Endian Royalists

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The Endian Nation, formed by the Luethra and seated at Albabriddlaen, was again rocked by sectarian violence in the Fourth Age with the rising of a royalist faction in opposition to the Rasman Sect. The Royalists formed their opposition from the city of New Albabriddlaen and eventually became strong enough to challenge the Sect in open battle. As the fights escalated, the battle between the two factions evolved into the Luethra Civil War. The Royalist faction won the Cip'uja to their side in the war against the Rasman Sect.

The war would eventually broil over to influence the other Albarian races, with the fight between the Luethra nearly destroying Avaev. Nirejian, Gnomic, and Shaerekian fighters, however, manage to keep the battle contained to the Luethra and Cip'uja. However, the victory of the Royalists was ultimately a Pyrrhic victory, with the Royalists finally sealing the Rasman Sect into the City of the Dead.