Izma Ru'ef University Library

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Izma Ru'ef University
Province Town Building Map Number of Books
Zoluren Leth Deriel Izma Ru'ef University RanikMap61 15
'Book Categories'
(abbr. I)
Instructional or tutorial in nature, teach how to do certain things.
Fiction and Folklore
(abbr. F)
The written stories and traditions of a people or invented stories meant for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts
(abbr. H)
Events or places from the past, from a current viewpoint or a historical analysis.
Myth and Religion
(abbr. M)
Mythical tales or religious ideas.
(abbr. R)
Written specifically to provide instruction or resource material.
(abbr. B)
A book detailing the life of an individual.
Performance Art
(abbr. P)
Books containing songs, plays, ballads, poems, etc


RhdEC Elanthian Calendar
HmsEF The Elven Folk
MxxTIST The Tale of Inicarwu and the Sulde Taala
PhmAS Ayvek's Song
HmpOL On Lifesculpting
FazTTC The Tale of Choosing
RahWET Words Every Trader Should Know
FsrPH People of the Horse
FavFN The Forest of Night
HrwAEHW The Elven-Human War
HprTD A History of Trefan Draus
RlvFAS The Flowers of Aesry Surlaenis'a
BxxMJ Maiori's Journeys
HxtAME Army of the Mountain Elves
HfvRME The Realm of the Mountain Elves