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Aaoskar Moonbender
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Moonbender_family


You see Gwerit rae Avtaien Aaoskar Moonbender, Child of Grazhir, an Elf. He has an angular face with bushy white unruly eyebrows, pointed ears, vivid blue pupils set in Grazhir white eyes and a straight, broad bridged nose. His snow-white hair is very long and straight, and is worn loose. He has smooth sand-colored skin and a lithe build. He is one who towers among others for an Elf. A small Seed of Entropy wrought from purple gold rests on his forehead, just above his eyes. He appears to be young. He has a large, thick, bristling mustache on his upper lip and a long fuzzy beard. He has a tattoo of a complex tyura circle depicted in vivid shades of yellow, red, and white on your left wrist.

Dress: Aaoskar is wearing a wizard-shaped storyteller hat with a sleeping dragon embroidered on the front, a pair of storyteller's brass reading spectacles, a bronze scribe's medallion of merit from Asemath Academy, a sorcerer's nightsilk cloak, a storyteller's book bag stitched with various mythical beasts, some multilayered dress robes tailored from Grazhir-white moonspun silk, a white leather sack for gathered souls with a deep blue xibarite clasp, some white pants with writhing shadows encircling the hems and some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps.

Current Endeavors

After Aaoskar and Lenaea's treatise on Dream Theory, Aaoskar has become less vocal, largely because he believes that all his energy must be redirected towards mastering and transcending the Mind. Aaoskar believes that this is not only the way of finding internal peace, it is the way to safely become one with our probablistic shadow, to free ourselves from the forces of Fate, to ease relations between mortals and Probablistic Beings, and to bring peace across and within Planar boundaries.


Family: Moonbender family

Clan: Descendant of River Elf and Wind Elf clans

Guild: Moon Mage

Favored Divination Tool: delicate sandstone bowl traced with moonsilver oshu'mary blossoms

Maintains the family library, known simply as the Moonbender Library

LOOK: Around the rim (representing the edge of reality), thirteen (representing the planets) luminous oshu'mary blossoms create shadows (representing temporal or probablistic shadows) that dance (representing the interplay of all things) over the sigils within the bowl. Four purple-tinged feet (representing the 4 moons) carved from gloomwood (representing Gnar Pethian insight) provide stability (representing the balance of Mind and Prophecy) for when the bowl rests on a surface, as well as a comfortable place to rest one's fingers when supporting the bowl in the hands.

Sect: Fortune's Path but considers himself to be a student of both Lomtaun and Tiv, though Aaoskar is also interested in the spiritualism of the Nomads. Since it has become apparent that dreams alter the Microcosm and the Plane of Probability, Aaoskar has started researching different methods of transcendence offered by the different sects. However, while many people and sects have influenced Aaoskar's beliefs, Aaoskar reports that Fredrick Modah is the Moon Mage that influenced him the most.

Religion: Aaoskar is rumored to share many of the views of the N'ai Jrana, though others say that he is a fringe group within this nearly forgotten religion.

Racial and Guild Heresy: Aaoskar believes that returning to the ocean is synonymous with traveling into the ocean waters of the Astral Plane and that River Elves regularly traveled the Astral Plane in the forgotten past, though by different methods.

Also while some Moon Mages claim that Teleologic Sorcery, predictions, and astral travel causes harm to the Plane of Probability and places Elanthia at odds with Pelag ai Aldam and The Arbiter, Aaoskar believes that the Guild's teachings have misled and misdirected the majority of Moon Mages from what truly does harm to the Universe. Aaoskar believes that two things harm the universe, The Naming Ritual and the unspoken desires of the unconscious mind. Aaoskar believes that Moon Mages and indeed all people will continue to do violence to the Universe unless they learn to master their mind – both conscious and unconscious. Aaoskar believes that different sects within the Moon Mage guild offer different paths to transcendence and different methods of seeing the universe unsullied from their own limited and often selfish perspective. Aaoskar has called these two theories, The Theory of Binding Infinite Probability into Finitude and Dream Theory. Aaoskar also believes that these theories reframe what it means to be a Moon Mage. **The Mind and not Magic is where the true power of a Moon Mage resides.**

Aaoskar was once rumored to defend the proper use of Teleologic Sorcery in treatises that he had given to his closest colleagues, but recently his thoughts were made more available in a treatise entitled, Thoughts on Prophecy - A Defense of Teleologic Sorcery.

Aaoskar is also rumored to have completed many studies on the nature of Time, which support the theoretical possibility of Time Travel. The most comprehensive was called The Dichotomy of Time, which built upon a previous presentation that referred to Grazhir as The Cosmic Pendulum. Aaoskar's first discussion on time though was called The Theory of Temporal Shadows which was a group attempt of explaining ideas that Reyael tried to explain to Aaoskar and Aerathor. Aaoskar's most recent theory was called Piercing the Temporal Veil, where he discusses a Moon Mage's ability to manipulate Time itself. Aaoskar has also participated in two different Moon Mage Enclaves in piercing the Veil of Time, once where they gazed back in time to the point of Grazhir's destruction and a second time where they attempted to Thread Fate upon itself in an effort to communicate with Nera in the distant past. Aaoskar also claims to have traveled back in time to visit Su Helmas on multiple occasions. Because of his extensive research on Time with other Moon Mages, Aaoskar finds it amusing when Warrior Mages and other guilds claim that Time is an unexplored concept.

Aaoskar is also critical of the moral argument that the burden of being a Moon Mage is simply that Moon Mages have an obligation to use one's foresight to redirect and prevent harm to society at large. Aaoskar insists that this is simplistic and that the real burden of being a Moon Mage is that knowledge of future events means that there are times that Moon Mages will see great evils on the horizon that must be allowed to occur less even greater evils occur -- that is the burden of being a Moon Mage. While some have compared Aaoskar's view of the Arbiter as being analogous to the Inquisition's view of Maelshyve, Aaoskar whole-heartedly disagrees. Aaoskar believes that it is likely that the Arbiter is necessary. Removing such a powerful entity from a section of the Web of Fate would have such dire repercussions that the most that Moon Mages should hope for is a stale mate in this great game of chess between The Arbiter and The Children of Grazhir - that is unless, Moon Mages reclaim their heritage and transcend the Mind and become one with their Probablistic Shadow. Aaoskar fears that the Inquisition's single minded devotion to destroying Maelshyve has likely caused even greater evils to arise from the darkness.

Recently, Aaoskar has begun advancing the theory that there are no special temporal *Nodes* and that all of time is subject to being changed by powerful beings or by Moon Mages, themselves. Aaoskar has also claimed that he has discovered the primogenitor of modern prophecy.


Aaoskar is rumored to be in various groups. Some say he belongs to a secret society, but it also whispered that he is a member of The Children of Kalestraum, the Order of the Iron Circle, Fortune's Path, Monks of the Crystal Hand, the N'ai Jrana, and various ancient sacrificial religious cults. Aaoskar has stated that he does not completely adhere to the tenants of any group and therefore, while he is happy to discuss ideas with anyone, he does not feel the need to defend generalizations. Recently, Aaoskar has begun researching the spiritualism of the Nomads in the hope of finding a new way to repair the rift between the Shadows and the Children of Grazhir.

Curious Sayings

Curiosities: Aaoskar often cryptically says that truth comes from a whisper.

Treatises rumored to be in the Moonbender Library

Many treatises are rumored to be in the Moonbender Library