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Aysta Konitzko
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


Katamba's Shadow Aysta Koneitzko, a Rakash.
She has a heart-shaped face with elegant arched eyebrows, sparkling jade eyes and a classical nose. Her black hair is long and curly, and is worn loose. She have pale skin and a svelte figure. She is tiny for a Rakash.
A circle of obsidian is positioned between her eyes, surrounded by an aura of shadow rippling against her skin.
She have a tattoo of an iridescent winged butterfly on your ankle.


Race: Rakash
Guild: Moon Mage
Sect: Progeny of Tezirah

Prized Possessions

  • an exquisite nightsilk collar with a dangling silver mirror charm

An exquisite nightsilk collar reads: "With every dusky moonbeam and with every revolution, magic is our signpost, our method evolution."

  • an exquisite backpack of Katamba-black moonsilk

This fine backpack is stitched with pale glistening spidersilk thread, and is covered in a spray of mirrored moons and stars. The onyx fastener has been formed into a burin-shaped clasp. Painstakingly captured in pale thread are the macabre faces of tortured souls who writhe out of the patterned central stitching. Boldly sewn across the flap in iridescent crimson letters are the words "Magic, our method evolution."

  • an exquisite shadowy black leather bodice layered with a veil of twilight-hued silk

Reminiscent of a fine twilight mist, the deep blue silk falls gracefully over the sinuous bodice in a thin, wispy layer. Dark elegant markings wind around the neckline, their meaning unclear. The leather has been painstakingly worked and repeatedly oiled to be supple enough to cling to each curve of the wearer, absorbing any light like ominous shadows under a Katamba-lit sky.