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Arsenyka Norawts'Dziri
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
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You see Enchantress Arsenyka Norawts'Dziri, Fade of the Tribes, an Elf.

She has pointed ears and thick-lashed clear colored eyes. Her platinum hair is very long and straight, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a tiny geshiloira flower the color of winter snow. She has translucent skin.

She is an adult.

She has a tattoo of a dove skewered by a bolt of lightning on her shoulder.

She is wearing a white snowdrop , a shimmering silvery white silk dance veil, a blue sapphire Xibar pendant attached to a shadowy black leather cord, a simple silver necklace, a snow lynx fur cloak lavishly accented with red fox pelts, a twisted cambrinth armband , a white kidskin corset delicately embroidered in a silver frostlike pattern, a lavish off-the-shoulder blouse tailored from flowing swathes of Elven snowlace, a simple ivory carving inscribed with flowing copper runes, a pure white swan feather, a platinum betrothal bracelet set with blue and clear gems , an elegant white-gold wedding band set with fire opals and blue moonstone, a dainty herb pouch fashioned from pristine white doeskin, a red gold belly dancer's hip-chain draped with midnight ruby studded medallions, a gold-plated belt knife inlaid with platinum leaves, a gauzy white skirt trimmed with swirls of blue and gold ribbons and cinched with a gold-edged sash, a soft white thigh quiver of snow leopard fur artfully wrapped with silver thread, a multicolored garter made from twisted scraps of vibrantly colored silk, a silver-belled chain anklet, and a pair of dainty brushed silver toe-bells.

General Information

  • Guilded Moon Mage. A Skindancer of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe.
  • Married to Khiol Norawts’Dziri.
  • Often playfully refers to herself as a Moonprincess.
  • Is currently heavily pursuing the intricacies of Enchanting within her guild.
  • Has more than a passing interest in the grimoire in the Oshu Manor in Leth.
  • Studies history avidly, with a special interest in Rakash and Elven lore.
  • Is fascinated with all types of wedding customs as well as the crafting of specialty items.
  • Takes Moon Mage apprentices on occasion.

History and Background

  • Born on the 40th day of the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 336 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
  • Given the birth name Xyaria Gracelie Rae’zayne Drakosa.
  • Raised in Ain Ghazal.
  • Considers herself Celestial Elf.

Arsenyka was given what some Elven clans consider a heart-name by her grandmother, whom she only refers to by her Elvish directive, Amona, when she was a toddler. This name was shortened further by an empath after leaving home to pursue her path in the Moon Mage Guild. Unlike most clans, who consider the heart-name the most private name, Nyka chooses to be known by the name Amona bestowed upon her, and only reveals her birth name to those she considers very close.

Not much is known (or is told) about Nyka’s mothers family, as the matron is very closed-mouth about her past. Arsenyka does not know any family from her maternal side, although she remembers overhearing mention of siblings in her youth. What Nyka does know, she tells very little of.

Nyka’s father is a retired guilded Moon Mage, although he did not join the same sect as his mother before him. Brooding and dark-eyed, he holds a deep love of enchanting and possesses a sharp, dry wit. He was a ‘soldier’ in Sorrow’s War, often regaling his daughter with stories of talking with a friend named Darkensi as they huddled in secret caves or of being dipped in boiling oil by the Lord Sorrow himself.

Arsenyka’s Amona was a guilded moon magess, a Skindancer of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe. The lady has many fascinating stories from her youth that she has shared with her granddaughter. She has been a huge influence on the girl, and it is in her footsteps that Nyka follows, eventually joining the same sect and tribe.


Nyka’s mother can be credited for grooming Arsenyka to be strong willed, not easily bent by others, and to see the necessity in white lies in order to obtain her goals, if necessary. Her mother did not want her daughter to depend on anyone to survive, while her father wanted her to be able to enjoy companionship and not feel as if she should rely solely upon herself for finding happiness. The end result is an Elf who takes interest in only a few, choosing to keep mostly to herself save for the company of those she holds closest to her.

Arsenyka left her family and Ain Ghazal in the year 386 to join the Moon Mage’s guild. She found, however, that elder mages were more often than not too wrapped up in their own lives to stop and tutor a magess just starting out. After fumbling through her first thirty promotions, she was guided briefly by a cantankerous S’kra, of whom her clearest memory is the lady’s battered, candle-wax-splattered sandals. Other teachers came and went, the experience frustrating her enough that she willingly donates her time to new students should they ask, teaching what she can – as long as she feels it is appreciated.

Most often proper and polite, Arsenyka’s darker countenance, when seen, can be either a study of careful control or blindingly quick outrage. Depending on the situation, she prefers to weave her insults into comments and innuendos that the target may or may not understand, or just strike without warning.

She has a quirky fondness for poisonous mushrooms, tinctures, and the like. She is also terrified of spiders. Nyka will often intersperse Elven language into her Common when she is in high emotion and cannot be said to have set countenance (unlike her father). Nyka is rather fond of absinthe, oshu’mary tea, and the hookah in Muspar’i. Her Amona has curiously mentioned that there must be ‘a little of the D’Reathor running in her blood.’

Nyka has been described by others as ‘amazing’, ‘whimsical’, and ‘impossible’, given her many moods. She enjoys intelligent conversation and loves to hear a good story – particularly those of other’s adventures, as they remind her of the storytelling days of her youth.

Preferred Location

Arsenyka travels often, although she tends to settle near a particular hunting field of interest at any given time, much like any other person. She is fond of the peace and beauty of Aesry, and is particularly enchanted with rooftops, flower gardens, and old towers.