Moon Mages of renown

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The Crossing

[Observatory, Third Level]
A soft sitting mat covers the floor entirely, save for a narrow strip of anti-color bordering starkly on all sides. Painted onto the crystal hemisphere, a detailed star diagram spreads over your head, marking the constellations and their positions at various times of the year.
You also see a tricolored scroll, the Guildleader Kssarh, an elegant silver stand with a guild register on it and a rounded archway.
Obvious exits: northeast, west.

Last updated: 10 Ka'len 434 (4/4/2020)

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence in figuring out which end of the telescope is which.
This scroll tracks a combination of Perception, Scholarship and Astrology ranks.

Rank Name Race
1 Drachefeuer Gnome
2 Traim Human
3 Nilassa Human
4 Kaldean Human
5 Daryn Elf
6 Vaerek Elothean
7 Mitkiahn Elothean
8 Crannach Human
9 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur
10 Aysta Rakash
11 Cinamod Dwarf
12 Pormithius Elothean
13 Abselom Human
14 Hotoke S'Kra Mur
15 Eyuve Kaldar
16 Lyzalian Prydaen
17 Aedarin Elothean
18 Grixlek Gnome
19 Tiakim Elothean
20 Medikia Elothean
21 Telamont Elf
22 Aerathor Human
23 Lawtun Elothean
24 Shaheen Gnome
25 Addrius Elothean

The Fortress (NTR)

[Platform's Edge, Seat of the Guildmaster]
A large circular stone platform rests suspended in mid-air over the center of the volcano. The precarious catwalk extends to its edge.
You also see a faded amber scroll and the Guildleader Tiv.
Obvious exits: east.

Last updated: 5 Shorka 410 (9/26/2013)

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence in the pursuit of martial perfection:
This scroll tracks an unknown assortment of combat skills.
The Fortress scroll is currently buried in the ruins of the Fortress of the Crystal Hand following the eruption of the Fists.

Rank Name Race
1 Aaoskar Elf
2 Nilassa Human
3 Aysta Rakash
4 Zynara Elothean
5 Darkese Prydaen
6 Atazai Elothean
7 Vansiil Elf
8 Treiz Elothean
9 Eyuve Kaldar
10 Locistone Elothean
11 Asuran Elothean
12 Elabela Elf
13 Kraggur Dwarf
14 Addrius Elothean
15 Lyzalian Prydaen
16 Skaen S'Kra Mur
17 Arsenyka Elf
18 Tearlyn Elothean
19 Kitarro Elf
20 Killashandrea Human
21 Mistanna Human
22 Toldorf Elf
23 Ceranora Prydaen
24 Kaijana Elf


[Obsidian Spire, Balcony]
Subtly-tinted glass forms a protective dome around the balcony stopping just short of the knee-high perimeter wall, allowing rain access to the beds of greenery growing in its surface channel. A simple driftwood desk rests facing the archway leading into the spire, covered in a multitude of books and parchments.
You also see an alabaster scroll and the Guild Leader Gylwyn.
Obvious exits: none.

Last updated: 10 Ka'len 434 (4/6/2020)

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence in the study of all things:
This scroll tracks total lore ranks.

Rank Name Race
1 Traim Human
2 Kaldean Human
3 Aaoskar Elf
4 Crannach Human
5 Mitkiahn Elothean
6 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur
7 Grixlek Gnome
8 Cinamod Dwarf
9 Vaerek Elothean
10 Denyo Gnome
11 Nilassa Human
12 Abselom Human
13 Daryn Elf
14 Hotoke S'Kra Mur
15 Aedarin Elothean
16 Drachefeuer Gnome
17 Wealand Elothean
18 Aysta Rakash
19 Ithrios Elf
20 Eyuve Kaldar
21 Kurlay Elf
22 Skaen S'Kra Mur
23 Lyzalian Prydaen
24 Aerathor Human
25 Mooselurk Gnome

Throne City

[Imperial Palace, Zohkhalo Hall]
Displayed upon a platform of dark night-blue lapis, a huge marble throne fills the center of the room, its intricate carvings and faintly glowing runes brought to life in the flickering light of the crystalline chandelier that is suspended from the polished granite ceiling.
You also see a purple scroll and a marble arch leading to the conference chambers.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

Last updated: 4/6/2020

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence!
This scroll tracks advancement circles attained within the guild.

Rank Name Race Circle
1 Nilassa Human 200
2 Aaoskar Elf 200
3 Crannach Human 200
4 Traim Human 200
5 Kaldean Human 200
6 Aysta Rakash 193
7 Mitkiahn Elothean 192
8 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur 185
9 Aedarin Elothean 181
10 Eyuve Kaldar 176
11 Aayveia Human 164
12 Lyzalian Prydaen 164
13 Zynara Elothean 163
14 Addrius Elothean 160
15 Tiakim Elothean 160
16 Hotoke S'Kra Mur 155
17 Pathian Elf 154
18 Ithrios Elf 154
19 Vansiil Elf 153
20 Elabela Elf 153
21 Litrel Elothean 151
22 Daerte Gnome 150
23 Levinas Human 150
24 Skaen S'Kra Mur 150
25 Gnimm Gnome 136


[Moon Mage Guild, Guildmaster's Chamber]
Tropical birds nest in marble creches flanking this wide hall, sometimes fluttering through the air beneath the crystal skylights far above. Soft harp music can faintly be heard in the air, and a gentle breeze carries the scent of pears and pineapples. A silver dais sits at the head of the hall, a throne for the city's Moon Mage guildleader.
You also see an ebony scroll and the Guildleader Mortom.
Obvious exits: south.

Last updated: 10 Ka'len 434 (4/6/2020)

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence in the art of artifice:
This scroll tracks Arcana and Enchanting ranks.

Rank Name Race
1 Vanxa Elf
2 Crannach Human
3 Traim Human
4 Mitkiahn Elothean
5 Kaldean Human
6 Vaerek Elothean
7 Aysta Rakash
8 Cinamod Dwarf
9 Hotoke S'Kra Mur
10 Bazdin Gnome
11 Drachefeuer Gnome
12 Aedarin Elothean
13 Aerathor Human
14 Nilassa Human
15 Tiakim Elothean
16 Lyzalian Prydaen
17 Antarus Gnome
18 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur
19 Ryoukai Rakash
20 Wealand Elothean
21 Lagu Human
22 Grixlek Gnome
23 Ithrios Elf
24 Shaheen Gnome
25 Pengwin Human


[Taisgath Guildhouse, Walk of the Winds]
The flood of blue and white spirals into the chamber and a mosaic whirlpool threatens to engulf those seeking knowledge as they cross the hall to the lectern of Guildmaster. A natural curl of the shell curves up around the outer wall to an opening far above.
You also see a vibrantly colorful scroll and the Guildleader Lomtaun.
Obvious exits: south, up.

Last updated: 4/6/2020

Let it be known, the following Moon Mages have displayed excellence in the study of things to come:
This scroll tracks total predictions made.

Rank Name Race
1 Vanxa Elf
2 Ryoukai Rakash
3 Drachefeuer Gnome
4 Nilassa Human
5 Crannach Human
6 Daerte Gnome
7 Kaldean Human
8 Cinamod Dwarf
9 Aysta Rakash
10 Eyuve Kaldar
11 Sydnee Human
12 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur
13 Mitkiahn Elothean
14 Sulli Prydaen
15 Taleicia Elothean
16 Traim Human
17 Aayveia Human
18 Whirlingblade Elothean
19 Lyzalian Prydaen
20 Kehlbins Elf
21 Rieum Human
22 Arcaneor Elothean
23 Yoldin Elothean
24 Kurlay Elf
25 Talvairian Elothean


[The Spire, Guildleader's Chamber]
Great arched windows are carved from the crystalline walls, allowing an unparalleled view of the Arid Steppe whenever the wind jostles the heavy leather curtains. Heavy furs are heaped across the floor, their piles indented inward from use. The low howl of the winds outside mixes with the creaking of the curtains, filling the chamber with a constant drone.
You also see a sky blue scroll, a descending spiral staircase and the Guildleader Cherulisa.
Obvious exits: none.

Last updated: 10 Ka'len 434 (4/6/2020)

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in understanding the way of the land and sky:
This scroll tracks total Survival ranks.

Rank Name Race
1 Kaldean Human
2 Traim Human
3 Mitkiahn Elothean
4 Crannach Human
5 Cinamod Dwarf
6 Vaerek Elothean
7 Aysta Rakash
8 Nilassa Human
9 Aluriaz S'Kra Mur
10 Hotoke S'Kra Mur
11 Aerathor Human
12 Aedarin Elothean
13 Bazdin Gnome
14 Eyuve Kaldar
15 Pormithius Elothean
16 Wealand Elothean
17 Lyzalian Prydaen
18 Fidon Elothean
19 Grixlek Gnome
20 Sulli Prydaen
21 Addrius Elothean
22 Levinas Human
23 Kehlbins Elf
24 Vansiil Elf
25 Pathian Elf

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