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<adjective> <color> spiritgem
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 1 stones
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Item:Hollow Eve 406 gift, Item:Craggy blue crystal medallion, Hollow Eve 406 gift, Craggy blue crystal medallion

During Hollow Eve Festival 406, all characters (even if they did not attend the festival) were given the opportunity to purchase a craggy blue crystal medallion. (Sales were limited to one per character.) During the festival, the medallion could absorb Asketian souls from Asketi's servants who were killed in the presence of the owner. On November 10, 2012, these medallion automatically transformed into spiritgems.

Mechanically, spiritgems are identical to other gems. They can be stowed into tied gem pouches, sold to NPC gem buyers, or stolen. They can also be used as alteration fodder. It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations.

The color of a spiritgem is the same as the color of the owner's aura. Aura colors are not dependent on guild or any other factor that is readily discernible by players. Similarly, the appraisal value of the gem seems to be unaffected by how many souls were absorbed by the medallion.


Auras have both an adjective and a color from the following list:

  • Aura adjectives: dark, dim, luminous, pale, pulsing, shining, soft, ubiquitous, vibrant, wispy
  • Aura colors: black, blue, chartreuse, green, orange, red, silver, violet, white, yellow

Known Spiritgems

This is a list of known spiritgem variations. With enough data, it may be possible to discern a pattern, assuming the aura colors and appraisal values are not totally random.

Appraisal values are in Kronars. In the Charged column, put "no" for completely uncharged, "yes" for fully charged, and "partial" for anything in between.

Color Modifier Appraisal Charged Guild Circle Race
black dark 1,275 yes Paladin 150 Human
blue luminous 1,300 no Moon Mage 1 Elothean
green dark 1,312 yes Cleric 156 Gnome
green pale 1,350 no Empath 129 S'Kra Mur
green wispy 1,042 no
red soft 890 no Empath 58 S'Kra Mur
silver cloudy 1,313 no Thief 100 Human
yellow dark 1,212 no Barbarian 107 Gor'Tog
yellow dark 1,087 no Paladin 107 Elf
yellow pulsing 1,437 no Cleric 1 Kaldar
yellow wispy 166,184 partial