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Estate Holder's Meeting Log: 6/12/2015 · on 06/13/2015 12:46 AM CDT 557
Date: 6/12/2015 (21 Arhat 416)

[Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune Lane]
The lane diverges into two paths that lead around a wooden frame in the center of the cobblestone pavement. When completed, the structure would be a rough cube approximately one dozen hands high with the same width and length -- too small to be a place of business, though its purpose is unclear. An unfinished bench lies half assembled along one side. Curious onlookers pause from time to time to examine the slow progress being made and to speculate at what it will eventually be.
You also see a plain pine skippet, a black cat that is sitting and an INFORMATION sign for the Estate Holder's Meeting.
Also here: Fateweaver Zandari, Visionist Miskton, Twohanded Edged Legend Squanto, Gwenddolyn, Archivist Linett, Healer Cristalyn, Supervisor Aigo, Voice of Everild Hammerfist, Rensh Eloir'a Anlise, Gallant Tenike who is emanating a benevolent holy aura, Composter Marcko, Herald Navesi, Kukui, Sultry Fire Siren Bellicia, Padhg, Empath Ronawyn, Spider Faragin, Wolf Friend Vishaka, Spellsword Beriaden, Gaylen, Shade Walker Nimthiriel, Safeguard Healper, War Healer Kerenelle, Shenney, Cined, Whimsical Benefactress Rajara, Funeral Director Sarkranis, Military Liaison Crupikte, Predator Linessa, Enef, Desperado Powerhaus who has a fiery visage, Taisal Getha Voyle who is sitting and GameMaster Naohhi.
Obvious paths: east, west.

[20:10] Naohhi says, "One minute is close enough I guess. Okay, I'm not going to make my speech bold, so like the sign says, please try to keep noise and movement down and our logger will thank you greatly, as will anyone else trying to pay attention."

[20:10] Naohhi says, "If you get too noisey, you might find yourself placed somewhere else."

[20:10] Naohhi says, "And I won't say sorry."

[20:11] Naohhi says, "Those of you that DON'T know me, I'm GM Naohhi. I typically work on a lot of different things and I'm the current Prydaen champion, but I also enjoy doing stuff for Premium and Platinum members when I have the time."

[20:12] Naohhi says, "Briefly.. I have no agenda here. I'm pretty much going to talk about a few things that spurred this meeting into existence, and then mention stuff that is currently approved for work, in development, or in various stages of QC, and then we're going to open the floor to questions and stuff from you guys."

[20:13] Naohhi says, "Since we've gotten F2P off the ground, many of you, and even some of our basic subscribers have felt like we might be putting too much focus on the F2P people. We've revamped a lot of stuff specifically for them and we have more stuff coming down the like (such as more Zoluren shop updates.)."

[20:14] Naohhi says, "And there have been some unhappy forum threads from some of you about why nothing was going on. You might recall that I got many of you to post your wish lists for development, things you'd like to see happen for Premium members, and more/new perks."

[20:15] Naohhi says, "I promised I'd listen, and while some ideas, we just couldn't do, I got a LOT of stuff approved really quickly. Hell, even some of you have worked on some of the projects I got approved."

[20:15] Naohhi says, "I haven't posted or made public the full list of things I got approved for work for a few reasons, but I'll definitely share the reasons and the list now, just to quell some questions."

[20:17] Naohhi says, "The main reason I haven't revealed the list is some of the stuff is probably months away from being designed and developed. I definitely don't want the Premium Drive to be something that you all hear about, get excited for, and then have to wait super long to SEE anything come out."

[20:17] Naohhi says, "Especially if you're waiting on something specific."

[20:17] Naohhi says, "That said, I will also add that there are several things that are simply vague on my approved list, because I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, I just pre-planned on doing *something* for you all."

[20:19] Naohhi says, "So here are the major bits of the project that are approved (meaning that any GM on staff can work on them, but ultimately, they're my project.)."

[20:19] Naohhi says, "Five new Premium hunting areas. The creatures and areas have not been decided, but some of you are aware that this is ongoing and several of you may even have access to a Google doc to help design the rooms."

[20:20] Naohhi says, "These areas will be all across the game, not just in P1. The creatures will not be new, the areas will be going into existing hunting areas."

[20:20] Naohhi says, "We may have more than five, but five is what was approved, and if we end up with more, I don't think anyone is going to complain, except maybe the people that have to QC it."

[20:20] Naohhi says, "Each area will be anywhere from 3-8 rooms."

[20:21] Naohhi says, "There might be lumberjacking in the areas, there might be mining. Depends on what areas are chosen and if it makes sense."

[20:21] Cristalyn softly asks, "Constructs?"

[20:21] Sarkranis asks, "Undead?"

[20:21] Naohhi says, "All possible."

[20:21] Naohhi says, "Also, if you're interested in working on room design, please email me at and I'll hook you up on the google doc."

[20:22] Naohhi says, "Another piece: New housing areas."

[20:22] Naohhi says, "How long have you guys wanted more houses? I swear I remember so many requests."

[20:22] Linett says, "Thank Gods."

[20:22] Powerhaus asks, "How am I supposed to sell the old ones I've been hording if you add more?"

[20:23] Rajara asks, "Housing in the plazas?"

[20:23] Naohhi says, "We have I believe 9-10 areas designed by several volunteer players, they're written, and I've been gathering information on where to build them from Area Owners."

[20:23] Naohhi says, "Most are upscale or midscale, but we also have some low-end slums that are.. rather humorous to read."

[20:23] Zandari asks, "Are there things like tree houses?"

[20:23] Naohhi says to Zandari, "There will be one area with treehouses."

[20:23] Marcko asks, "I have 2 and a half months to go before I am allowed a house. Will there still be one available for me?"

[20:24] Naohhi says, "There are city areas and there are ranger friendly areas."

[20:24] Naohhi says to Marcko, "I hope so, but all of these won't be released all at once, they'll stagger out."

[20:24] Anlise asks Naohhi, "Will Caraamon finally get his home in the forge?"

[20:24] Linett says to Marcko, "If you have trouble finding a house in Zoluren, just find me and let me know."

[20:24] Beriaden quietly says, "Im sitting in a bunch of trees then."

[20:24] Naohhi says, "Most housing areas are about 6-7 rooms. Upscale has 2-3 homes per room, mid has 3-4 and low frequently has 4 or so."

[20:25] Naohhi says, "I think we have three slated for Crossing by itself so far."

[20:25] Wyndamere says, "Mark aye ask Linett in zoluren...did a wonderful job finding me one."

[20:25] Naohhi says, "Next! You guys requested several LTB changes."

[20:26] Naohhi says, "1. We will be doing a review of current LTB claims and adjusting prices. Senior staff will have the final say on the pricing changes for LTB items."

[20:26] Naohhi says, "2. More updated or refreshed quest treasure available in the LTB store."

[20:27] Naohhi says, "This next piece is currently not fully signed off, but we are considering LTB to scrip/tickets conversions. Keep in mind that this quite simply may not happen, but it's still being considered."

[20:29] Naohhi says, "You guys have asked many times over for old Monthly Gift items to be available for sale. There's a shop somewhere in Crossing that apparently has some of the older ones. I've been keeping copies of all the gifts for the last year and half or so. All of them will be placed in the store."

[20:29] Linett says, "Oh nice."

[20:29] Gwenddolyn says, "One day just isnt long enough, we miss most of them."

[20:29] Padhg exclaims, "Small kertig tears for everyone!"

[20:29] Marcko asks, "What store?"

[20:29] Linett says, "In the Veranda, downstairs."

[20:30] Naohhi says, "We had plans for new shops for you guys. A few GMs have open projects for more Premium shops to show up."

[20:30] Marcko says, "Thank you, sorry everyone I'm a noob."

[20:30] Shenney says, "Fenthywyckie."

[20:30] Shenney says, "Or something like that."

[20:30] Linett says, "Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop."

[20:30] Rajara says, "No competing with the trader shops."

[20:30] Naohhi says to Gwenddolyn, "Also, the monthly gift is here in Fang Cove all month. I usually change it out around the 1-3rd of the month. The portals are open for one day, but you can always take the sea mammoth out here."

[20:30] Kasto says to Shenney, "Close enough."

[20:30] Gwenddolyn says, "Ahh, didnt know that."

[20:31] Naohhi says, "Yay learning things."

[20:31] Beriaden says, "Or buy a fang cove teleport ring."

[20:31] Naohhi says, "NEXT, more LTB stuff."

[20:31] Powerhaus says, "Or sail or the moon mage hole thing."

[20:31] Enef says, "Or like.. use your ring."

[20:31] Naohhi says, "We'll be doing a full review of all current LTB shop items. YES, including the ice blade."

[20:31] Cristalyn softly says, "Excuse me..I must go."

[20:32] Voyle asks, "Will it be retroactive if you already have one?"

[20:32] Naohhi says, "Mechanic wise, yes, template wise.. perhaps."

[20:32] Naohhi says, "I'll keep it in mind."

[20:32] Naohhi says, "If possible, we will make updates to the mechanics of LTB shop items."

[20:33] Naohhi asks, "Now, let's talk ETAs, because now that I've filled you head will all this crap, you want it like yesterday, right?"

[20:33] Voyle says, "Today would be fine."

[20:33] Powerhaus exclaims, "Soon!"

[20:33] Voyle says, "Everyone's human."

[20:33] Gwenddolyn says, "Tomorrow is good."

[20:33] Zandari mildly says, "Tomorrow would be okay."

[20:33] Shenney says to Naohhi, "Houseboats."

[20:33] Linett exclaims, "That was my idea!"

[20:33] Rajara says, "Today works too."

[20:33] Naohhi says, "Right now, I've been relying on volunteer help for a lot of the design stuff. Mostly, because I like for you guys to feel involved, and also because it helps things happen quicker."

[20:33] Shenney says, "Linett and Kasto's idea TM."

[20:34] Powerhaus says, "Just tell me what to break."

[20:34] Naohhi says, "Mostly, volunteer designers have been picked up from Twitter, but if you're interested in being pulled in on the next design project, you can always email me."

[20:35] Naohhi says, "As for the QCing part, sadly that needs to be done by our staff. trust me I'd love to just be like 'Hey can you just like.. read all this stuff and tell me it looks ok?' but alas.."

[20:35] Enef says, "Job security."

[20:36] Naohhi says, "More like red tape."

[20:36] Zandari asks, "Besides houses, what other design projects are you looking for designers for?"

[20:36] Beriaden says, "Yeah and somebody has to be a boss."

[20:36] Naohhi says to Zandari, "Right now, we still need hunting areas written out."

[20:36] Voyle says, "Please say weapons of mass destruction..."

[20:36] Naohhi says, "A lot of the code work, I'll have to do without volunteers."

[20:36] Zandari says, "I've not designed rooms before, but I can give it a try. I'll send you an email later."

[20:37] Naohhi says, "Alright, so the ETA, right? I said I'd give that. All told, as long as it's just me pushing on this project.. you guys will likely start seeing releases in the next two months, and work will continue for about a year and a half."

[20:38] Vishaka asks, "I would love to help with room design. do you have a guideline of the type of geography?"

[20:38] Naohhi says to Vishaka, "I have styleguides, but nothing really limiting as far as where it should be."

[20:38] Hammerfist says, "Yesterday would be better."

[20:38] Naohhi says, "Some of the housing areas had specific themes."

[20:39] Naohhi says, "The ETA is best case scenario, and not including if I just really need to take a break -- which happens."

[20:39] Beriaden quietly says to Vishaka, "A year and a half i think im gonna bust."

[20:39] Naohhi says, "I like DR, it's a fun hobby, but sometimes I just need to go play Zelda."

[20:39] Zandari says, "Breaks are good for the brain."

[20:39] Wyndamere says, "Or the witcher 3."

[20:39] Beriaden says, "But hey its a lot of work and i understand."

[20:39] Vishaka says, "Or kill endless demons in D3."

[20:40] Zandari says, "And you should be nice to your brain."

[20:40] Naohhi says, "It is. I wish that things were as simple as I thought they were as a player, TBH."

[20:40] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "Sucker."

[20:40] Beriaden says, "A beach and a margarita isn't a bad break either."

[20:40] Naohhi says, "Okay, so I've given you guys updates, so now let's do some questions and answer junk. If you've got a question, please whisper your NAME to me."

[20:41] Powerhaus asks, "Can't we like a guess a color or something?"

[20:41] Zandari says, "I'm suddenly reminded of Vatari.."

[20:41] Naohhi asks Zandari, "You do know that's me, right?"

[20:41] Faragin says, "Fitting."

[20:41] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "Immersion bloan."

[20:41] Powerhaus asks, "Blown?"

[20:41] Faragin says, "I had to walk away from Vatari..."

[20:41] Voyle says, "Kaboom."

[20:42] Zandari says to Naohhi, "He was extra great this year. The games at Guildfest were delightful."

[20:42] Naohhi says, "I don't really hide who my GMPCs are. Never really saw the point. You can hate them or w/e, doesn't change much for me."

[20:42] Powerhaus says, "I liked learning he's a rathtard."

[20:42] Naohhi says to Powerhaus, "He'd probably punch you for that."

[20:42] Shenney says, "Or have us all punch.."

[20:42] Naohhi asks, "Anyone else want to join the question queue?"

[20:43] Powerhaus exclaims to Shenney, "Kill you all!"

[20:43] Voyle says, "Easy, PH."

[20:43] Powerhaus says to Voyle, "Yeah... no..."

[20:44] Naohhi says, "Okay, before we start Q&A.. again, I don't like silencing rooms, so please let the question asker ask stuff and don't be a butthead."

[20:44] Voyle says, "Uh huh huh huh huh."

[20:44] Naohhi says, "Buttheads get to visit lands far away."

[20:44] Naohhi says, "Powerhaus, you're first."

[20:44] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "Can I go anyway?"

[20:44] Powerhaus exclaims, "Yay!"

[20:44] Naohhi asks, "Is that your question?"

[20:44] Shenney says to Naohhi, "Enef and I want you to light them on fire and send them to Hara'jaal."

[20:45] Powerhaus asks, "Add it to the list?"

[20:45] Powerhaus exclaims to Shenney, "Hey butthead!"

[20:45] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "Oh yeah! there was a thing a long ago about designing mechanical mounts for ltbs and there was rewards and it was in qc..."

[20:45] Powerhaus asks, "That still a thing?"

[20:45] Powerhaus asks, "100 years ago maybe?"

[20:46] Naohhi says, "I recall making a few of those when I was in training. I believe the winners were given the mounts, I'm not sure of additional plans for it, but I will check with the GM that ran the contest."

[20:46] Rajara says, "I would like a GM mount."

[20:46] Powerhaus says, "And..."

[20:46] Gwenddolyn says, "Madigan got one."

[20:46] Naohhi says, "I.. phrasing."

[20:46] Naohhi says to Kerenelle, "You're next."

[20:46] Powerhaus says, "Bear..."

[20:47] Kerenelle asks, "Regarding Estate Holder rings that you have when you come out of the Character Manager, is there an actual merchant who can make those work, or are they pretty much just useless? If there is a merchant, what is his/her name?"

[20:47] Naniaki says to Rajara, "Well, there's special saddles, but I'm afraid you really have to keep it to a locked room."

[20:48] Naohhi says, "My understanding is *any* merchant may be asked to unlock those rings. If there are many of you that want that done, and this meeting doesn't go too long, I'll open a list in the Cabana and unlock rings for anyone that wants it done."

[20:48] Naohhi says, "Not all merchants WILL unlock them, but any CAN."

[20:48] Kasto says, "I think it was Inetor who did some just a few weeks back."

[20:48] Kerenelle says, "Thank you."

[20:48] Marcko asks, "Sorry to be a butthead but................what is unlock mean?"

[20:49] Naohhi says, "Unlocking them so that you can use them to teleport to Fang Cove."

[20:49] Vishaka says to Beriaden, "I always thought they were just some cheap junk."

[20:49] Gaylen asks, "What if we never got one of the rings?"

[20:49] Marcko says, "Thank you."

[20:49] Rajara says, "Yea you might need to post something about the ring uses again as many who don't attend meetings might not know what they do."

[20:49] Shenney says, "And it tells you what merchants are currently at Fang Cove."

[20:49] Powerhaus says, "Any ring with an estate holder crest."

[20:49] Powerhaus says, "Or band."

[20:49] Naohhi says to Gaylen, "Rings can be purchased at one of the shops here."

[20:49] Linett says, "I will explain that to Marcko."

[20:49] Powerhaus says, "Cant be magically imbued to poof us here or back within one hour once a week."

[20:49] Naohhi says, "Beriaden, you're next."

[20:49] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "I was gonna used it if you poofed me..."

[20:50] Naohhi says to Powerhaus, "I don't know if you can use it where I'd put you."

[20:50] Beriaden asks, "Well im just curious if there is a future in DR where boats will be built again or is it even being considered?"

[20:50] Vishaka says, "Even houseboats."

[20:50] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "Never know..."

[20:51] Powerhaus says, "Boats..."

[20:51] Naohhi says to Beriaden, "Tee last I heard, there was one GM looking into boats, however this GM has many other things going on, in DR and IRL. I have no idea on any ETA about when they'll be available again, though, I'm sorry."

[20:51] Naohhi says, "Tee? The."

[20:52] Beriaden says, "So its at least been considered then."

[20:52] Binu says to Naohhi, "I thought it was just short for Tee hee hee, since boats are an amusing topic."

[20:52] Gaylen says, "Boats are serious business."

[20:52] Naohhi says, "Boats are frightening on this side of things."

[20:52] Beriaden says, "Everyone wants one."

[20:52] Naniaki says, "I don't."

[20:52] Binu says, "That's what I was referring to."

[20:52] Shenney says, "I heard it's like staring into a kraken abyss."

[20:52] Squanto says, "I'd rather we can teleport to the other side of bodies of water before getting a boat."

[20:52] Tenike says, "Let people swim to Qi."

[20:52] Naohhi says, "I've had to deal with the system more than I care to and I probably only understand like 10% of it."

[20:52] Anlise says, "I'd rather have a loom in my home than a boat."

[20:52] Rajara says, "I want a bigger shop, I'd want a boat if I can fill it with tables."

[20:53] Powerhaus says, "Fishing on boats nearly crashes the game for me..."

[20:53] Linett says, "Gold Rings would be so much easier than boats."

[20:53] Vishaka exclaims, "What a great idea!!"

[20:53] Beriaden says, "Swimming to the islands thats a neat concept don't know how practical."

[20:53] Powerhaus says, "Flying mammoths."

[20:53] Anlise says, "Be really hard to resurrect people who drown."

[20:53] Naohhi says, "Those of you that are familiar with code.. imagine something with about 40k lines, all broken up into overflow files, also there's a ton of moving parts that sometimes disappear, the structure doesn't make sense, and the documentation is.. well, it's lol."

[20:53] Naohhi says, "And then you might be getting close to just what it's like to LOOK at it."

[20:54] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "And like recalibrates at every little wave too?"

[20:54] Beriaden says, "Umm ya."

[20:54] Naohhi says, "And then realize that.. there's WAY more to it than you've seen."

[20:54] Naohhi says, "And then cry yourself to sleep."

[20:54] Gwenddolyn says, "Scary."

[20:54] Naohhi says, "It's special."

[20:54] Powerhaus says, "New HE event, the ocean turns into a stary abyss."

[20:54] Beriaden says, "Keep forgetting about the enormity of this place."

[20:54] Powerhaus says, "No more boats, set up some crystal shards."

[20:54] Vishaka says, "Sounds like gm nightmare material."

[20:54] Powerhaus says, "Problem solved."

[20:54] Anlise says, "I've already seen what Kodius has had to go through with crafting."

[20:54] Naohhi says, "The crafting stuff gives me a headache, but I understand it more than boats."

[20:54] Powerhaus says, "Blame it on the Grazhir thingy."

[20:54] Naohhi says, "Wyndamere, you're up."

[20:55] Squanto says, "Boatless teleportation docks."

[20:55] Naohhi asks Wyndamere, "I'm hoping this is just a long-winded question?"

[20:56] Voyle says, "Long-Wynded, you mean."

[20:56] Voyle asks, "Eh? Eh?"

[20:56] Sarkranis says to Naohhi, "I see what you did there."

[20:56] Wyndamere says, "Ok thank you and thank you for having a prime meeting been question is twofold...i was here in 97 98 and understand the reason for the premium price...but with todays game industry why do we continue to have to pay 40/month when other AAA games are 15/month."

[20:56] Faragin says, "Beat me to it."

[20:56] Wyndamere says, "Yes it is."

[20:56] Wyndamere exclaims, "Second why can't mages FLY!!!"

[20:56] Naohhi says, "Pricing questions are alas, outside of my control and in the realm of the producer and his boss."

[20:57] Naohhi says, "I wish I had something better for you, but that's really all I have on that."

[20:57] Naohhi says, "As for flying mages.. someone needs to tell you about flying brooms."

[20:57] Wyndamere says, "Bleh brooms and carpets don't cross water."

[20:57] Powerhaus says, "You can hit someone hard enough..."

[20:57] Naohhi says to Vishaka, "Well you're not supposed to.."

[20:57] Powerhaus says, "Or shockwave them."

[20:57] Naohhi says to Wyndamere, "True."

[20:58] Naohhi says, "Kasto, you're up."

[20:58] Miskton says, "Kssarh provides flying lessons as well. People don't seem to learn very well, though."

[20:58] Wyndamere exclaims, "No i mean true flying...moon mages can pop around...rangers have trails..thieves have tunnels....mages should FLY!"

[20:58] Powerhaus says to Miskton, "There needs to be more of those..."

[20:58] Kasto asks, "So, last time we had one of these, Zadraes had mentioned some events and invasions here. Namely, pirates. Is that still a thing maybe? Soon, maybe?"

[20:58] Naohhi says to Wyndamere, "Convince Raesh to make a flying spell."

[20:58] Powerhaus exclaims to Kasto, "Yar!"

[20:59] Linett says, "Oh right, and the last ring update, they said it would inform of invasions here too."

[20:59] Naohhi says to Kasto, "He mentioned something of this to me, and I believe something is planned, but, hrm. Involved parties are rather sick right now, and I don't know much more than "yes, it's happening" that I can say."

[20:59] Kasto says, "Good enough for me."

[20:59] Kasto says, "Thank you."

[21:00] Vishaka says to Wyndamere, "Rangers can walk on water too."

[21:00] Naohhi says to Marcko, "You're up."

[21:00] Marcko asks, "Who?"

[21:00] Marcko says, "Oh me, sorery."

[21:00] Naohhi says, "Polo."

[21:01] Marcko says, "Ok, I've only been here 2 weeks, I'm wondering if there is a website with detail on what exactly Premiums get, besides the one."

[21:01] Rajara says, "Marco."

[21:01] Naohhi says, "Omgoshyes."

[21:01] Marcko says, "Besides elanthipedia."

[21:02] Naohhi says, "Oh, well. Nope. Elanthipedia has the most information."

[21:02] Powerhaus says, "Oh..."

[21:02] Powerhaus says, "Polo..."

[21:02] Linett says, "And it is updated all the time by a super cute elf."

[21:02] Gwenddolyn says, "Premium news does."

[21:02] Shenney says, "You can also use the in game command >Premium."

[21:02] Gwenddolyn says, "He might not know about that."

[21:02] Marcko says, "A lot of stuff I just learned tonight from Linett. Thank you Linett!! Ya, premium news seems old."

[21:02] Naohhi says, "Oh, there's also that fancy LTB verb."

[21:02] Marcko says, "For example I didn't know of premium items."

[21:02] Rajara says, "Need more lists of membership comparisons."

[21:03] Naohhi says to Marcko, "Aha."

[21:03] Sarkranis says, "Zamara is working on this chart with account differences:"

[21:03] Naohhi says, "Mmm data."

[21:03] Naohhi exclaims to Navesi, "You!"

[21:03] Beriaden quietly says to Naohhi, "Careful you will overload."

[21:03] Navesi exclaims, "Me!"

[21:03] Marcko exclaims, "Ok, I'm good. Thank you all for answers!"

[21:04] Powerhaus asks Rajara, "The average estate holder has a longer life expectancy and tends to live a happier lifestyle spiel the citizen offices give?"

[21:04] Hammerfist says to Nimthiriel, "Clowns to the left and jokers to the right and i'm stuck in the middle again, trying to sort through the folks trying to be noticed and the one with answers."

[21:04] Navesi asks, "So the thing at the top of my wishlist was more inventory slots. Like belt slots. Is that totally off the table, or is there a chance it might be like, hanging onto the edge of the table by its fingernails?"

[21:04] Tenike says, "Fingernail slots.."

[21:04] Naohhi says, "I actually like the idea, but I think it got posted after my proposals went in, so right now, it's on my list to broach later."

[21:05] Beriaden says, "I think belt slots should go by girth of the person."

[21:05] Navesi exclaims, "Good to know!"

[21:05] Naohhi says, "I just opened up three projects today because of a conversation about runestones and scrolls."

[21:05] Shenney says, "Oh regarding teleportation to across the seas."

[21:05] Shenney says, "We have LTB Claim Transportation."

[21:05] Shenney says, "If anyone's taken a look at it for 25 points."

[21:05] Shenney says, "I mean.. if you're supremely lazy."

[21:05] Naohhi says, "I am."

[21:05] Powerhaus says to Shenney, "Prolly the best value too."

[21:05] Naohhi says, "It's why I code things."

[21:06] Naohhi says to Navesi, "I think the last changes we had for worn slots was something Kaarina proposed, that is, getting non-armor hats to be able to be worn with armor."

[21:06] Naniaki says, "Reckon there's moon magey magery."

[21:06] Navesi says, "I love that change by the way."

[21:06] Naohhi says, "WHICH I WILL REMIND PEOPLE, it requires a SUCCESSFUL wear or remove to update itself."

[21:06] Navesi says, "I also want to wear ice skates with boots now..."

[21:07] Naohhi says, "Because SOME people keep assisting about it."

[21:07] Naniaki says to Naohhi, "A godlike change, because hats are OP."

[21:07] Naohhi says to Shenney, "You're next on my list."

[21:07] Kasto says, "Oh here we go..."

[21:07] Shenney says, "Yay me."

[21:07] Kasto says to Shenney, "Don't make it a food question please."

[21:07] Shenney says, "Okay, something Linett and I discussed as we were talking housing."

[21:08] Enef asks, "Houseboats?"

[21:08] Shenney says, "I know that coding a new type of housing such as knolls and treehouses might be a pain, but how about getting different nouns."

[21:08] Shenney says, "Exterior noun options."

[21:08] Shenney says, "For the housing shops."

[21:08] Linett says, "So yes."

[21:08] Shenney says, "I assumed that would code more easily."

[21:08] Powerhaus says, "In english."

[21:08] Shenney says, "So we're not all in cottages."

[21:08] Naohhi asks, "Do you know about the housing shops that allow you to change the noun?"

[21:09] Linett says, "Instead of only being able to pick cottage, cabin, shelter, or um.. house or home."

[21:09] Enef exclaims, "Strap a noun to the house!"

[21:09] Shenney says, "Yes."

[21:09] Naohhi says, "Ah, ok."

[21:09] Binu says, "Poverty stricken estate holders....."

[21:09] Shenney says, "We want more nouns."

[21:09] Enef says, "Oh wait."

[21:09] Linett says, "You could have ten choices, so you could get greater variety."

[21:09] Shenney exclaims, "Everyone always chooses cottage because it's cuter!"

[21:09] Naohhi says, "So, new nouns are possible. I can talk to Zadraes about it."

[21:09] Linett says, "In some housing rooms that have like eight houses..."

[21:09] Naohhi says, "In fact.. I might actually ask for people to post suggestions for nouns on the forums."

[21:09] Kasto exclaims, "Manors and villas for everyone!"

[21:09] Shenney says, "Well, we were thinking cabanas."

[21:10] Shenney says, "And beachhome or something."

[21:10] Rajara asks, "And cabana boys?"

[21:10] Naohhi says, "So suggest it on the forums."

[21:10] Linett says, "Specially since the house order moves in the room.. somedays you are first cottage and the next you are fourth cottage."

[21:10] Powerhaus says, "Estates."

[21:10] Beriaden says, "Leanto."

[21:10] Voyle says, "Flophouse. Roach-motel."

[21:10] Binu says, "Shack, shanty."

[21:10] Tenike says, "Geodesic dome."

[21:10] Naohhi says, "I think there's a house pet that is "a cabana boy."

[21:10] Naohhi says, "It's.. special."

[21:10] Shenney says, "Other nouns that make it so that a five house room doesn't need to have repeats."

[21:10] Linett asks Naohhi, "Um.. where can you buy that?"

[21:10] Rajara asks, "Where can I get one?"

[21:10] Tenike says, "There's no structure I ahve been to which I'd rather call my.."

[21:10] Naniaki says, "Do it for treehouses too please."

[21:10] Naohhi says, "I don't recall, really. I FEEL like it was safari."

[21:10] Kasto asks Naniaki, "Treeforts?"

[21:10] Beriaden asks Naniaki, "Treeshanty? treecabin? treecottage?"

[21:11] Linett says, "Man I would have signed up if I knew that."

[21:11] Naohhi says, "Ok ok."

[21:11] Powerhaus says, "Treefort."

[21:11] Anlise asks, "Ranch for rural homes?"

[21:11] Powerhaus says, "Duh..."

[21:11] Naniaki says, "Just different tree types."

[21:11] Naohhi says, "Binu, you're up."

[21:11] Linett says to Naohhi, "So wait, you are putting that call for suggestions on forums or twitter."

[21:11] Binu asks, "So, regarding your sign in the other room.... How far?"

[21:11] Naohhi says to Linett, "I'll post on the forums."

[21:11] Binu says, "And I don't want a demonstration."

[21:11] Binu says, "Actually, my question is about a voucher."

[21:12] Binu says, "I had one that poofed while I was out of country, was wondering if anything could be done about it."

[21:12] Naohhi says to Binu, "One of my favorite places is a hut that most people don't know the location of."

[21:12] Naohhi says to Binu, "Easiest would be Town Green."

[21:12] Naohhi says, "If you're really dumb, I'd just put you in a room you cannot get out of."

[21:12] Binu says, "Ooh... you know, I'd actually be willing to take that trip sometime. Not tonight though."

[21:12] Enef says, "Dark round room, with no door."

[21:12] Binu says, "No scry."

[21:12] Binu says, "So you can't get rifted out."

[21:13] Naohhi says, "A room with no room title, no description, and no exit."

[21:13] Naohhi says, "Whee.."

[21:13] Marcko says, "Put a clown in the room."

[21:13] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "I've been there."

[21:13] Marcko says, "A creepy one."

[21:13] Shenney says, "The cake is a lie."

[21:13] Powerhaus says, "Things... broke..."

[21:13] Naohhi exclaims, "Nimthiriel!"

[21:13] Naohhi says, "You're up."

[21:13] Tenike says, "Don't let her touch you! Imprisonment is a touch range spell."

[21:13] Naniaki says, "A room you could only get out when not wearing or holding anything."

[21:13] Nimthiriel asks, "Is there an ETA on shaping?"

[21:14] Naohhi says, "The last I spoke with Kodius, it is extremely close to release. He has the areas with forests planned out already and has dispersed information to staff, but I don't know WHEN he is plannin on dropping it in."

[21:15] Nimthiriel says, "Thank you."

[21:15] Naohhi says, "If he's giving info to staff, it may be within the next few weeks."

[21:15] Naohhi says, "That's my guess."

[21:15] Anlise says, "I think one of the last bits is dealing with cleric devotion beads."

[21:15] Anlise says, "Because we're all discussing it on the forums right now."

[21:15] Nimthiriel says, "I just want to get on bows and arrows."

[21:15] Naohhi says to Sarkranis, "You're up."

[21:15] Sarkranis asks Naohhi, "Speaking of mounts, are there any plans for Premium mounts that aren't horses? (HINT, HINT: A GIANT SPIDER.) Also, how close are we to seeing the new fletching sytsem go live?"

[21:16] Powerhaus says, "She was ready."

[21:16] Voyle says, "Nice. Got two."

[21:16] Naohhi says, "Fletching I believe is coming out with Shaping and Lumberjacking, but I could be mistaken."

[21:17] Powerhaus asks Linett, "Was there an unyn? or am I just thinking of the shalswars?"

[21:17] Linett asks, "To ride?"

[21:17] Linett says, "Nightmare, gidii."

[21:17] Powerhaus says, "Moon pony."

[21:17] Powerhaus says, "Mecha bull."

[21:17] Naohhi says, "As for new mounts.. Using the horse system, simply not possible right now. Using the custom mount system that has a summon item.. possible but we don't do them very often as they are reserved to auctions for now."

[21:17] Naohhi says, "Or contests. Sometimes I've done them for contests."

[21:17] Karissa says, "Theres a hart you can ride too."

[21:17] Powerhaus says, "They're evil too... and not as fun as you'd think..."

[21:18] Anlise says, "I just want my own pet kitten."

[21:18] Linett asks Naohhi, "How about ones like the quest ones, a Hart? Can that be explanded, versus super expensive, out of most peoples reach auction mounts?"

[21:18] Naohhi says, "The harts use the custom mechanics."

[21:19] Naohhi says, "As do the tarapauakaaikiuan things."

[21:19] Beriaden asks, "The tara whata ?"

[21:19] Naohhi says, "I think Navak had one, if anyone remembers him."

[21:19] Powerhaus says, "Unless it dies, you can't joust on them. My nightmare I can't use melee combat or magic..."

[21:19] Shenney says, "A slow lumbering riding tortoise."

[21:19] Shenney says, "That's my dream right there."

[21:19] Beriaden says, "Oh."

[21:19] Anlise says, "That's called a caravan."

[21:19] Naohhi says, "Oh I've been corrected."

[21:20] Naohhi says, "Tarupamki. Apparently a cheese horse."

[21:20] Linett asks, "A .. cheese horse?"

[21:20] Rajara asks, "Edible horse?"

[21:20] Beriaden says, "Eww."

[21:20] Naohhi says, "I, really don't know."

[21:20] Shenney says, "All horses are edible.. kinda."

[21:20] Nimthiriel says, "It's not easy bein cheesy."

[21:20] Naohhi says, "Another member of staff corrected me and called it a cheese horse."

[21:20] Beriaden asks, "Sure they didn't say it was a cheesy horse?"

[21:20] Naohhi says, "Because it's.. oh. The translation from Toggish."

[21:21] Powerhaus says, "Ah, knew you were making words up."

[21:21] Naohhi says, "Also we're all Philistines apparently."

[21:21] Linett says, "Mmm Togs."

[21:21] Naohhi says, "Tenike, you're next."

[21:21] Tenike says, "There was talk at last year's simucon about new hunting area mechanics including champion/veteran critters like what's used in the little skirmish invasions, and also maps that pointed to lairs where there would be extra spawn, better loot rates, etc. Have you heard of this before and is it a thing still? Also something something enchanting."

[21:21] Powerhaus says, "I like how someone listed all the various smell of that tarump... thing on the pedia.."

[21:22] Naohhi says to Tenike, "The champion veteran critter stuff I believe can be done now. It's just not turned on in many areas."

[21:22] Naohhi says, "Lairs.. where something GM Socharis was working on. I believe Abasha picked it up and did quite a bit of work on it, but I'm not sure of its status right now."

[21:22] Naohhi says, "Where? were."

[21:23] Naohhi says, "And yeah, I know you hear that a lot. Socharis was amazeballs and worked on a lot of stuff."

[21:23] Naohhi says, "Speaking of sad topics.. I certainly hope you all had a moment of silence for Christopher Lee."

[21:24] Voyle says, "And Dusty Rhodes."

[21:24] Tenike says, "Saruman the White has ever been our friend and ally."

[21:24] Naohhi says to Tenike, "As for Enchanting, this is Kodius land. It's on his list, but I don't know much more than that. Some of the runestone changes I hinted at on the forums will be a precursor to future enchanting systems, though."

[21:25] Tenike says, "That's far more than I was expecting on the topic, thank you."

[21:25] Naohhi says, "I enjoy being transparent when I *can* be."

[21:25] Naohhi says to Voyle, "You're next."

[21:25] Voyle asks, "I was going to ask a question about Rrrebecho, but I found out that he won't do regular alterations (or familiars...) so, I was wondering with the upcoming magic changes to aegis and warding spells and the whole spell library time lockouts for forgetting spells, is there any chance we could get spell erasure as a LTB point thing?"

[21:26] Naohhi says to Tenike, "Gross. That's gross. You're gross."

[21:26] Voyle says, "Feast your text on that prewritten question."

[21:26] Naohhi says to Voyle, "That is.. an interesting idea."

[21:26] Voyle says, "I'm not hearing a no..."

[21:27] Naohhi says, "I will send the idea to the magic team and the premium team for consideration. If it goes well, I'll propose it."

[21:27] Voyle says, "Righteous. Thanks."

[21:27] Powerhaus says, "Ltb claim, instant mindwipe."

[21:27] Voyle says, "A sharp blow to the head."

[21:27] Powerhaus says, "Leave em drooling."

[21:27] Naohhi says to Powerhaus, "It's almost like the Empa-- erm."

[21:27] Naohhi says, "RAJARA. You are next."

[21:27] Powerhaus exclaims to Naohhi, "Lies!"

[21:27] Rajara says, "Ok so I gotta few things to ask..."

[21:28] Gwenddolyn exclaims, "Run!"

[21:28] Rajara asks, "Since we on the topic of Sochy, hows it going with mobile tables on our caravans?"

[21:28] Naohhi says, "Mobile tables."

[21:29] Naohhi says, "I really don't know, but I can ask Zadraes."

[21:29] Rajara says, "Tables on caravans, so I don't gotta sell just outta the box...other places than my shop."

[21:29] Naohhi says, "BTW, all the stuff I'm following up on from these questions, I'll post about later once I have more info."

[21:29] Rajara asks, "Push on it please, need more upgrades like that. Other question.. dunno if it does it or not, but can you fill one bag into another bag of equal or larger size? whats they syntax? and if not can you make it so?"

[21:30] Naohhi asks, "I.. what?"

[21:30] Linett asks, "Dump verb?"

[21:30] Powerhaus says to Linett, "That never works though."

[21:30] Rajara asks, "One full bag into another, not just gems?"

[21:30] Navesi says, "Dump my Container A in my Container B."

[21:30] Shenney says to Powerhaus, "It works a third of the time."

[21:30] Navesi says, "It does work occasionally."

[21:30] Linett says, "Yeah dump from one container to another container has never worked for me."

[21:30] Shenney says, "Dump help."

[21:30] Linett says, "Even if the into container is way bigger."

[21:31] Rajara says, "Ok make that work then, traderness needs it."

[21:31] Powerhaus asks, "I don't think it can have a container in the container you're dumping?"

[21:31] Faragin says, "The receiving container has to be empty."

[21:31] Powerhaus says, "I could be making that up..."

[21:31] Naohhi says, "I'm afraid I don't use the DUMP command enough to have the best answer for this, but it seems many of the people here did."

[21:31] Shenney says, "Faragin had it right, receiving container has to be empty, but even then sometimes the mechanics will say no."

[21:32] Linett says, "Even if the into container is a hitmans and the dumpee container is a regular pack."

[21:32] Gwenddolyn says, "Doesnt make sense since everyone dumps boxes of gems into half full gem pouches."

[21:32] Rajara asks, "Ok I have an empty bag somewhere, someone help me test it later. Ok another suggestion perk thing, could you maybe let us vote once a year on rarer shops such as from fests or quests to show up here in fang cove?"

[21:32] Shenney says, "That's the fill verb, not dump."

[21:33] Sarkranis says, "You can also dump all of the same noun, even if it's not into an empty container."

[21:33] Rajara asks, "Say like that cabana boy shop we could vote to see what all the premies want, and y'all let us pick 5 shops to show up here?"

[21:33] Naohhi says to Rajara, "I like this idea, but the list would have to be provided by me, because of the way shop ownership works."

[21:33] Rajara says, "Ok one more thing."

[21:33] Naohhi says, "Sec, I have more to that answer."

[21:33] Rajara says, "Oh ok."

[21:33] Powerhaus says, "That's more than one."

[21:33] Rajara exclaims, "I said I had a few!"

[21:33] Rajara says, "I haven't been to a meeting in ages."

[21:33] Rajara says, "Making up for it."

[21:34] Anlise says, "Ooooh, a part of the plaza where premie-owned traders could rent shops would be nice."

[21:34] Powerhaus says, "Another trader question..."

[21:34] Rajara says, "No, my shop is already premie."

[21:34] Naohhi says, "Existing shops, I'd have to give you guys a list, because not all GMs WANT their shops opened up outside of a festival or at all. Some GMs have reserved shops that are incredibly old for.. whatever purpose, and no one else may open them, change them, etc without the shop owner's permission."

[21:34] Powerhaus says, "Maybe like a preview here like it's on the way to the fest a week before."

[21:34] Navesi says to Anlise, "That exists."

[21:34] Naohhi says, "NEW shops.. we could probably do suggestions, votes, and maybe if done early enough, have them open up on time."

[21:35] Naohhi says, "And lastly.."

[21:35] Anlise exclaims to Navesi, "That shows you how much I know!"

[21:35] Linett says, "The verby garter place. I vote for that."

[21:35] Voyle says to Powerhaus, "We should ask like really Warmage specific questions about getting the ability to make our familiars have BMs and stuff."

[21:35] Powerhaus says to Voyle, "I did just remmeber about estate holder cantrips actually..."

[21:35] Rajara says, "I was just thinking for old shops we could have say most the premies vote on something they'd love to see again, and y'all decide if its doable to sell some or all of those items."

[21:35] Rajara says, "Stop killing off the merchants."

[21:36] Tenike asks, "Are we still on about dump verbs?"

[21:36] Naohhi says, "If you are interested in designing a shop from top down, and I do mean everything from the shop name, the rooms, the surfaces, and the items, pitch your suggestion to me via email. I'm more than happy to send it onto staff. Sometimes we work with particularly driven people and open up shops that YOU all design."

[21:36] Powerhaus asks Rajara, "Speculate their life expectancies better?"

[21:36] Rajara says, "A vocano doesn't involve life expectancy."

[21:36] Saragos says to Naohhi, "Challenge accepted."

[21:36] Powerhaus says to Rajara, "Setting up shop inside a volcano over lava..."

[21:36] Rajara asks, "I can ask last question now?"

[21:37] Naohhi says, "Yes."

[21:37] Powerhaus says to Rajara, "Only if you have one more after it."

[21:37] Naohhi says, "I might knock her unconscious."

[21:37] Rajara asks, "How bout more storage space or easier way to move things between our multiple characters on same account like those overly expensive new auction items from the past year?"

[21:37] Rajara says, "On increase for our premie perk."

[21:38] Gaylen says, "I'd love a way to move things between people without needing help or another account."

[21:38] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "Did you get a nose bleed from the coding aspects of that?"

[21:38] Rajara says, "Gimme a big freakin box I can just put all my stuff into and every character can get at it."

[21:38] Gwenddolyn says, "Huge trader issue."

[21:38] Naohhi says, "Storage space, account-vaults.. there's a lot of thought given to them, but we don't have a GOOD way to create them just yet."

[21:38] Shenney says, "I can only think of homes as a good work around, but it's a pain how you can't put a container full of stuff on a piece of furniture."

[21:38] Rajara asks, "Well how bout increase storage space for premies in our caravan boxes?"

[21:38] Tenike says, "Homes can serve that purpose if you get the bigger furniture pieces from the store."

[21:38] Rajara asks, "And other storage type critters each guild has?"

[21:38] Gaylen asks, "How about something as simple as a mailbox, where you can just send them to another character on your account?"

[21:38] Shenney asks Naohhi, "Is that fixable? Or is it a fundamental furniture thing?"

[21:38] Rajara says, "Perks for guilds would be good for premies too."

[21:39] Rajara says, "I need to be able to transfer a whole full haversack of items."

[21:39] Linett says, "Rentable lockers, that oculd hold a number of items based on how much you pay and you can name one person to open it. or yourself. with a timer so no one just uses them forever."

[21:39] Naohhi says to Shenney, "Pretty much a fundamental furniture thing. The get.. wonky."

[21:39] Powerhaus says to Rajara, "Without sending someone to the junkyard..."

[21:39] Rajara says, "This not being able to have stuff in a container or only transfering a couple items at a time is a pita."

[21:39] Powerhaus says to Linett, "And have it dump when it's done."

[21:39] Naohhi says, "Now..."

[21:39] Naohhi says, "Beriaden."

[21:39] Rajara says, "Second caravan box, I vote for that."

[21:39] Linett says, "No it should get shunted to Jadewater."

[21:40] Beriaden asks Naohhi, "Okay well mine is a crafting question i was just wondering if we have any ETA at all on the poison displine?"

[21:41] Naohhi says, "Oh, ouch. Hm. I honestly don't know. I haven't talked to Kodius about Poison in a hot minute. I'll follow up with him to see how far down on the list it is."

[21:41] Beriaden asks, "Look in the forums later on then ?"

[21:41] Naohhi says, "It'll be posted on the Estate Holder section once I have answers."

[21:41] Naohhi says, "One massive post with info."

[21:41] Beriaden says, "Awesome thats it for me thanks."

[21:41] Naohhi says, "Saragos."

[21:42] Saragos asks, "Two specific questions, somewhat related, and then a weird one. First, is there any chance that Forgebinding might be made available on some basis to premium members? Either through LTB points or through other means?"

[21:42] Enef says, "It is, its called ltb alteration."

[21:43] Shenney says, "That's not forgebinding."

[21:43] Karissa asks, "What is forgebinding?"

[21:43] Naohhi says, "Forgebinding is rather.. special, in the sense that it requires being able to look a the properties of the item and make a judgement call based on what the user is requesting. The BIGGEST problem with them is that they require a final creation design approval from Zadraes, Kodius, and Solomon."

[21:43] Powerhaus says to Karissa, "Combines two items of the same noun into one, so all the stats, and any neats verbs, effects, and whatever of another."

[21:44] Linett says, "Yeah, if LTB altering was forgebinding, I would already ahve my bard armor."

[21:44] Powerhaus says to Karissa, "So like verby ltb broadsword combined with a tyrium stat one.."

[21:44] Karissa says, "Thanks."

[21:44] Sarkranis says, "Unless you're trying to transfer special mechanics, just get it altered."

[21:44] Naohhi says, "I could see some kind of a minor forgebinding becoming available.. but it would likely be limited to a script move only."

[21:44] Linett says, "Verbs from an old now usuless item moved over to a new, crafted item."

[21:45] Naohhi says, "Right now, forgebinding can be used to do something like.. a cambrinth weapon that is also a t6 mirror blade."

[21:45] Shenney says, "I think most people who ask for forgebinding really want verb set transfers."

[21:45] Saragos asks, "Perhaps there might be a select group of items available from a LTB shop that might be pre-approved for forgebinding into crafted weapons?"

[21:45] Naohhi says, "And we don't want to allow "god-like" stuff to happen frequently, so we need staff to curb some of it make sure it aligns with any caps."

[21:46] Naohhi says to Linett, "Your leathers, for example. I'd love for something easy like that to become available."

[21:46] Linett says to Naohhi, "I would love you even more than I already do."

[21:46] Naohhi says, "Pfft."

[21:46] Linett says, "I know, it seems impossible."

[21:47] Naohhi says to Saragos, "That's likely how it would end up going, sort of like the EzScript and EzAtmo stuff works currently."

[21:47] Voyle says, "Down, boy."

[21:47] Naohhi asks Saragos, "Next question?"

[21:47] Saragos says, "Second, I love special lore items - the stuff at the Guildfest was great. Might it be possible to perhaps have an auction for Premium members with more lore-based items? Scripted items, with interesting histories, but maybe not with a great deal of utility, so they wouldn't be in huge competition with the regular items. I would think the Premium folks would be more invested in that."

[21:47] Naohhi asks, "And another bag of runestones?"

[21:48] Linett says, "I bet there is a hit out on that auctioneer."

[21:48] Naohhi says, "I'd actually like that, to be honest. I'll jot it down."

[21:48] Saragos says, "Delicious runes..."

[21:49] Saragos says, "My final weird question was - you guys ever consider having a kickstarter to have a staff member work full time on DR for a year? Don't know if anyone is in a RL position to do that, but it's something to think about. I bet it would work."

[21:49] Naohhi says, "Man that would be.. interesting."

[21:49] Saragos says, "Especially since, with the medium of text, you could do some cool donation prizes."

[21:49] Naohhi says, "I'll give the suggestion to Solomon."

[21:49] Zandari says, "I've seen stranger starter funds."

[21:49] Saragos says, "There are a LOT of people who spend a good amount of RL cash on this game. It could go to a good cause instead."

[21:50] Linett says, "You could do tiers of gifts, for a pool of money to pay gms who work their arses off at fests."

[21:50] Shenney says, "Box of wine."

[21:50] Naohhi says, "Pretty much anything that comes out of Dev lately is tiered."

[21:50] Powerhaus says, "Throw us lines of text in return."

[21:50] Linett says, "Mm wine."

[21:50] Powerhaus says, "Oh..."

[21:50] Naohhi says, "Even Rebecho's ties."

[21:50] Faragin asks, "A kickstarter 50/50 charity thing, 50% goes to Simu and 50% goes to some charity? Like WoW does with some of their pets and mounts?"

[21:50] Linett says, "Yummy Rebecho."

[21:50] Tenike says, "$5 tier, bowl of potato salad (LT)."

[21:50] Naohhi says, "And especially the gift that will be int he goodie bag this year."

[21:50] Powerhaus says to Tenike, "That guy threw a part."

[21:50] Powerhaus says, "Party."

[21:51] Naohhi says to Faragin, "I like this idea."

[21:51] Naohhi says, "Okay."

[21:51] Naohhi says to Linett, "Youuuu."

[21:51] Linett says, "It would be way more fair than auctions, overall."

[21:51] Rajara says, "If ya do the 50 50 charity thing, make it where we can vote for which charity(ies) get chosen especially if its done multiple times."

[21:51] Linett exclaims, "ME!"

[21:51] Powerhaus exclaims to Linett, "You!"

[21:51] Linett says to Naohhi, "I have a premium query. Only two. though related."

[21:52] The pudgy dog growls, "Keep that thing to yaself, bub."

[21:52] Linett says, "It was said back when the witch first unlocked premium rings."

[21:52] Anlise says, "If you ever want Kickstarter advice, I raised $110K on it last year."

[21:52] Linett says, "That they would have them for sale for coins as well as in the ltb shop."

[21:52] Linett says, "Yet that hasn't ever happened."

[21:52] Naohhi says, "Clarify coins/."

[21:52] Linett says, "Platinums."

[21:52] Shenney says, "Money."

[21:52] Linett says, "They never mentioned siucoins."

[21:52] Linett says, "Simucoins."

[21:52] Enef exclaims, "Copper, she means copper!"

[21:52] Naohhi says, "I'll inquire about it."

[21:53] Linett says, "Because simucoins didn't exist then."

[21:53] Linett exclaims, "And second part!"

[21:53] Powerhaus exclaims, "Part the deuce!"

[21:53] Shenney says, "It could be added to the Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop update."

[21:53] Linett asks Naohhi, "Are you gonna open a list to unlock rings now?"

[21:53] Naohhi says, "Once I finish this Q&A list, yes."

[21:53] Linett says, "I have one, but in case anyone like Marcko wants one."

[21:53] Linett exclaims, "Done!"

[21:53] Naohhi says, "There are three more people on my question list."

[21:53] Marcko says, "I want one."

[21:54] Linett says to Naohhi, "I am sick of houses, after losing my bag."

[21:54] Naohhi says, "Gwenddolyn, you're up."

[21:54] Enef says, "So 40 more questions."

[21:54] Gwenddolyn says, "Since they closed all the guild forges, how about a couple more premium forges, we really need one in Thernborough, and another one up by the premie mine near Dirge? Also I have an issue with an alteration scroll I need to ask about. Since Socharis was working on it, I want it just like it was with mistakes. I think the scroll is damaged now, not sure if it can be saved."

[21:54] Gwenddolyn says, "The scroll was from a fest."

[21:55] Naohhi says, "Crafting societies are in the works and I believe a few are close to being released, including an Engineering Society that I last heard is out of QC."

[21:55] Naohhi says, "If the scroll is damaged, your time ran out, but email your information to dr-events and we'll try to look into it."

[21:55] Gwenddolyn asks, "Any idea if one is for therenborough?"

[21:55] Naohhi says, "As for keeping any mistakes in the design, we won't do that, sorry. I understand your reasoning, but we have to quality check things."

[21:55] Naohhi says, "I do not know, no."

[21:55] Gwenddolyn says, "Thanks."

[21:56] Anlise says, "There was a vote on the forums."

[21:56] Anlise says, "That's how Shard got first."

[21:56] Gwenddolyn says, "I meant premie mines."

[21:56] Gwenddolyn says, "Premie forges."

[21:56] Gwenddolyn says, "Not just regular ones."

[21:56] Naohhi says, "Specifically Premium, I'm not sure what's slated, but I believe there's an approved project for it, so I'll ask."

[21:56] Gwenddolyn says, "Therenborough makes sense."

[21:56] Naohhi asks, "Zandari?"

[21:57] Naohhi says, "Every where makes sense."

[21:57] Zandari exclaims, "Right!"

[21:57] Gwenddolyn says, "Well it is a pallie town but no forge."

[21:57] Faragin says, "Should be a mine where the more we dig the more the area opens up. so we could have like a hundred individuals at once in a mine. And then it collapses."

[21:57] Zandari asks, "Um, this might be completely unfeasible due to.. many reasons, and it may have been asked and answered before, BUT. I love vault books. Might there ever exist an account-wide vault book?"

[21:58] Powerhaus says, "Oh man..."

[21:58] Powerhaus says, "That'd be bad.."

[21:58] Zandari quietly says, "I have a lot of stuff.."

[21:58] Powerhaus says, "3000 lines of scrolling at once..."

[21:58] Faragin says, "Yea, I've got a maxed vault on eleven characters..."

[21:58] Linett says, "Yeah, inventory manager on genie."

[21:58] Naohhi says, "Funny story, we cannot even look inside a vault unless the character is logged in. It would be.. special to be able to do that, I'm not at all certain how it would be done, but I can ask about it."

[21:58] Zandari says, "I have no idea how coding works, but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention."

[21:58] Zandari says to Linett, "I'll look into that."

[21:58] Karissa says, "We wouldn't need one big book, just access to the books on the other characters."

[21:59] Rajara says, "Invntory manager on genie needs to be updated. I want my caravan books to work and I don't know why they haven't fixed it."

[21:59] Enef says, "Would take three days of scrolling before it stopped for some people."

[21:59] Powerhaus says to Karissa, "I use notpad..."

[21:59] Anlise asks Rajara, "Is the developer even working on Genie?"

[21:59] Naohhi says, "I feel like it would be better as a web-based feature. Caching of what's in a vault on login, and letting you see it from the website."

[21:59] Rajara says, "I duno, but someone grab a whip and make em get started."

[21:59] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "Can the website handle that?"

[21:59] Rajara says, "Inventory manager works fine, you read the book or inv yourself and it updates the genie program."

[22:00] Shenney says, "If everyone just organized all their inventory onto a google doc, it would make their life easier."

[22:00] Naohhi says, "I don't even know if they have someone on onsite staff that could code it, TBH."

[22:00] Rajara says, "Not for traders, too hard."

[22:00] Linett says, "Holy gods, can you do everyones vaults on pedia? then I can know who to ask for items so I can measure them."

[22:00] Shenney says to Rajara, "That's not true."

[22:00] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "We need a personalize option so we can have the wizard from AOL on the entry page."

[22:00] Naohhi says, "Powerhaus, you're last on my list."

[22:01] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "Spit wad shooters?"

[22:01] Rajara exclaims, "Wait I haver another question, make me last!"

[22:01] Voyle says, "I believe the dog has a question too."

[22:01] Naohhi says, "Ccoommmmeee onnnnn Powerhaus."

[22:01] Powerhaus asks Naohhi, "That was a thing?"

[22:01] Powerhaus asks, "Wasn't it?"

[22:01] Naohhi says, "Yes."

[22:01] Gwenddolyn asks, "That is his question?"

[22:01] Powerhaus says, "And anything else neat from the other Simu games you can easily gank."

[22:01] Powerhaus says, "QOL or whatever..."

[22:02] Naohhi says, "It's an unfinished system that began last year around Simucon. Socharis, myself, and Kodius were working on it."

[22:02] Naohhi says, "A few others were also helping with messaging, I believe Evike was."

[22:02] Powerhaus says, "There was like a google doc page for it too I think."

[22:02] Naohhi says, "Ah, Raesh, also."

[22:02] Powerhaus says, "Obviously not easily stolen..."

[22:02] Naohhi says, "We all sort of.. dropped it. It'll get picked up again in time."

[22:02] Enef asks, "And its not pushed out?"

[22:03] Naohhi says, "Parts of it are."

[22:03] Powerhaus says, "Okay cool."

[22:03] Naohhi says, "One of the last things Socharis did to me was shoot me with a bunch of spitballs in Dev."

[22:03] Enef says, "Screw forges, put that on top of the list."

[22:03] Powerhaus asks Enef, "Stealth spit ball?"

[22:03] Rajara says, "They just gotta change dirt to spit balls."

[22:04] Tenike asks, "If you snipe it, would you still get punished?"

[22:04] Enef says, "Make it so you can double load it, or snipe with it."

[22:04] Naohhi says, "Alright. Questions done! Thank you all for dropping by. EVERYONE THANK SARKRANIS FOR DOING THE LOG."

[22:04] Powerhaus exclaims to Rajara, "None for you!"

[22:04] Shenney says to Sarkranis, "Thank you."

[22:04] Naohhi says, "I'll open a list for ring unlocks in the cabana."

[22:04] Marcko says, "THANK YOU SARKRANIS."

[22:04] Powerhaus says to Naohhi, "And make sure to visit the Best Shop Ever when visiting the Crossing Plaza."

[22:04] Naohhi asks, "Is this a commercial now?"

[22:04] Powerhaus says, "Ooo lawless..."

[22:04] The pudgy dog growls, "I demand my turn to speak! This is a travesty..."

[22:04] Zandari asks, "Anyone have an extra ring?"

[22:05] Karissa asks, "Are these the rings that transport you to Fang Cove?"

[22:05] Naohhi says, "Bark bark, bark bark bark."

[22:05] Powerhaus says, "Oh i know."

[22:05] Enef says, "That was part two of his question.. 'been there yet today?'..."

[22:05] Powerhaus asks, "Are they ever gonna finish that bench?"

[22:06] Shenney says to Powerhaus, "Serves you right."

[22:06] Powerhaus says, "Oh and if you have an iron shark and go sharky, you can bite things without grappling."

[22:07] Naohhi says, "Okay, now to find where ever the hell the cabana is."

"Empathy doesn't make people nice." --GM Armifer

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