Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415

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Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415 is a free event in the city of Shard held in 2015.

  • Prime: 33 Skullcleaver 415 - (March 27 - March 29)


Please join us in Shard for our second street faire, sponsored by the Lady Arkisyela, the House of the Silk Strings, and the Shoan a Sidelkuloa. A number of merchants new and old have traveled to Shard to set up their wares, and there will be events throughout the duration of the faire including live performances, games and a raffle night with many fun prizes. Opening ceremonies will begin around 9PM EST on Friday, March 27th.

Location and Map


See Category: Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415 shops

There are also some Raffles.


You can receive one of the following items from a cow-spotted box of gifts, selection is random and are periodically restocked:

glass dip pen with a tapered body and delicately twisted nib
sheet of glittering paper painted with a border of dancing pirate mice x10
set of short multicolored waxed pencils
deckle-edged sheet of creamy white drawing paper x10
wheat brown ceramic jar coated in golden glitter
miniature gold-washed steel ox with long curving horns
glossy black ceramic jar stoppered with a silver bull
miniature silvered-black bull with a fluffy fur coat
black and white ceramic jar shaped like a dairy cow
miniature white dairy cow dappled with glittering black spots

The box is located in the following room:

[Shard, The New South Bridge]
There always seems to be a crowd at the city end of the bridge: travelers find it natural to inspect their equipment before braving the wild or tidy their appearance before entering the city. So common is the instinct to pause that if you see someone who doesn't stop, you can bet it's a shopper headed for the stores on the bridge. You also see a cow-spotted box of gifts and the South Square on the city side of the river.
Obvious paths: east, south, west.

Raffle Night Gift

You can receive the following item from a Raffle Night box of gifts which is just outside the door to the Raffles:

miniature modified steel-banded ebonwood scorpion splashed with multicolored glitter
miniature sparkling glitter-encrusted airship manned by two little white mice

The box is located in the following room:

[South Bridge, The Dawn Arcade]
A two-story shop combines smooth cream-colored plaster walls on street level with a mellow honey-oak siding above it. A red tile roof caps the building and provides a home for a brick chimney and what looks like a stork's nest. You also see a Raffle Night box of gifts, an arching silversteel doorway and a row of food wagons.
Obvious paths: north, west.

Play Night Gift

You can receive the following item from a black and white box of gifts which is nearby the Shoan a Sidelkuloa Outdoor Seating area:

The box is located in the following room:

[Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Outdoor Seating]
Numerous rows of seats wait here for use during theatrical performances on the outdoor stage. The wall's stonework extends upwards far enough to keep unattentive patrons from falling over the edge to a rather uncomfortable demise. You also see a black and white box of gifts.
Obvious paths: east.

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