Item:Articulated kraken figurine with abyssal black eyes

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articulated kraken figurine with abyssal black eyes
Look: Pieced together with tiny rivets and innumerable bits of metal, the kraken has ten tentacles that seem to quest outward.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 1,250 Kronars1,000 Lirums <br />902 Dokoras <br />1.25 LTBpoints <br />1.25 Tickets <br />1.25 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
  • This item is a toy.
  • This item is used in the siegery game.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop, Estate Holder gifts


You think that the kraken is a siegery toy. It is a small soldier.
The articulated kraken does not belong to you. You'll need to TURN him to make him yours.
You think you can DROP the articulated kraken to have him join in on a siegery game.
You can also PUSH the articulated kraken when on the ground to have him attack.
You can REPAIR the articulated kraken when broken.

Siegery Messaging

Successful Attack

  • The articulated kraken slashes its tentacles at the <opponent's castle> outer walls with whiplike precision.
  • The articulated kraken winds back several tentacles and then slaps <opposing figurine> hard, knocking <him/her> back!

Failed Attack

  • The articulated kraken attacks the <opposing figurine>, but <he/she> dodges the attack!
  • The articulated kraken winds back a few tentacles to strike, but instead just flails them at the empty air uselessly.

Death Message

  • The articulated kraken crumbles to the ground, leaving a black, inky smear below its corpse.