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Kraggur Kveldcharn
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime




  • Born on the 16th Day of the 5th Month
  • Only known survivor of the Silfarshal clan
  • Stamps his forged armor with his initials, "K. K.".


As painted by Artisan Cinen, 399 AV.

With laugh lines creasing his square-jawed face and deep-set stormy grey eyes showing a strange intensity, the Dwarf stands tall next to an iron gate, a petite grey-green katydid on his shoulder. A mining belt circles his chain hauberk, while thick-soled mountain boots shod his feet, indicating that the Dwarf is ready for both a hard day's work and a hard day's fight. The Himineldar Shel mountains rise in the background, their ice-covered peaks reflecting the sunset in a dazzling display of fire and ice.
"Kraggur Kveldcharn, Defender of Forfedhdar, and Gwaal the Katydid."

Portrait on right by Eriniel, 406 AV.

Notes, Scribblings, and other Amusements

About the Dwarf


  • Kraggath Silfarshal - Father
  • Kreggath Silfarshal - Grandfather
  • Kreggur Silfarshal - Great-grandfather
  • Kraggur Silfarshal - Great-great-grandfather

The Silfarshal dwarves hail from the Gemfire Mountains.

The Pillar of Kraggur

Five aspects are carved into the granite pillar.

The name “Kraggur” is carved into the base of the pillar as the first aspect, with “Kraggath-mag, Kreggath-mag, Kreggur-mag” cut underneath it. Intertwined runes indicating 'male' and 'Gemfire' are marked next to the name. More recent symbols include a pair of shackles, a mining spike, and a beer stein marked 'Biiskbowr'.
Above the name is a raven circling a mountain peak, the sun rising high above it, forming the second aspect.
The third aspect is the lunar symbol for the evening star. The carving is fairly primitive, but a more sophisticated image of a welkin has been added, the evening star serving as its eye.
A blank spot has been left for the fourth aspect.
Fifth is an intricately carved open book, resting atop a pile of scrolls. A forging hammer and a pickaxe lean against opposite sides of the scroll pile.
The sixth, and final aspect, is a raven, symbolized in three ways: first is a carving of a raven; second are holes drilled forming the constellation of the raven; third is the lunar sigil for the raven.

For more information on Pillars, see The Pillars of Forfedhdar.


  • 404 AV - "Dwarven Houses" was published and announced shortly for release in the Hibarnhvidar Library and Asemath Academy.
  • 173rd Day, 403 AV - Honored by Elder Jurgis as being wise for his age.
  • 169th Day, 403 AV - Heard of the White Forge and began seeking more information about it.
  • 164th Day, 403 AV - Elected Speaker of the Order of the White Rose.
  • 52nd Day, 403 AV - Gifted a bay horse from Sekoria. Promptly named the bay Eldarcharn (Starfire) due to the marking on his face.
  • 23rd Day, 403 AV - Became a Councilor with the Order of the White Rose.
  • 368th Day, 402 AV - "The Dwarven Kingdom of Adamantia" was published and announced shortly for release in the Hibarnhvidar Library.
  • 80th Day, 401 AV - "Appearances of Dwarves" was published and entered into the Hibarnhvidar Library and the Academy of Learning.
  • 80th Day, 401 AV - "An Account of the Therengia-Kwarlog War", written by Kraggur Silfarshal, was recovered from the Barons of Therengia and restored to the Dwarves. A copy now rests in the Hibarnhvidar Library.
  • 285th Day, 400 AV - Recognized by Guildleader Cherulisa with Legendary standing in the Guild.
  • 160th Day, 397 AV - "Dwarven Burial Customs" was published and entered into the Hibarnhvidar Library.
  • 109th Day, 396 AV - Recognized by Guildleader Cherulisa with Grand Master standing in the Guild.
  • 181st Day, 394 AV - Resigned from the Council.
  • 176th Day, 394 AV - Executed by Khurek (Log) for "defacing temple property".
  • Discussed politics with Grutan in the 2nd Month of 394AV.
  • Along with others, was a signatory to the controversial Declaration of the Free Peoples of Forfedhdar.
  • Started collecting the Tales from the Windswept Peaks.
  • Served as watch captain for the Raven's Brigade (393AV - 394 AV).
  • Ascended the Hag's Crag in search of clues regarding High Priestess Denizelva's disappearance.
  • Assisted Handmaiden Amaldriel and the Ilithians in improving the Gorbesh Fort triage area.
  • Formed the ill-fated "Council of Forfedhdar" to deal with day to day affairs in the Province.
  • 393 AV - Relocated to Forfedhdar.
  • 389 AV - Established a network of informants to observe Veyne.
  • 388 AV - Moved to Ratha.
  • Was one of the first to alert the Crossing when Dragon Priest moongates were generated during the Dragon Priest War.