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Faesilk at a Glance
Material Type Fabric, Silks
Colors Various
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes (additional rules)

A material handwoven by the Fae themselves.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Fae-spun silk, Faeweave, fae-woven silk, and faesilk are all handwoven by the Fae but considered different materials for the purposes of alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRare item
Armored gown of moonsilver-chased chainmail atop layers of faesilkDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Auctiontrue
Blue faesilk cloak edged in Albarian laceDroughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loottrue
Blue-black crystal medallion strung upon a spectral white faesilk cordReturn to the Keep 423/Supply WagonSimuCoinstrue
Cloud-white faesilk sundress embroidered with scattered colorful flowers against a lattice backgroundDroughtman's Challenge 426/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 430/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 433/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 437/End loottrue
Diacan katana with an elaborate lotus flower sapphire hiltOrnate scabbard adorned with the crest of the House of the Marching LotusHouse of the Revenant Fang 433/Raffletrue
Ebon faesilk gown with bouquets of colorful flowers embroidered down the sidesDroughtman's Challenge 426/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 430/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 433/End loottrue
Elegantly ruched tea green faesilk gownTurmar-Magen Charity Auctiontrue
Faesilk ribbon crown wound with preserved phofe flowersDroughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loottrue
Flamboyant jester's tunic composed of harlequin-patterned faesilkGuildfest 431/Auctiontrue
Fragile faesilk gem pouch dangling sungold key charmsDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental loottrue
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