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a blue-haired elven woman
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Jycanth

Inspiration Iryta of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, an Elf. Aesry Surlaenis'a, an Elven Bard (Pronunciation: Ih-ree-tuh)


You are Inspiration Iryta of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, an Elf. You have a triangular face, some small-gauged hoops wrought from ghostly mistglass ascending the helix of both pointed ears, electrifying amber eyes, a glossy obsidian-hued glaes nose hoop resembling an ouroboros through the right side of a classical nose and dimples. Your bright green-streaked deep blue hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over your shoulders. You have some whimsical will o'wisps accenting dew-kissed skin and a cluster of pale pink forget-me-nots arranged in threes to highlight a limberly agile figure. You are average height for an Elf. You are young. You have a tattoo of a pair of wings with iridescent feathers on your back.


Iryta (surname unknown) is an assumed identity for the 36 year old Elven Bard. The name or word was found stitched into a tiny sapphire icesilk pouch embroidered with a flaming blue-white phoenix that was found on her person while wandering the town of Riverhaven in Therengia. Her amnesiac state is well-documented and described in various of her personal original works presented as a performer in the Tavern Troupe Performing Order of Zoluren province, and she has operated under this name for 7 years. She celebrates her birthday in the month of Lirisa the Archer. The cause of her memory loss is currently unknown but has been under investigation for some time. She suspects she is of River Elf racial origin and speaks both Common and Ilithic fluently.

She is a current member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order as of 437 and has performed for The Arthe Repertory Team (TART). She has also penned and performed original work for the Fancy Pants Adventure Club, the Empath Guild, and various Adventurers. She is known for her particular style of musical and dance performance which includes ballet moves and playing the violin simultaneously. Of the few things she does remember, the ability to play 15 different instruments and several styles of dance including belly dance and ballroom are most prominent. She is also known for her seemingly naturally occurring cerulean-blue hair. She is a noted devotee of a dark Immortal, the 'Storm Lord' Drogor, and possesses the trident of the Avatar of Drogor, famously defeated by the adventurers of Elanthia during HE 443 while aiding the Merelew of Andreshlew.

Iryta spends much of her time performing with and for the Troupe and taking on hired gigs across Elanthia. She has also been involved in major events such as the Basalt Isle Raid in 439 serving in Triage and rescue and supplication to Drogor, the Bard Guild/War Mage Guild joint experiment in the Plane of Electricity, as well as present for the Bard Guild/Moon Mage Guild expedition to the Temporal Pocket to learn about the plight of the Timekeeper Veralos.

She maintains a dance studio and practice space outside of Riverhaven and hosts both private and public dance classes there.

In 444, she met her lifemate fellow Elven Bard Jycanth Seryth of Muspar'i at a 150th Circle celebration for one of her best friend and mentors, Nilme I'onduil. Iryta and Jycanth reside on Aesry Surlaenis'a in Lezeni's Cove and in Muspar'i, respectively, and spend most of their time on the mainland between Shard and the Crossing.

In 445, Iryta made her solo show debut, Maelstrom: A Storm Of Seasons, in the Arthe Dale Inn on behalf of Nilme Iondu'il and The Arthe Repertory Team (TART). Her most notable performances are listed and linked below.


  • Graham is so named because her former parent believed her to be male, however since she and her current Mom do not believe in gendered names they elected to keep it upon rehoming. She is a fuzzy brown sea otter who enjoys sugar cubes and quail eggs. One of the heavier members of the otter family, this sea otter is known for its exceptionally thick fur and playful nature. Her otter's luxurious chocolate coat lightens to a silvery grey hue around its face, highlighting the creature's merry black eyes and triangular dark nose.
  • Berliosz is bright red strawberry finch A small songbird, Berliosz is only about a hand's-width from head to tail. His head, back and wings are dark red-brown, and his tail is black. The rest of his body is bright red, dappled with white. He has black eyes and a deep red beak that seems large in proportion to his head. He lives in Iryta's picturesque riverstone villa around Aesry Surlaenis'a in Lezeni's Cove and enjoys dive-bombing visitors and other pets except Graham, and singing along with his owner.He is named after a well-known Bard from another world.
  • Kryka is a graceful flutertae from Hib who laid claim to Iryta's harp case one day in Hib and who now lives in her dance studio in Riverhaven as guard pet. She often scowls at children peeking in the window, and chitters fae swears at Iryta's students and guests but like her counterpart in Aesry, loves singing with her and has performed with her in public for a Tavern Troupe event in the past.
Kevan Bakon  
  • Kevan is a saddleback warthog gifted to her by a gnome friend who has since Walked. While a long-time companion, he was rehomed to a Ranger friend when Iryta relocated to Aesry as her house was situated in bull shark territory and she was worried for his longterm safety in the area. He does still visit his friend Graham the otter when they are on the mainland.


In the News

Articles from The First Land Herald that mention Iryta  


  • Iryta is a devotee of Drogor but honors the entire trinity of Eluned and Lemicus with the avatars of all 3 featured in a tattoo on her lower back.
  • She formerly offered to Saemaus upon her arrival in Crossing.

  • "'Trust me, I haven't led you astray in minutes!'"
  • "Imagine if Deadfall wasn't tree limbs but a bag of potatoes. Then imagine getting beaned to death by Suddenly Potatoes- you'd never live it down! People would see you around and be all like 'Check out Potatoes O'Brien over there'."
  • "Be good, and if you can't be good be smart."

Notable Performances:


The Forest Guardian  

A shadowed scene in a wooded night
Brightened by a breathless moon.
Wordless songs;make the trees ignite,
Her-ald-ing a grow-ing dawn

Ageless howls, and calling bears
sing its heart, and move the stars
Tis there that my soul
Is call–ing you
All because
Of that hunters moon

Such is there
My reverence due
Held aloft on emerald hues
And ev-er-y breath
Is dark and cool
For descending is
The summer night

A grow-ing chill sweeps
The aging night
And high above
A cre-scent moon
Eyes of my prey
Catch my arrows flight-
And so the dark comes
For us all

In Spring  

How does my heart hear it
before my eyes can see?
How do I feel the spirits
before they leave the trees?

If summer winds
And winters chill
Can't ease my soul
And make it still
How the seasons change
Brings it to seed
I need

The smell of blooming wilds
To thrill me
Something in the air to will me
All the possibilities it brings
In spring

The autumn days grow long
And chill the summer breeze
And dark nights reign
With whispering snows that freeze

For falling leaves
And diamond ice
Pull life from life
And wont suffice
To rouse my lonely heart
And make it freed
I need

The smell of blooming wilds
To thrill me
Something in the air to will me
All the possibilities it brings
In spring

The cold and shadow lose their sway
And sunrise comes to bring the days
That rise and bloom and sing away that dark
I feel that warmth awaken too in me
Spring adds another devotee
And I will light the way and share that spark

And I'll dance
Within those blooming wilds
That thrill me
Carried by the winds that willed me
To seek the possibilities it brings
In Spring

Oh Summer,
I've no other lover
But Autumn tempers as it goes
And Winter steals our time together
As our devotion comes to close.

But I'll dance
Within those blooming wilds
That thrill me
Carried by the winds that will me
To seek the possibilities this brings
Oh Spring..

Taisidon White  

Written for 'Flights of Fancy: Wine & Lemonade'

Tell me why must my glass be of service
To still my heart and my spirit in repose
From the bottle spring the name of my feeling
And the bitter meet the sweetness of the rose?

Tell me why is this hunger not abated
Or why this thirst be not quenched
All on its own?
Oh how I long for the days
That this feeling had flown away
Without succor from this drink be overflow'n.

But the sun still shines in its risen bright
I'll drink yours if you'll drink mine
I've tried to change, but my desire's fine
So let's have another glass of Taisdon White..

Should I find love, serve this at my wedding
And should I die young, serve it just the same
I've held counsel with this glass
And many days did pass
With quiet comfort for a feeling with no name.

Tell me why when my heart finds its lonely
Or my soul speaks its longing without words
Do I seek this within-
The effervesecent stars that float about therein
The solace and the answer once again?

But the sun still shines in its risen bright
I'll drink yours if you'll drink mine
I've tried to change, but my desire's fine
So let's have another glass of Taisdon White

But when I sit quiet upon my front porch
And sunshine makes rainbows below the treeline
Do I think to my-self
'You know what sounds nice?'
A glass of the white you had just this past night?

Because that sun still shines through its setting light
I'll drink yours if you'll drink mine
I've tried to change, but my desire's fine
So let's have another glass of Taisdon White

Beyond The River's Edge  

Sweetly do our rivers flow
A lazy, winding way
Through marshes strewn with lilies
And meadows sweet with hay..

A level land lay round them
Their banks lie broad and low
It is the depth and stillness
Which all my rivers flow..

But sturdy wayward flowers
Go floating bout the bends
That crowd of wistful children
Slip slowly as it wends

O Voice of the Waters
Send the call
Your children seek your home!

But were I to speak truly
And seek the rivers end
And set out on Our Ocean
To find what clarity lends

And I, a penitent child
Would pass
On through the marshes
And o'er the grass
To rest again at Heaven's breast
Like birds return
To mother's nest

My Love Loved The Ocean  

I once loved a girl
And loved her quite well
My all thought and wanting
Cast under her spell

But my love loved the ocean
Far better than I
The waves spoke her freedom
The blues caught her eye

I once loved a lady
Quite well, you see
But her eyes spoke of depths
That my kiss could not be
She dreamt of the Ocean
Of sun-dappled waters,
And ne'er did think of her own
Sons and daughters

My love loved the ocean
Far better than I
The waves sang her freedom
The blues held her eyes

I once loved a woman
Far too well to know
That one day she would leave me
And strike out to go
Away with the ripples, on rafts made of foam
To seek out her first Heaven
Her people's true Home.

So my love loved the ocean
Far better than I
Those waves gave her freedom
Those blues are her eyes
And though we did find her
Lay gone on the sand
Myself, I knew better
To rest her on land

My love loved the ocean
And from here on she will sleep
Happy in her freedom
Happy in the deep

Sweet Maiden Fair- a Lullaby  

Transliterated from the original Ilithic'

Little baby, hear my voice
I'm beside you, sweet maiden fair
Young lady, you will grow and see
Where rivers wind to stormy seas

The sun and moon shall guide us
The hour of our glory
My little baby, our young lady
My sweet maiden fair.

Sweet baby, listen to my song
The moon and stars shall guide us
Dear child, and you will sleep
On oceans quiet, on rivers deep.

Sorril's Loss  

I began to die
The day I chose to live
All my love for nothing
All I had to give..

Where does my future lie
What choice ahead of me?
Of those I made that brought me here
No further than my destiny..

Oh heart, let my blade strike true
No passion more justly felt than this
My fate, my final act of love
Be solemn as my last kiss..

Unique Identifiers

A seahorse-shaped ayabere violin with blued moonsilver-limned body spines  
  • A solid piece of ayabere has been carved into the shape of a curved seahorse. The head of the white mistglass-eyed creature serves as the scroll and pegbox. The body of the instrument has been constructed to be wide and flat, with tiny blued moonsilver accents between each ayabere body spine to give a glow even in low light, while smaller accents of gold and coral give an illusion of a tide. Moonsilver slivers have been inlaid between the f-holes and bridge with the name "Iryta" in an elegant script. (Designed by Iryta, Lagu & Kaedan, Altered by Kouzan)
  • A tattoo of a triptych depicting a playful dolphin with bejeweled eyes, a sleek shark displaying bloodstained teeth, and a regal albatross with its outstretched wings. Wispy white clouds and frothy cerulean-blue waves encircle the trio of images.
Trident of the Avatar of Drogor  
  • A pearlescent glass trident with prongs wrapped in living seaweed. As though belying its apparent fragility, the glass thrums and chimes powerfully.


  • Roleplay Stance: Heavy
  • PvP Stance: Closed
  • Discord: RescueRanger#2855