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Event Name: Patience: An Edict of Grace
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-02-10
Game Date of Event: 448-03-82
Point of View: Briaen
You get a light leather prayer mat tooled with a sheaf of golden grain overlaying a brilliant rising sun from inside your pilgrim's satchel.

You reverently lay your prayer mat at your feet, smoothing out its corners.

You humbly kneel in the center of the prayer mat.

[Shadow's Reach, Plinth] This hewn plinth of black granite is a perfectly symmetrical ashlar symbolizing the rectitude of a pure soul. The top is charred and blackened with fire, but kept free of ashes by the swift winds. Also here: Truthseeker Elurora whose figure is gracefully highlighted in a soft aurora of silvery-violet light. Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

You kneel down and begin to pray.

You feel as if many eyes are judging you and still find you... lacking.

You silently slip out an oaken icon of the goddess Berengaria from a rugged pilgrim's satchel crafted from oiled leather with polished silver buckles.

A short, plump woman holds a sheaf of grain with one hand, while her other scratches a cow's ear. Her smile is kindly, but her gaze is direct and thoughtful.

You gaze at your icon.

You silently slip an oaken icon of the goddess Berengaria into your pilgrim's satchel.

You stand back up.

You carefully gather up the delicate folds of a light leather prayer mat tooled with a sheaf of golden grain overlaying a brilliant rising sun.

Elurora glances up at the sky.

You put your mat in your pilgrim's satchel.

You get a tattered collection of scrawled papers entitled "Confessions and Recantations" from inside your damaged book.

You set about studying your tattered papers intently. You believe you've learned something significant about Skinning!

You put your papers in your damaged book.

You say, "There's always a touch of nerves before these gatherings."

Elurora says, "I can understand, I get nervous when I have to present as well."

Elurora asks, "Do you find praying helps?"

You say, "I am blessed to be able to draw on such a peace as prayer brings me."

Elurora slowly says, "Perhaps I should figure out a prayer for when I feel like punching someone to help bring me peace."

You say, "I'm not familiar with such a prayer, but I can imagine it being a useful thing."

Elurora says, "I hope Albreda understands either way."

You say, "I imagine that is the case."

Nawain says, "That's such a pleasant song."

Mendira exclaims, "It is!"

Elurora says, "It is nice when it's chilly or you're damp, thank you."

Nawain says, "I feel like I drip all through spring, unless there's a warrior mage or a bard near me."

Mendira says, "It's my pleasure."

Jaelia exclaims, "Just so you know.... my journey here was with a crudely drawn map!"

Nawain asks, "Don't think I've ever been here. Why's this plinth burned?"

Mendira says, "You are welcome, Jaelia."

You say, "Purification sometimes requires fire."

Jaelia says, "Thank you kindly."

Nawain says, "Sometimes."

Elurora quietly says, "Now I should also pray to Albreda to forgive me for that thought..."

Jaelia says, "Albreda knows peace is never something actually achieved, but it is the balance along the war path to keep civilization in a state of its best being when it is not seeking to empire build."

Jaelia says, "Civilization is always in a state of conflict, however, it is the internal peace ourselves we achieve that can be found in that choas."

Jaelia says, "And chaos."

Elurora says to Jaelia, "Maybe, but I don't think she'd appreciate my thought either way."

Jaelia says to Elurora, "Then let Harawep have it, let her cut the cords and reweave the web."

Kethrai says, "Good morning, everyone."

Tirost says, "Morning, Keth."

Mendira says, "Good morning."

Jaelia says, "Blessed Dawn and Sun rays upon each of you."

Jaelia says, "Or ... well... ideally through stormy clouds."

You say, "Good morning, all. If any have prepared prayers, statements, testimonies, or the like, do please let Mendira know so we can get a proper count of who wishes to share."

Mendira says to Sofina, "You are welcome."

Kethrai quietly says to Sofina, "I'm glad to see you here. Good as your word."

Sofina says to Kethrai, "Im a trust worthy person despite what some might think."

Elurora lightly says to Betlind, "Hello again, Captain."

Betlind says to Elurora, "Your winnings."

Elurora says to Betlind, "Thank you."

You say, "Good morning, all. We will begin shortly. If you have prepared statements you wish to share, please do speak with Mendira privately so we can get an accurate count."

Betlind says to Elurora, "And thank you. You earned them."

Elurora says to Betlind, "I'm sure someone better with words would have something clever to say about winning things by getting knocked off a horse..."

Betlind says to Sofina, "Thank you for coming."

Betlind exclaims to Anuril, "And thank you for the breeze!"

You say to Sofina, "I understand there's some bargin struck to have you join us this morning. You stand acknowledged and welcomed in this place."

Sofina says, "As long as there is no altar near by, i'll be fine."

You say to Sofina, "Many faithful, but no divine altars to speak of are so nearby."

You say, "Beloved congregation, as we gather beneath the sacred canopy of Berengaria's grace, let us delve into the depths of our souls and confront the shadows that linger within. Today, we embark on a journey of enlightenment, guided by the radiant wisdom of the Mother of Dawn."

You say, "If we might, I'd like to begin with Jaelia."

Jaelia says, "It is under a stormy sky that the night stars shine beyond the clouds still, and the dawns rays await to light and warm us still."

Jaelia says, "If I may, I'd like to begin with a small poem on grace and patience."

Jaelia says, "I often speak of tapestries, rivers, storms, lights beyond and traveling the cycle of light to dark ever repeating and our paths in life. It doesn't matter which metaphor you choose, they all come to the same."

Jaelia says, "So I will not speak long on this, just my most recent praise to the Immortals and to Phelim - there are times and insights he grants me, things I see within the Community and individuals, potential and fates and things that could be nudged to make a more lovely tapestry and stronger webs to make all things better."

Betlind softly says, "Praise to Phelim."

Jaelia says, "These things take time, take patience, they require grace to overlook as things are and see what more they may be - while not also being foolish."

Jaelia says, "I hope in time you will see some things as I have, it took 6 years, and it may take even more, but together, the Community and our Faith weave the tapestries that make us all better."

Jaelia says, "Phelim sent a shard of Star to us today."

Jaelia says, "And that shard found its way to me."

Jaelia says, "We return it to the Stars, and praise that we may have patience and grace as we work through these troubled times and seek the answers for all."

(Jaelia steps back and bows her head in quiet prayer and nods quickly)

You say, "In their collective embrace, there is forgiveness for the wayward, redemption for the fallen, and salvation for all who seek it. Their grace knows no bounds - it is a river that washes away the stains of transgressions, the shame of misguided notions, and reveals the truth to tired eyes."

You say, "And so we continue. Kethrai, if you would please."

Kethrai says, "Um, I don't have a song or a speech prepared or anything, but it occurred to me that I don't think I've ever talked a great deal about what led me to follow Hodierna the way I do."

(Tirost's eyes shift from the black granite plinth to Kethrai.)

Kethrai says, "I was raised by my parents in Kaerna in the Prydaen tradition, mostly. They were worshippers of the Triquetra, and I was raised with those stories and songs, but I never felt that much connection to the Kin of my blood."

Kethrai says, "But I also didn't really know much about the Immortals. My youth was spiritually... detached, in a way."

Kethrai says, "But, there was a year, a very bad year for crops..."

Kethrai says, "My parents started encouraging me to spend more time with my friend Bilgin Lufflebough, who was our neighbor. And so I spent a lot of time at his house, and with his family."

Kethrai says, "And they fed me any time I came, and usually before I left."

Kethrai says, "It was an Olvi household, so this was of course only customary for them..."

Kethrai says, "But, they began each meal with saying a word of thanks to Hodierna for providing the bounty that sustained them, and that they were sharing with me, when I would otherwise be going hungry..."

Kethrai says, "Bilgin's mom, Fannmarie Lufflebough, was my first real spiritual teacher, I think."

Kethrai says, "She got me curious, and the more I talked to her, the more I understood how much her generosity of spirit, of time, of material wealth, was something she did in service and praise to Hodierna."

Kethrai says, "And she was a true role model to me. I like to think she'd be proud of how I've turned out."

(Jaelia smiles warmly at Kethrai and nods in understanding)

Kethrai says, "I've learned a lot since then, but the basics of her teachings have never left me and never altered."

Kethrai quietly says, "That's all, I think."

Gridaksma quietly says, "Food is a good way to lure people into a belief."

You say to Kethrai, "Fannmarie Lufflebough is not the only one who swells with pride when noting your accomplishments. Blessed are the Dawnmother's sisters, afterall. We thank you for your reminder of the importants of the hearth."

Kethrai says to Gridaksma, "To get through the door, you have to open it first."

You say, "Listen, brethren, for in the sound of rustling wheat on the morning breeze, you shall hear Berengaria's loving call. It is a call that beckons the sinner to return, to bask once more in the tender glow of Her compassion. The Mother of Dawn does not cast aside those who have strayed."

You say, "The righteous and vigilant guardians of our faith, the Holy Inquisition, stand charged with the solemn duty to eradicate the blight of Necromancy from our blessed lands. With unwavering resolve, they and the faithful stand as beacons of light, casting aside the veil of darkness that threatens to shroud our world in despair."

You say, "Let us not underestimate the peril that lurks within the tools of the Necromancer. Obfuscation, intentional deceptions, and cursed theories which deny the danger of the pursuit are all employed to lure recruits. Particularly devious, however, are the accursed knives they wield in their so-called 'Great Work'. These instruments of desecration are imbued with the taint of forbidden arts, carving pathways to damnation and desolation."

You say, "In the hallowed embrace of Berengaria's light, we must confront the folly of unrepentance. To deny the weight of our sins is to blind ourselves to the truth of our existence. The path of defiance leads only to eternal darkness, where the echoes of regret reverberate through the void."

You say, "Yet, even in the shadow of our transgressions, Berengaria extends her divine hand, offering redemption to those who dare to seek it. Her love knows no bounds, her mercy transcends the depths of our remorse. Let us heed her call, for in her grace, we find solace and salvation."

You say, "In the unforgiving light of Berengaria's truth, there is no refuge for the unrepentant. Those who cling to their sins, who defy the sanctity of her teachings, shall find themselves cast adrift in the darkness of their own making. Let their fate serve as a warning to all who would stray from the path of righteousness."

You feel your knife ring oddly a moment, a pure note of Berengaria's approval of your purpose.

Betlind softly says, "May the light find them."

You say, "As we stand at the precipice of judgment, let us embrace the radiance of redemption. Let us cast aside the shackles of our transgressions and bask in the glory of Berengaria's love. For in her divine embrace, we find the strength to confront our sins and emerge reborn, bathed in the brilliance of her eternal dawn."

(Jaelia gazes up at the sky, squinting and attempting to focus beyond the gathered dark clouds.)

You say, "Beloved brethren, let us depart from this sacred gathering with hearts uplifted and spirits fortified. May the light of Berengaria guide our steps, illuminating the path to redemption and righteousness. Let us go forth as beacons of her grace, spreading her divine love to all who seek salvation."

Betlind softly says, "Praise be."

You say, "In the name of the Mother of Dawn, let us walk the path of righteousness, now and forevermore..."

Jaelia says, "Praise to the Immortals, may our Paths always be in your Grace, and may you extend your patience to us, even when are unworthy, we praise the lessons and forgiveness you grant us."

You say, "We may yet stay, now. Together gathered to enjoy the hearth and community spoken of by both Kethrai and Jaelia. I invite you all to remain as you see fit."

You ask Sofina, "Have we overlooked a willingness to speak in you? Would you like to share?"

Tirost says to Kethrai, "Thanks for sharing, Kethrai. It's good to remember how far kindness can ripple through one's life."

Betlind says, "Once more, wonderful words from both you, Jaelia and Kethrai. Thank you."

Sofina says to you, "No. I'm just listening and observing. I dont think the things I have to say are welcomed. But we are all intitled to our own beliefs."

Kethrai says to Tirost, "I didn't realize until years later how little my parents had to eat that year. I don't think they were willing to accept our neighbors' generosity, even though they would've offered it. But they weren't willing to let me go hungry for their pride."

Betlind says to Sofina, "Thank you for coming and listening, all the same."

Tirost says to Kethrai, "Being a prideful person, I understand that sentiment well, yet I am very glad for the generosity of your neighbor, friend and spiritual advisor."

Sofina says to Betlind, "There is no harm in showing and listening."

Betlind says, "Just so."

Betlind says to Sofina, "Your armor, as promised."

Mendira says to you, "Thank you."

Jaelia says, "Sometimes it takes many moments for something to break through. And when those breaks happen, sometimes it hits like a punch to the gut, or like a boulder smashing us, we don't even know how to react or recoil from that event."

Sofina says, "I dont know anything of Immortals. Not something that was discussed where I'm from."

Tirost says to Sofina, "It was good of you to come."

Gridaksma says, "Ilithi has always been an area where there was more freedom to speak words unpopular."

Betlind says to Sofina, "Well, suppose now you can say you do."

Jaelia says, "It may seem like one event - but it is always many steps along the way."

Gridaksma says, "We've actively thrown the Inquisition out of our province before, when they overstepped their welcome."

Sofina says to Gridaksma, "Its why I live in Ilithi."

Gridaksma says to Jaelia, "He hit like a gnome too."

Selame softly says, "Gnomes pack quite the little punch."

Jaelia says to Gridaksma, "Gnomes can be pretty compact and tough."

Kethrai says to Tirost, "You know, it's just now occurring to me that the story I told might also be related to why my parents decided they wanted to leave Kaerna, and bring me with them..."

Tirost asks Kethrai, "Were they worried you were straying from their beliefs?"

Kethrai says to Tirost, "And also that they were straying from theirs, maybe. That they'd spent so much time as farmers rather than hunters, the way Demrris taught, and it led them to go hungry."

Gridaksma says, "Those closest to the gods tend to be the ones easiest swayed to oppose them."

Kethrai says to Tirost, "I might never come to agree with them, but... I guess it does help to understand them."

Tirost says to Kethrai, "Far be it for me to say, but I shouldn't wonder if all who have had some hand in your upbringing might take pride in knowing what has become of your way of life, Kethrai."

Jaelia says to you, "I cannot ever truly be one of the Inqusition, although it is a bit of a sematics, however, I support what you do, and am always glad to stand with you on your path."

Tirost says to you, "I appreciate your message of hope."

Kethrai says to Tirost, "I'll hope that's so."

Gridaksma says to Jaelia, "Watch your fellow temple mates. Notice how many of them are only slightly removed from the corruptions. The High Priestess doesn't watch them close enough."

Jaelia says to Gridaksma, "It is why I was prepared for this role. It just took a few more decades to hone that spike and hammer I wield to strike things into place when they need to come to a halt or reconsideration."

Jaelia says to Gridaksma, "I am not there by choice, but it is the path I was dealt. We make the best of what we have been given, and etiher rise to the occassion or fall as a victim. I will not allow others to suffer that again."

Tirost says, "Just so."

Jaelia says, "Thank you, good cat, we need you to keep an eye on Tirost please."

Tirost says to you, "Farewell, my friend. Gods be with you."

Jaelia says, "Kintryn needs him in one piece."

Mendira says, "How helpful it must be to have someone to remind one of such things."

Kethrai says to Anuril, "What a different relationship they have."

Betlind says, "I believe all the jousting has taken its toll on me, so will be departing myself, I'm afraid."

Betlind says to Tirost, "Thank you for coming."

You say to Tirost, "Meraud guide you, Knight."

Tirost warmly says to Betlind, "Thanks for teaching."

Jaelia asks, "Is there anything anyone is looking forward to?"

Jaelia asks, "Something less doom and gloomy and sad?"

Betlind exclaims to Elurora, "Again, well tilted at the joust!"

Jaelia exclaims, "And the joust was amazing yes!"

Elurora exclaims to Betlind, "And you, Captain!"

Elurora teasingly exclaims to Betlind, "Next time though, aim a little lower!"

Selame asks Betlind, "Were you one of the Emerald Knights?"

Betlind exclaims, "We got first place!"

Akeiro exclaims, "Congratulations!"

Selame says, "Well earned, it was."

Betlind says, "Thank you all again for the wonderful company. Praise to the light and may it all keep you safe."

Betlind says to Sofina, "And thank you for joining us."

Sofina says to Betlind, "And thank you."

Elurora says to you, "Thank you for allowing me to come listen and learn."

Betlind says, "Enjoy the dawn, friends."

You say to Elurora, "You came by invitation, not allowance. You need no such permission."

Elurora says to Kethrai, "Is the nearby bar well enough? It seems a bit chilly to make you sit on the wall."

Kethrai says to Elurora, "Yes, seems as good a place as any."

Elurora says, "Be safe all."

Mendira says, "Safe paths to you."

Anuril says, "These dawn vigils certainly are....dawn-y."

Jaelia says, "They are always early. And I have been awake a while."

Akeiro says, "So it is dawn."

Jaelia says, "Dawn is always somewhere in our lives, however."

Jaelia says, "Just depends if you are willing to seek it."

Jaelia exclaims, "There we go!"

Selame says, "Seeking the dawn at the top of the mountain is the best."

Anuril says, "Good day, everyone."

Jaelia says to Anuril, "You can also tell me to shush in the future if needed."

Jaelia says, "Dunno how good it will do you but -."

Selame says to Anuril, "Or tell her to breathe."

Jaelia says, "Just in case."

Gridaksma says, "You wouldn't be the first nor the last."

Akeiro quietly says to Selame, "Feeling lazy I have procured us a ride."

Jaelia says, "I think I am ready to return home and to my Community."

Jaelia asks, "Oh can I join?"

Jaelia asks, "Is it back to Crossings?"

Selame softly says to Akeiro, "Sending to Illiyas."

Jaelia says, "I miss my Community and wish to visit with them a bit before I seek the Visions of Phelim and Dreams before sleep."

Selame asks, "You aren't going to go the the campfire?"

Jaelia says, "Of course4 I am."

Jaelia asks, "I am a Foxy Teacher, am I not?"

Selame asks, "I mean, yes?"

Selame asks Jaelia, "Just how much alcohol do we need to bring?"

Gridaksma says to you, "Good luck with your endeavors. You have been around here long enough to know to what lengths we will tolerate it."

Jaelia says to Selame, "You always got the right touch."

You say to Gridaksma, "I know how to find you when your council is needed. I suspect, it will be."

You say, "I am more concerned about cohesion of operations in the north than I am in Ilithi, at the moment."

Gridaksma says, "We do tend to handle our affairs quieter down this way."

You say, "Ilithi's tolerence is well known to me, I've lived here all my life. Which, comparitively may be but a short time. My goals are not the same as the Inquisition you may remember."

Gridaksma says, "And our temple leadership isn't close family with necromancy."

You say, "Depending on which family you speak, I'd argue it's closer."

Gridaksma says, "They claimed that too. The number of times the temple tried to question my devotion and failed has made me a bit more than jaded."

Gridaksma says, "Muspar'i it's father and son, Rivercrossing it's Brothers, and I know they were closer than brothers tend to be."

You say, "I make no proclimations of understanding when it comes to Elven history."

You say, "My purpose, however, is divinely charged. I will not be swayed by province, proclimation, or edict. Their gathering places will be rooted, their tools will be destoryed. Light I may speak of often, but it will be fire that I deploy."

You say, "Yet they need but return to the light to find me no longer on the hunt."

Gridaksma says, "You sound like the grave digger. That is not a compliment."

You say, "Khurek and I do have so very little in common."

You say, "And yet, there may be some things we do share. As you might expect, when I have attempted to speak with him there has been violence."

Gridaksma says, "The way you spoke was exactly as he did when he came here."

You ask, "What would you have me do?"

You say, "Ignore the charge of the Mother of Dawn? The path the Thirteen have set me upon is most clear."

Gridaksma says, "Keep a guard upon yourself and examine your motives and actions at every turn. There will be a time when the power and the work will give you tunnel vision. Guard against that."

Gridaksma says, "You cannot ignore your purpose anymore than I can. I'm no stranger to divine guidance and direct intervention."

You ask, "This is why I asked what would you have me do?"

You say, "I cannot step a toe into Theren without risk of starting up something with the Watch."

Gridaksma says, "The Watch took up residence in a tower corrupted, perhaps their lord should be looking closer at them."

You say, "Yes, agreed. I do not believe I will be able to sway that Lord, however. Even with the seal of the Inquisition at my disposal and a well inked quill."

Gridaksma says, "Be good to these lands and not heavy handed with its people and I will not become a hinderance to your work."

You say, "You need not threaten. I know an enemy when I gaze upon it."

You say, "And you are not that."

Gridaksma says, "It's truly not a threat. Just making sure my stance is open and known. I have grown tired of burning down strongholds."

You say, "Please understand. Ilithi is *my homse* too."

You say, "I have lived between Shard and the Dark Hand for all the days I have drawn breath."

Gridaksma says, "The Inquisition has a way of making people forget about those ties in time."

You say, "I have no desire to see it become an ashen home fit only for Nricacsha."

You say, "I will heed your guidance with grace, Lord of Elamiri."

Gridaksma says, "I should attend to some paperwork that I've been putting off."

Gridaksma says, "May Huldah turn his gaze from you both."

You say, "I grow tired of having so few allies. Everyone sees the need to threaten and I offer nothing but a chance to embrace the light."

Mendira says, "We mortals must bicker, it seems."

Mendira says, "She never promised Her path would be free from weariness, I fear."

Mendira says, "You spoke very well. I hope he well reflect upon your words in time."

You say, "Without you, I'd not manage this."

Mendira says, "I'm not sure whether you would or not."

Mendira says, "Best not attempt otherwise."

You say, "I am certain of it."

You say, "Without you I might well be the raging fire the accuse me to be."

Mendira says, "Then I suppose I shall have to stay here beside you."

Mendira asks, "Shall we go home?"