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Paumar Theren
Status: Dead
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Falstad I, Artosh

Eighth Baron of Therengia. Son of Falstad I. Started a disastrous war with Kwarlog and, as a result, has been condemned by every Baron to rule Therengia. Committed suicide by hanging. Artosh was his son.

Following defeat of Dragon Priests, decides to attack Kwarlog because he believed all Therengia should be ruled by Theren. The Keep suffers great damage and, after a decisive defeat in which his gypsy allies failed to show, he slaughtered their villages. This action caused the blood feud that continues to this day.


45 AV --Baron Falstad I dies
--Reign of Baron Paumar Theren begins


49 AV The Therengia-Kwarlog War begins
57 AV --The Kwarlogians win in the Battle of Gemfire's Gates
--Baron Paumar hangs himself
--Reign of Baron Artosh begins
63 AV --Unable to sustain the city, the Kwarlogians abandon Hvaral
--Therengian occupation of Hvaral begins
64 AV A treaty is signed between Therengia and Kwarlog, ending the war.