Item:Miniature aldamalm wood Sammeli figurine draped in delicate shireli lace

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miniature aldamalm wood Sammeli figurine draped in delicate shireli lace
Look: Constructed from very pale wood streaked with hints of green and blue, this male Elf has a perfectly symmetrical face with a chiseled jawline and thick-lashed indigo sapphire eyes. Stylized lines inked onto his bald head and slim neck detail a graceful birch tree laden with dichroic ulhari prism leaves. Fashioned into a slender sleeveless gown, ecru lace bearing a distinct pattern of medallion flowers flows around his lanky frame, sparse touches of muted rose pigment accentuating the tatted petals.
Weight: Unknown
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Special Properties:
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Plaid treasureweave satchel clasped with a trine of smalt aeschelich, Limited Treasures (1)


Successful Attack

  • The miniature Sammeli coos, "Show off your costume, sweetie!" A grey polydactyl kitten dressed in a Gor'Tog costume ambushes <opposing soldier>! Sammeli cheers and claps his hands, encouraging the fuzzy cyclone's violent attacks.
  • The miniature Sammeli flings his arms wide and gleefully shouts, "Kittens!" A cacophony of mewls accompanies the herd of itty bitty kitties that tumble out of the shadows and advance on the <castle location>, assaulting it with their aura of cute!

Failed Attack

  • The miniature Sammeli nudges his grey polydactyl kitten dressed in a Gor'Tog costume. The feline scampers across the battleground, advancing on <opposing soldier>. Unfortunately, instead of attacking it, the kitten begins to purr loudly.
  • The miniature Sammeli peruses a gilt-framed ledger, tracing a finger down the page before turning it. His lips move slightly as he counts, the smile forming on his face growing in size and radiance.
  • The miniature Sammeli smiles softly as he snuggles a grey polydactyl kitten in his arms. He lovingly murmurs, "I'm going to design you the most amazing wardrobe. You'll be the best dressed kitten of all time."


  • The miniature Sammeli spins around with his grey polydactyl kitten, collapsing in a gleefully giggling heap as he hugs the tiny feline. "I've sold out of everything!" He is still grinning madly as both he and his kitten grow still.