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Varahad Theren
Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Baron of Therengia, 65 BL - ? (reign ended no later than 3 BL)

Assumed Barony upon the death of Jeladric I. Father of Falstad I.


65 BL --Jeladric Theren I dies
--Varahad Theren becomes Baron
50 BL Alec the Phoenix takes on the leadership of the Elotheans
27 BL Falstad Theren is born
4 BL Sithsia delivers her prophecy to Dzree
3 BL --Dzree dies
--Neithrel escapes from his imprisonment
--Baron Falstad of Therengia and King Baulsir of Kwarlog lead a united army against the Dragon Priests in the north
--Ferdahl Alec leads the Elotheans against the Dragon Priests in the south