The Arthe Repertory Team (TART)

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The Arthe Repertory Team (TART) is a group based at the Arthe Dale theater, the Yulugri Wala, to put on plays and, perhaps, some other types of performances at the theater and the Arthe Hollow Inn. They are willing to play at other venues by request!

TART was founded in 438 by Daerlynn Soulmyste.


"TART's main objective is to make use of the Yulugri Wala theater and, to a lesser extent, the Arthe Hollow Inn, with a series of plays and performances. We wish to encourage the performing arts in all of the realms." -Daerlynn Soulmyste

Council Members


October 22, 2021: An Arthe Dale Concert: Tirost

Initial Performance for the Revival of The Arthe Dale Concert Series

Concert featuring the music and poetry of: Tirost

Daerlynn Soulmyste and Nilme Iondu'il

September 30, 2021: The Little Lobster

How a dropped candy changes the world.

TART Original!
Author: Allye
Recording: 9/30/2021


July 15, 2021: The Immortal Bard

Sometimes love needs a little nudge.

Originally performed February 2006, by the original Theren Theatre Players
Authors: Xanzie Nikatime, Ariahne, Daerlynn Soulmyste, and Nivenya
Refreshed by: Tiarmo Ilarion
Recording: 7/15/2021


June 22, 2021: TART's Inaugural Historical Romp - A Concert

Honoring past Bards by showcasing their stories.

Recording: 6/22/2021