Misrel Lemicus'a

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Misrel Lemicus'a
Province Town Building Map Number of Books
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Surlaenis'a Misrel Lemicus'a RanikMap99 38
'Book Categories'
(abbr. I)
Instructional or tutorial in nature, teach how to do certain things.
Fiction and Folklore
(abbr. F)
The written stories and traditions of a people or invented stories meant for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts
(abbr. H)
Events or places from the past, from a current viewpoint or a historical analysis.
Myth and Religion
(abbr. M)
Mythical tales or religious ideas.
(abbr. R)
Written specifically to provide instruction or resource material.
(abbr. B)
A book detailing the life of an individual.
Performance Art
(abbr. P)
Books containing songs, plays, ballads, poems, etc

The Study Room

IxxA Alchemy (has different call letters of HRxxA)
MRmpMBT Notes on Mineral Bearing Trees (has different call letters of HRmpMBT)
HmiCRK Chronology of the Rathan Kings
HaoTTF Tales of Thealrew -- Fate

The Language Study Room

RchGT1 A Gor'Tog Dictionary, Common to Gor'Tog (has different call letters of RcnGT1)
RchGT2 A Gor'Tog Dictionary, Gor'Tog to Common (has different call letters of RcnGT1)
RcnGT3 A Gor'Tog Grammar
RkBG Basic Gerenshuge
RxxDL1 Dwarven Lexicon, Volume I
RxxDL2 Dwarven Lexicon, Volume II
RxxDL3 Dwarven Lexicon, Volume III
RxxSH2 Speaking Haakish, Volume II
RxxDL4 Dwarven Lexicon, Volume IV
RcnTGL A Dictionary of Gorbesh
RcnEE Everyday Elven
RivRG Rakash Grammar
RcnAGG A Gorbesh Grammar
RivTRL The Rakash Language
RxxGD Gamgweth Dictionary
RcpGG Gamgweth Grammar
RxxSH1 Speaking Haakish, Volume I
RcnOEG An Outline of Elven Grammar
RcnEL1 An Elven Dictionary, Common to Elven
RcnEL2 An Elven Dictionary, Elven to Common

The Poetry and Music Room

PgdfKS Kerenhappuch's Skirt
PccMMI The Making of the Moon-Isles
PdsTB The Bardess
PsSAS The Singers of Aesry Surlaenis'a

The Spiritual Studies Room

MceAS The Albatross and the Storm
MrdBV Book of the Void
MvhCL A Cleric's Lesson
MelBA A Book of Anlasaen
MagOR Origins of the Realms
BmdTOM The Twist of Mindy
MagI The Immortals
RpiRE Religions of Elanthia

The Magical Studies Room

MRsvSKA The Silver Key of Artifacts (has different call letters of HsvSKA)
IhhPM A Paladin's Magicks
IlFOM Focus on Magic (has different call letters of IlgFOM)
MRbrTOP The Teachings of Oxfre Pepel (has different call letters of BbrTOP)