Academy of Learning

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Academy of Learning Library
Province Town Building Map Number of Books
Therengia Riverhaven Academy of Learning RanikMap30 24
'Book Categories'
(abbr. I)
Instructional or tutorial in nature, teach how to do certain things.
Fiction and Folklore
(abbr. F)
The written stories and traditions of a people or invented stories meant for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts
(abbr. H)
Events or places from the past, from a current viewpoint or a historical analysis.
Myth and Religion
(abbr. M)
Mythical tales or religious ideas.
(abbr. R)
Written specifically to provide instruction or resource material.
(abbr. B)
A book detailing the life of an individual.
Performance Art
(abbr. P)
Books containing songs, plays, ballads, poems, etc


HkkTKW My Time with the Seelie
RmsGE2 A Dictionary, Gerenshuge to Common
RmsGE1 A Dictionary, Common to Gerenshuge
RcnP2 A Prydaen Dictionary, Prydaen to Common
RcnP1 A Prydaen Dictionary, Common to Prydaen
HprTD A History of Trefan Draus
FsBK Bardic Knots (has different call letters of MRsBK)
MNceLEM The Lays of the Elanthian Moons Vol. 1
HRhsHR The Halflings of Riverhaven
HRsHH Human Histories - Lanival's Tale
HpeMH Merelew History
HRwvtBHA A Brief History of Alchemy
HRagOR Origins of the Realms
HRsSH Shard Histories
MNcwSTB The Story of Tatia and Byron
MRmpOL On Lifesculpting
MRsvSKA The Silver Key of Artifacts
BvsTHR The Hunter Revealed
BxxWMP Without My Pride
HRrwAEHW The Elven-Human War
HRmsEF The Elven Folk
MagI The Immortals
MRmpNMBT Notes on Mineral Bearing Trees
HtrTO The Outcasts
HyjZCW The Zoluren Civil War
HkkAD The Appearances of Dwarves
HkkTKW The Therengia-Kwarlog War