Coin of the Realm (shop)

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Coin of the Realm
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
Owner Mithlin
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Coin of the Realm]
A brass chandelier and matching wall sconces illuminate walls of white plaster and pale oak wainscot in this small, handsome shop. A note and a brace of candles rest on a simple table next to some chairs for customers. You also see the street door and a mahogany shelf with a book on it.

  • Mithlin says, "Yes, I buy individual diras, complete sets and any duplicates you happen to have in your case. Hold the dira or the case in your right hand and GIVE it to me, and I'll tell you what I'll pay for it."
  • Mithlin says, "Yes, I sell some of the rarer coins from time to time if I happen to have them in stock."
[Use DIRA BUY to see what Mithlin has in stock, then]
[DIRA BUY # (# = the number of the dira you want to buy.)]
A prominent note reads:

The handsome case exhibited here is specially designed to hold a complete assortment of the Imperial diras so coveted by collectors.
Why trust your dearest possessions to a sack that could leave you literally holding the bag?
A coin case from Mithlin's is the smart choice.

Soon we hope to be able to buy and sell dira for the convenience of collectors. Watch for the announcement.

On the small table
Item Price Done
coin case 902   !!


Coin of the Realm
Province Town Building Map Number of Books
Ilithi Shard Main RanikMap67e 1

HxxCR Coin of the Realm