Haizen Cugis

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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Sand Elf
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None

Haizen Cugis (Windy Hamlet) is the first of the five hamlets of the Sand Elves. It is located in Velaka Desert near the oasis.


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Haizen Cugis
Location: Haizen Cugis, Therengia (RanikMap48)
Class / Type: Lower / Rural
Restrictions: None
Justice: None
Form: Free
Homes (Free): 4 (3)
Last Checked: 18 May 2019

Haizen Cugis.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Haizen Cugis - 1 Lower Class, Rural Unclaimed seedy-looking empty bothy
Haizen Cugis - 2 Lower Class, Rural Unclaimed leaning empty hutch
Haizen Cugis - 2 Lower Class, Rural Jamajadi crumbling dried clay shelter
Haizen Cugis - 3 Lower Class, Rural Unclaimed seedy-looking empty shelter

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