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Aaoskar Moonbender
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Moonbender_Family


Child of Grazhir, Aaoskar Moonbender has an angular face with bushy white unruly eyebrows, pointed ears, vivid blue pupils set in Grazhir white eyes and a straight, broad bridged nose. Your snow-white hair is very long and straight, and is worn loose. You have smooth sand-colored skin and a lithe build. He is toweringly tall for an Elf. He appears to be young. He has a large, thick, bristling mustache on your upper lip and a long fuzzy beard. He has a tattoo of a complex tyura circle depicted in vivid shades of yellow, red, and white on your left wrist.

Dress: Aaoskar is wearing a wizard-shaped storyteller hat with a sleeping dragon embroidered on the front, a pair of storyteller's brass reading spectacles, a storyteller's book bag stitched with various mythical beasts, some multilayered dress robes tailored from Grazhir-white moonspun silk and some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps.


Family: Moonbender Family

Clan: Descendant of River Elf and Wind Elf clans

Guild: Moon Mage

Sect: Fortune's Path but considers himself to be a student of both Lomtaun and Tiv. On nearly every day, Aaoskar visits Lomtaun. It is reported that the two meet and drink a tea with rarely ever saying one word before the two nod and depart.

Religion: Aaoskar is rumored to share many of the views of the N'ai Jrana, though others say that he is a fringe group within this nearly forgotten religion.

Racial and Guild Heresy: Aaoskar believes that returning to the ocean is synonymous with traveling into the ocean waters of the Astral Plane and that River Elves regularly traveled the Astral Plane in the forgotten past, though by different methods. The Astral Plane, Aaoskar claims, was fundamentally altered when Grazhir shattered, transforming the Astral Plane into a Plane overwhelmed by Lunar Magic, making the Plane less hospitable than it had been in antiquity. Aaoskar disagrees with Lunar Magic theory taught by the guild and claims that the Microcosm is a 'safe bubble' only in the sense that it is the eye of the storm caused by Grazhir's entanglement with the Astral Plane.

Also while some Moon Mages claim that Teleologic Sorcery, predictions, and astral travel causes harm to the Plane of Probability and places Elanthia at odds with Pelag ai Aldam and The Arbiter, Aaoskar believes that the Guild's teachings have intentionally misled and misdirected the majority of Moon Mages from what truly does harm to the Universe. As Aaoskar believes that every possible event and non-event is reflected within the Plane of Probability, the only real threat is that which binds infinite possibility into finitude. The real threat that places us at odds with The Arbiter and Pelag, and possibly the Universe, is The Naming Ritual. Though, he has admitted that Lunar Magic is largely possible because its spells bind the infinite into the finite - at least as used by Moon Mages. This obviously implies, according to Aaoskar, that all lunar magic produces different threats of varying degree. This only reinforces Aaoskar's belief that the existence of Moon Mages is damning to the universe, but it is still possible that the universe is better with Moon Mages than without them - at least when their magic and their abilities are used wisely.

Aaoskar is rumored to defend the proper use of Teleologic Sorcery in treatises that he has given to his closest colleagues. Aaoskar is also rumored to have completed a study on the nature of Time.


Aaoskar is rumored to be in various groups. Some say he belongs to a secret society, but it also whispered that he is a member of The Children of Kalestraum, the Order of the Iron Circle, Fortune's Path, Monks of the Crystal Hand, the N'ai Jrana, and various ancient sacrificial religious cults. Aaoskar has stated that he does not completely adhere to the tenants of any group and therefore, while he is happy to discuss ideas with anyone, he does not feel the need to defend generalizations.

Curious Sayings

Curiosities: Aaoskar often cryptically says that truth comes from a whisper.

Treatises rumored to be in the Moonbender Library

Many treatises are rumored to be in the Moonbender_Family Library.