliska says, "So when the silver pendants that could banish the blessing were discovered in the shadow realm, those who had concerns about its dubious benefits had it removed."

Talliska asks, "Of course, as we know, they were correct to be concerned. Any thoughts or comments at this point before I move on?"

Talliska says, "Now I get to the parts that I wasn't quite here for. So, if I speak anything that seems wrong to you, feel free to correct me."

Talliska says, "At the end of the month of Moliko, Morlaena attacked the Crossing, revealing herself to be a priestess of Huldah."

Talliska says, "Her blessing was also revealed to be a disease in disguise. All along, the spirit energy it was siphoning was giving strength to the creatures of the shadow realm."

Talliska says, "She also changed her appearance when she attacked. Black leather, gloomwood heels... big transformation from the benevolent priestess she was acting as before."

Talliska says, "The heels are supremely tacky, but anyway."

Talliska clears her throat.

Talliska says, "Apparently this disease originates in the shadow realm Morlaena discovered. I don't know how she discovered it, but it's obvious she gained some power over it."

Talliska says, "When she realized that she could use the shadow disease to trick people into giving their spirit energy, she decided to use it for her ambitions to serve Huldah."

Talliska says, "As far as I understand it, Morlaena's actions were driven by her belief that people had become soft-hearted, worshiping weaker aspects and not giving Huldah his proper respects."

Talliska says, "And no worries. I get worried sometimes when all I'm doin' is talking at people."

Talliska says, "I suppose you could say Morlaena wanted to put the fear of Huldah in all of us. Though, I wasn't around to hear her screaming, only speculate about it after the fact."

Talliska says, "To achieve her ends, Morlaena worked on her plan in secret, while working at a hospice with an old woman who was a true priestess of Eylhaar."

Talliska says, "After a year's time, she used a poison to kill the old priestess, and began traveling to all the major cities of our continent to spread the disease she discovered."

Talliska says, "It was a vicious cycle: the disease attracted and empowered the shadows, and those fearful of the shadows sought out what they thought was a blessing to protect against them."

Talliska says, "Finally, when Morlaena attacked the Crossing, she used her control over the disease and the spirit energy siphoned from it to disable those who accepted the blessing."

Talliska says, "They were brought to their knees and drained nearly to death of health and energy. This along with Morlaena's spells and the shadow beings' attacks made the final battle quite chaotic."

Talliska says, "Now I've heard she walked at the end. So that's that as far as her ambitions go."

Talliska says, "But I think I've rambled enough. I know that Cyiarriah was present at that battle with Morlaena... Maybe some of the rest of you too."

Talliska asks Cyiarriah, "Have anything to add about your first hand experience?"

Talliska says, "Or anyone else. Feel free to contribute."

Cyiarriah nods.

Talliska says to Cyiarriah, "All right, then go right ahead."

Cyiarriah says, "Well, I wouldn't really call it a disease."

Cyiarriah says, "And I don't think it was feeding the shadow things."

Talliska asks, "What would be a more accurate description, then?"

Cyiarriah says, "According to Morlaena the spirit energy was being syphoned off directly to Huldah."

Aeraven asks, "So the question we should be asking is, why would a God be needin' spirit energy?"

Cyiarriah says, "This is coming from a fanatical crazy woman summoning shadow creatures."

Jaelia says, "All of Huldah's clerics are known for stealing spirit energy. Tyrun does it all time."

Cyiarriah looks at Aeraven and shrugs.

Talliska says, "I certainly can't answer that myself."

Talliska scratches one ear, looking bemused.

Cyiarriah says, "Just telling you what she was saying, while dropping people to their knees."

Cyiarriah says, "She spent more of her time in the infirmary."

Talliska says, "I got the impression from reading the information that this shadow realm wasn't actually Huldah's creation though. But that Morlaena utilized it in order to serve Huldah."

Talliska says, "Again all my info is very second-hand, though."

Cyiarriah says, "I couldn't say for sure. I didn't hear much about that."

Talliska nods to Cyiarriah.

Cyiarriah says, "In her eyes she was avenging the lack of respect to Huldah."

Manze ponders.

Manze says, "Well if she seen the origami invasions.."

Jaelia says, "Huldah's purpose with what his actions to me has always seemed to remind us how we have become a bunch of spoiled children who do not nearly grateful enough for the gifts the Immortals give us along with their infinite patience with us. He seems the one who is best at waking the most people up to that fact."

Talliska says, "Well, I also got the impression Morlaena was sneering at the people who accepted the blessing blindly."

Jaelia says, "He's been doing this for quite some time now and people do not really seem to get it. So it continues with different variations every so many years."

Jaelia nods.

Talliska says, "THat they were weak and wanting an easy way to protect themselves."

Xixist says, "Or explorers with great hearts."

Xixist makes a disgusting grunting noise.

Exiar says, "Well, he does enjoy giving out losing bargains."

Talliska says, "Yeah, after the fact it all doesn't seem surprising, given the god's nature."

Cyiarriah says, "I don't really have much else to add. Not a lot really happened."

Cyiarriah says, "She showed up, showed her true colors, and was eventually walked."

Cyiarriah says, "She only died the one time I believe."

Talliska nods.

Talliska says, "So I've also heard."

Talliska says to Cyiarriah, "Thank you for speaking, and checking my facts, I really appreciate it."

Talliska smiles.

Cyiarriah says, "Just telling you what I was there for, can't speak for the rest."

Cyiarriah shrugs.

Talliska says, "Of course, that was all I was expecting."

Cyiarriah nods.

Manze says, "Interesting that she passed on so fast.."

Talliska asks, "Any other comments about Morlaena, the shadow realm and so forth?"

Cyiarriah says, "Well, maybe Huldah wasn't as supportive as she though."

Cyiarriah looks at Manze and shrugs.

Cyiarriah says, "Thought rather."

Xixist smiles slightly
Cyiarriah clears her throat.

Talliska says, "Neimhur had a pretty bad run, too. Except she died multiple times and didn't walk, but still. She did more fanatic shrieking than actually succeeding at much it seemed like."

Talliska says, "But I shouldn't speak lightly of clerical matters, I'm no cleric so I leave that to others."

Talliska says, "To be honest, I don't have much else for all of you. Like I said... I had an emergency that involved someone I care about deeply. So I couldn't be around."

Talliska says, "I'm suspecting though, that because of the fest, there haven't really been any other events of note."

Xixist nods to Talliska.

Xixist says, "The Keep remains quiet."

Manze says, "Well besides all the people commiting suicide to win a prize.."

Manze grins at Talliska, his dimples flashing into view.

Talliska says, "I got to see that. I was only able to attend the fest on the very last day."

Cyiarriah says, "Xixist mentioned Terald being around earlier."

Xixist says, "That IS a diesese."

Alexsei says, "Many of the Immortals will not directly intervene to save their servants. Devotion is our duty, but it does not mean the Immortals will guard us. They praise dedication, cunning and resolve, as a general rule."

Talliska asks, "So, since there's no more invasion or wartime news, I should pass things on to Mia, I think? Or is it Meara this time?"

Xixist says, "Aye, the archeologist Terald was about a lil."

Xixist says, "He mentioned an upcoming Zoluren dig."

Talliska says, "Oh, very interesting."

Xixist says, "He was here to take notes."

Talliska says, "I'll let Mia take over for the peacetime event segment, but don't stop talking about Terald if you have more news. It's all news to me."

Talliska grins.

Exiar says, "Sounded like a dig in boar clan went less then succesfully."

Nesra says, "I suspect there's a lot to be uncovered beneath the roads of Crossing."

Cyiarriah nods at Nesra, obviously agreeing with her views.

Xixist says, "He also handed out a single gift to a trivia question."

Exiar says, "Be careful of the desk if you decide to explore undercrossing on your own...."

Nesra asks, "Do you what question he asked?"

Xixist says, "Terald is nae happy with Boar Clan thing."

Jaelia says, "Ruling Families of Zoluren."

Exiar says, "Who the houses of Zoluren are."

Xixist says, "The gift was an imperial throwing dagger."

Xixist says, "I said Forestwolf-Delaevan."

Xixist grins.

You say, "'I'll be short and sweet. I'm just covering the fun, social events."

You say, "So hi! I'm Mialeigh Arekher and I'm the Recruiting Director of the Order of the White Rose."

You say, "In Zoluren, we have our next town meeting in eleven days right here at 4pm EST. The Apostles are hosting a Joust in three days at the Crossing Mews starting at 9pm EST. In little over a week, the Tavern Troupe is hosting an Open Casting Call. In ten days is the Order of the Black Fox fishing tournament at 9pm EST."
Xixist grins at Exiar.

You say, "In Ilithi, they are hosting another Celebration of the Arts, a play called "Twisted Tales: The Princess and the Pea" in three days at 10pm EST. It'll be good fun, I should know since I'm in it."

You say, "Ilithi is also hosting a Visions Meeting in eight days at the Aviary of the Moon Mage Guild atop the Great Tower of Shard starting at 9pm EST."

You say, "For Therengia, ODS is hosting their weekly Strike Force Maneuvers in five days at 1-pm EST and their monthly Haven living in six days at 10pm EST. Theren Guard is hosting the Baronial Armwrestling Challenge in nine days at 9pm EST and a joust the next day at 10pm EST."
Aeraven grins at you.

You ask, "Anyone here have an event that I missed they would like to announce?"

Aeraven says, "Nothin official like that but I would like to announce something."

Jaelia says, "I would also like to discuss an encounter I had after that if its ok./."

Xixist says, "Um .. there should be a meeting in Wolfclan in four days ,, the nite of saturn..all barbs and guests will be welcome for drinkin, sparrin, and prolly killin."

Aeraven says, "I'd like to hold a welcoming ceremony for my son in a few days, as is with Elven are all invited and I would be proud to count any of you in attendance."

Xixist says, "Mostly drinkin."

Xixist grins.

You exclaim, "I missed that one Xixist, sorry!"

You ask, "Jaelia?"
Xixist smiles.

Jaelia says, "A few evenings ago... I was filled with quite a bit of mead from a long period of meditation so was not quite fully myself... but a young cleric found me."

Jaelia says, "I dont know what it is with young clerics out of nowhere finding me to bring me distressing news."

Jaelia says, "She told me she had seen an ogre zombie wandering about the town."
Paeldroth admonishes you on commonly made errors, mistakes and misuses of Targeted Magic that should be avoided at all costs.

Aeraven asks, "Did it have atrocious sentance structure?"

Jaelia says, "I announced this on the gweths and had to probably prattle on about this for more than 10 rois before anyone decided that they should try and look for it and kill it or check things out."

Jaelia says, "I think we have become lazy in our response to zombies wandering our streets since the destruction of Lyras as if one zombie isn't a big deal anymore."

Jaelia says, "But its a creation of a necromancer, and moreso, it could be a scout checking things out for an attack that may be on its way to us. I just think we need to take these things more seriously."

Jaelia says, "Thats all."

Xixist says, "Also .. my birthday is less than 2 months away so ya'll can begin celebratin."

Manze says to Xixist, "No thanks, yer old enough already."

Alexsei says, "Well, then... Unless one of you has something to add, announce or share with the group, I believe that will be all for tonight's meeting."

Alexsei asks, "Have I gotten everyone who wanted a colored ring?"

Talliska says, "It's nice to end a bit early. Thanks everyone for coming."

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