Weapon:White steel Berengaria dawnblade

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white steel Berengaria dawnblade
Look: Crafted with the blade forming a very slight wave pattern, this weapon shines as if with its own inner light. Symbols grace the center of the mirror-polished metal, each one inlaid with sunstone-infused glaes. The heavy hilt is sculpted into the semblance of a sheaf of grain bound by a loose golden cord.

There appears to be something written on it.

A white steel Berengaria dawnblade reads:
"Those who flee the judgment of the Starry Host shall find no rest beneath the Sun, for their fate is as inexorable as the dawn."

Type: Medium Edged
Puncture: low (3/28)
Slice: very heavy (10/28)
Impact: fair (5/28)
Force of Impact: poorly (3/17)
Balance: reasonably (7/17)
Suitedness: reasonably (7/17)
Construction: practically invulnerable (18/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 25 stones
Appraised Cost: 100,000,000 Kronars
80,000,000 Lirums
72,160,000 Dokoras
100,000 LTBpoints
100,000 Tickets
100,000 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
Dimensions: 9 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Guildfest 409 Auction

Permanently blessed, until it strikes a non-evil/undead foe.
Owned by Loggrim Bastiaan (Prime)


Auctioneer Mahilin says, "This is the sister to a blade that was sold some years ago."
Auctioneer Mahilin asks, "The Alamhif dayblade, perhaps you have seen?"
Auctioneer Mahilin says, "This is much the same, but in this case the blessing was laid down by Berengaria. This blade was crafted to slay those already dead, to drive them forth from the plane of abiding, and force them to return to their proper path."
Auctioneer Mahilin says, "Her blessing will abide, unless the blade is raised against the living. Then, her smile will withdraw."
Auctioneer Mahilin says, "Only on undead may it be used, and retain its blessed virtue."