Imperial Library Archives

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Imperial Library Archives
Province Town Building Map Number of Books
Therengia Throne City Imperial Palace RanikMap35 20
'Book Categories'
(abbr. I)
Instructional or tutorial in nature, teach how to do certain things.
Fiction and Folklore
(abbr. F)
The written stories and traditions of a people or invented stories meant for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts
(abbr. H)
Events or places from the past, from a current viewpoint or a historical analysis.
Myth and Religion
(abbr. M)
Mythical tales or religious ideas.
(abbr. R)
Written specifically to provide instruction or resource material.
(abbr. B)
A book detailing the life of an individual.
Performance Art
(abbr. P)
Books containing songs, plays, ballads, poems, etc

First Room

HkkHGMM A Brief History of the Moon Mage Guild
HtbTCC The Celestial Compact
HafSPT A Study of the Progeny of Tezirah
BxxFP Fortune's Path: the Crossroads
PceLEMKL The Lays of the Elanthian Moons Vol. 1
RpiSOCP Study of Omens and Celestial Portents
HscPR Prophetic Reflections
HrhIMWP Interpreting the Mirror Wraith Prophecy
MmlTBS Thee Booke of Sixtyne

Second Room

BecPIMEC Profiles in Magic 12: Erzebet Crowther
BtPIMT Profiles in Magic 17: Tiv
BbsPIMBS Profiles in Magic 8: Borrugar Steadfoot
BjbPIMJB Profiles in Magic 1: Jares Braun
BkdPIMKD Profiles in Magic 4: Kir Dir'na'torna
BmsPIMMS Profiles in Magic 20: Mortom Saist
BsaPIMSA Profiles in Magic 6: Sanyrsen Astoshe
BpPIMP Profiles in Magic 7: Penelope
BrtPIMRT Profiles in Magic 9: Rietyl Thumai
BddPIMDD Profiles in Magic 11: Demosel Dez'Madielle
BmPIMM Profiles in Magic 5: Mizuhari