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Siegery is a game where pieces are pitted against other pieces in glorious, miniature battle!


There are three types of Siegery pieces: the figurine, the siege engine, and the keep.


A figurine is a foot soldier that stands on the field in front of your keep. Figurines perform quick attack (5 second RT) and will randomly attack an opposing foot soldier or your opponent's keep (always the outer walls if they are not destroyed, otherwise they will attack the inner keep directly). Figurines can not be repaired during the battle.

Leveling Figurines

Figurines have a chance to level up when they kill an opposing figurine. When this happens you will see the messaging:

Your <figurine name> just gained strength!
Your <figurine name> just gained defense!
  • Only figurines (soldiers) can level, keeps and siege engines do not.
  • There is currently no way for players to tell what level a figurine is.
  • The number of kills to level a figurine can be either fixed or random. It is dependent on the individual piece. (talk)
  • When a figurine levels, the level is permanent, and is not lost when the figurine is killed in battle.
  • Basic siegery pieces (sold at The Other Siegery Shop or those from the Guildfest bin/crate) can level five times. "Epic" pieces (usually anything sold at Siegery Shop) can level thirty times.
  • When your figurine reaches its cap, you will recieve the following message:
Your <figurine name> cannot gain any more strength!

Siege engine

Siege engines attack from atop your base and can do more damage than figurines. PULL the siege engine to have it attack (15 second RT for a hit and 5 second RT for a miss) and will randomly attack an opposing figurine, siege engine, outer walls, or inner keep. Siege engines can be repaired during the battle by PUSHing your keep (20 second RT).


The Keep (sometimes called a base or castle) is the most important piece in a Siegery game. Once the inner keep is destroyed, the battle is over. POKE your keep to repair its outer walls or PULL the keep to repair the inner keep. There is a 20 second RT for either repair.



  • TURN a base to make it yours and then DROP it so it becomes part of the battle.
  • TURN a siege engine and PUT them on your base. You PULL your siege engine to have it attack.
  • TURN a figurine to make it yours and then DROP it to add it to the battle. You PUSH your figurine to have it attack.

NOTE: For more detailed instructions for using each piece, be sure to STUDY it.

The Battle

Play is real-time and not turned based. All actions have a set roundtime, with figurine attacks being the quickest and base repairs taking the longest. The battle is randomized since units will target either the first ground unit, the first siege engine, the outer walls or inner keep. Destroy your opponent's inner keep first to win!

Standard Rules

  1. Begin with 3 soldiers, 2 siege engines, and a castle.
  2. Players will roshambo to determine who gets to make the first move.
  3. As soon as the first move is made, you can attack as often as RT allows.
  4. Play continues until an inner keep is destroyed.


There are a number of variations to the standard rules, popular variations include:

  • Quick Match: for a faster game use 1 soldier, 2 siege engines, and your castle
  • Allowing figurines to be picked up and repaired during battle



  • The order you place your siege engines or drop your figurines is the order in which they are attacked. Place or drop your most experienced pieces last so they live longer.
  • Keep an eye on how many attacks your keep has sustained, and plan to repair it after X number of attacks. For example, repair you outer walls after they have been hit 4 times.
  • If you've lost all of your figurines, your first priority should be trying to eradicate any remaining opponent's figurines with your siege engines.


  • Siege engine attacks are random. One simple/basic strategy is to repeatedly PULL your siege engine and hope that you hit the opponent's inner keep (and they don't notice or repair). It is possible to win a battle in four moves with this strategy, but it is highly random.
  • Once the opposing player's figurines are out of the way, your own figurines will always directly attack your opponent's keep and will never miss! With this strategy use a combination of foot soldier and siege engine attacks to eliminate the your opponent's foot soldiers, then have fun watching your opponent scramble to repair. Remember to use your most leveled figurines when attacking.


Basic Sets

Basic sets in black, blue, green, purple, red, white in have been sold at the Other Siegery Shop.

Themed Sets

Original, limited edition sets from Beyond the Barrier

These were given as bonus prizes during the first 30 scheduled runs of Beyond the Barrier.

Limited edition sets sold at the Siegery Shop at Hollow Eve 414

Raffle prizes from Stolen from the Moons

These sets were unique.

Shard Street Faire 415

The Shard Street Faire in 415 had a number of gifts that form a bovine-themed set when combined:

Limited edition sets sold at the Siegery Shop at Hollow Eve 417

Limited edition set sold at Limited Treasures at Hollow Eve 417

Ten flat-top travel trunks were sold.

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