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Hello from Crossing!

I know you're both still concerned about my trip to Crossing, but as I told you before, it is absolutely fine here. You have both worked way too much, and it was time for me to go out and get some wealth of my own to finally take care of you like you've taken care of me.

Finding work was even easier than I told you it would be. I'm currently employed to fish, catch rats, cull goblins, deliver letters, and look for missing jewelry! I tried my hand at stone carving, but it was absolutely disastrous so far. I'll try again later on after reading up a bit more on it. I'm supposed to collect some eel skins for a local Warrior Mage, too, but I'm not able to catch those eels just yet.

For some reason, some people here don't get that I really wanted to work in this city. They keep trying to encourage me to deliver letters to Qi. I came to Crossing to work in Crossing. If I wanted to travel to the Islands I would have went there in the first place! But they don't get how much I wanted to be here, so I just pass up those jobs. No big loss. There's always more local work right around the corner.

The people here are friendly, too. One S'kra joked about eating me, but I was told later on it was just a joke. I also briefly met a Gor'Tog who promised not to eat me, even though I don't know why I should have been concerned about that! There are plenty of Paladins and Empaths here, so don't worry about me ever getting hurt. One Empath I met I even work for, getting fish! She likes eating the whole thing but I don't want to make an issue about how eating every part is gross.

So, see, nothing to worry about. I'm making money on my own and it's enough to pay for a room at an inn in a safe part of town, and I'm learning a lot of things, and I'm making new friends, and I'm able to send you some money that I know the family needs. So stop worrying; I'll be fine.


ps: did you know there's a great academy here, too? I plan to get some books and take some classes. Maybe I can try to learn how to be a doctor or herbalist like I always wanted! This is going to be great!


Hi again.

First, the good news. I killed one hundred goblins, all by myself, and turned in the skins for a reward. Apparently the plan was to use the skins as food to a flaming horse but the horse didn't want them after all. I still got the reward, anyway, and I was able to take the money from that job and buy my very first book for my classes! I also bought a new curved dagger for myself, so I'll be even more effective at my next job: hunting grass eels.

I really try to focus on accomplishments like those after the last few days. But, I'm really writing to tell you about something that happened to me a few days later.

I was exploring the grasslands near Tiger Clan, and found an overturned wagon. I thought that I could find something inside of it that needed to be returned for a reward, or something. As I searched for something of value, I found a very deep hole underneath the wagon. I told myself that a valuable crate or two may have tumbled in there, so I went inside to look around. At the end of the tunnel, I found a giant toadstool and a curtain of slime. They seem to have been fighting each other (if you could call it that), and eventually the slime ran away. I figured that was the oddest thing I would run into, and there was now another path to take deeper into the tunnel, and I thought I saw something behind it, so I continued my way downward. I ended up in the back room of a giant mansion.

I don't expect to find people inside that House, but once they saw me they started advancing and screaming. This wasn't like those louts who tried to mug me outside of the east gate. These people weren't trying to hurt me because they're just bad people. Something was completely... wrong with them. Some of them carried this pale colored powder, and they tried to make me eat it. They wanted me to be like them. I still couldn't figure out why they wanted to do all this, though. But then I saw it.

There's a monster inside of that House. Something dark and terrifying and tentacled and a threat to us all. It tried grabbing me, and I was able to escape at the last moment. I'm not even sure how.

I ran back out of the tunnel, but I think it ended up following me. Even running as far as Crossing, it was still breathing down my neck and whispering to me. I kept getting a stabbing pain in my stomach and felt like I died. A very nice Empath I know at a hangout spot near the Northeast Gate tried to reassure me and tell me that she couldn't find anything wrong with me, but I know that there was something trying to harm me then. She was very concerned about me, and the Paladin with her ran to the grasslands to see if anything was different. The only proof I had to show them was a ratty tabard one of them wore, showing he at least knew about the Trader guild.

The voice I heard following me seems to have faded today, but I know it still lives in that House. I don't know what to do about it, but there is a serious problem there. I decided I should dedicate a day or two to just relaxing and swimming before really getting involved in anything too intense again. The city feels a lot safer now that the voices went away, and part of me feels like I could forget the whole thing if I just threw away that tabard I know carry with me. I'm very lucky that my friends were there for me, so I should be fine.

I'm sorry if this letter scared you, and I hope it doesn't make you worry once again. I don't want to scare you about me being here all over again. It's just that I would feel bad if I didn't write to you about my bad experiences as well as my good.



Hi again!

Sorry this letter was so late from the last one. I hope you weren't concerned about me after what I wrote. Things have been much better since my last letter. Work in general has been going great, and I even completed my task for a very impatient S'kra mage!

I've started to worship Albreda at a small chapel in Tiger Clan. That isn't meant to be ominous or anything: I know I'm no orphan or foster child! It just seems like a very peaceful church and that is who they happen to worship there. As much as I like the city, it's good to step outside of it every once and awhile and see one or two quieter clans now and then.

In other news, I have another very big job! Cormyn said that I should look into a job he heard about up north, in Riverhaven. Something about the mansion there and a missing item inside of it. He always wants me searching around for dolls, papers, jewelry, and the like. This is going to be just another situation like that, I'm sure of it. But it pays much better than his normal jobs, and I guess it's okay to leave this town every so often, right? I should explode more!

I'll let you know how everything goes. I miss you all, and hope that the money I am sending your way helps out with everything you need.



Cormyn's big job was a complete bust. The contact never showed up. On top of that, some bizarre mirror KIDNAPPED me and some of other people I know who happened to be in Riverhaven at the time. Some angry bird-woman tried to eat my face off while we were stuck inside an old mansion, but an Empath I know was nice enough to fix me. I was also able to figure out some puzzle that prevented that Empath from being decapitated, too! It turned out the bird-woman-monster-thing kidnapped a boy and his dog, and the parents were nice (and wealthy) enough to reward us for our troubles!

In other news, my classes have been going well. A fellow Albarian Paladin I've run into time to time has helped me get some books for my studies, which is rather nice of him. I've gotten my schedule stable enough so I can get some work from Mags done between classes, while trying to cull the beisswurms that infest a mine east of Kaerna. The local tanners pay well for their claws!

Anyway, I'm sorry to have heard that you weren't feeling to well as of late. I've included some extra coins to pay for an Empath and herbs to take care of things. See? Me working here has already paid off for you!



It's finally spring! I don't know about you, but I was getting sick of all those snowstorms (although the rainstorms aren't much better).

Work has gone well. I've been working for Mags more and more these days, and she even wants me doing more serious work at times, too! Just this week, she kept asking me to get georin grass. I guess the local alchemists are dealing with excessive neck injuries as of late.

My studies are also going great! I can finally make some sense out of the art at this local gallery, which makes going there all the more enjoyable.

I really feel comfortable in Crossing, so I've decided to apply for citizenship here. I hope you're not upset at me for that, but I feel that since I use the community's resources so much, it's only fair to pay taxes here to help cover those services. Of course, my first home will always be with you guys!

Hope you stay well. Enclosed is a bit of money I earned fishing for an Empath!



Hello again!

I'm really glad that you were able to write back this time. I heard you weren't doing too well, and this response you sent surprised me. I take it things are better at home, then?

I'll take your suggestion about other job opportunities to heart, as well. I had no idea you had experiences in Crossing when growing up, let alone among scholars! I feel like I'm following in your footsteps now, too. It gives me a great amount of pride and purpose.

The jobs I'm currently doing are progressing well, too! I had a special job of trying to investigate if a store was experiencing any kind of theft, but so far nothing bad happened. I don't know if that means I'm doing a good job at keeping thieves away, or a bad job of noticing when pickpockets are lurking about and taking things. But the shop owner is happy so far and I guess no inventory has gone missing yet.

Anyway, I have more work to do, and my class studies are becoming even more intense. I'll write again soon!


400.076.02 (response)


Thank you for your service to Blunts, Bows and Beyond. The shop floors have never been cleaner and the numbers of missing items seem to be down. Please be ever vigilant and keep your eyes and ears open for a certain lady that waits until the guards are looking away and runs off in a hurry, supposedly to the bank.

Before you jump to any conclusions, this lady is not my friend, Mirackles the Prydaen empath, but instead is a taller Prydaen lady. It seems she has an appetite for small shiny gems and such so this is where she will most likely strike next.

Ah fear that if word to get out about how thieves are making off with merchandise, more skilled and dastardly felons will begin to ply their trade at my expense. This will of course lead to the involvement of mah senior partner and broken windowns and blood on the display cases which is a mess to clean up. So let us get this case solved as quickly as possible.

Rhas, Proprietor
Blunts, Bows and Beyond


Happy Welkining and whatnot!

People are in a really giving mood lately, which thankfully means more work for me! Cormyn has me looking for more missing goods that were lost during deliveries, Mags keeps asking for more wild corn, and I have a package I need to deliver for Faih! I keep asking around to find out where I could reach that one, but it's been harder than expected so far. But the pay is good and I have to make that delivery, so hopefully it will be done soon!

I got this amazing sword as a gift from Tyrael, and even though it's really hard to swing it really makes those musk hogs regret trying to eat me!

Enclosed is a bit more money and a special gift. I guess you could say came from that job you told me about!



Hello yet again!

Even though the general day of Welkining passed, people still felt like embracing the spirit of the day well after it was over. Even though I don't like leaving Zoluren all that much, taking gift delivery jobs from Shard to Musipar'i made it worthwhile.

In non-gift delivery related news, Cormyn and Mags both thanked me for doing a collective 100 jobs for them recently! Cormyn wasn't too glad that majority of the jobs were from Mags, but he still seemed happy to have me around to help find missing items for his clients.

I guess all this rainy weather really got to you, since your last response was so short. Hopefully you're not coming down with something! But I'll take your advice and visit your friend more often now that the Welkin-stuff has passed. I just hope Cormyn and Mags don't get jealous since they have to compete for my attention, now!



Hello everyone!

If you're wondering why this letter took longer to get delivered, it's because I am out in Qi for now! I know it's not like me to shirk from my duties, but I had one delivery that I got too nervous waiting around to complete, and I needed some time away from Cormyn and Mags and everyone.

I found a nice pub owned by this guy named Kygar (or at least that's what this person Rog said!) where I've been sitting around and relaxing between hunting in this nearby sea cave. It's so nice to do some treasure hunting for myself and not for a client!

I guess what's been bothering me is that I'm supposed to make a delivery to a rather dangerous individual, and it might even get me in trouble. I mean, the package isn't anything all that helpful for bad things, but I don't know. Why would someone give someone like that a Welkin present? Why would someone like that want a Welkin present? It's all so weird. Maybe the person isn't really what he claims to be, because the whole thing sounds so foolish.

Maybe I'll end up running into my target on the Islands, anyway. When I had a Moon Mage try to locate him, he was out here anyway. Who knows.

For now, treasure hunting and relaxing near a beach and hanging out in a pub with two cats.



Hi everyone at home!

Sorry that I took so long to write. I had a rather big scare after that last letter I sent out, but the delivery was completed and yet another Welkin recipient most likely smiled! I say most likely because I didn't really stick around for her to open the package. It just didn't seem like a good idea: she was a bit odd and made me uncomfortable. And the person wanted to give her soap so she got clean, too! I'm sure there was some message or joke in there, but I didn't bother trying to figure it out.

Anyway, after that job I went back to Ratha, and even explored in Aesry a bit, hunting blood wolves! I brought the pelts back over to Riverhaven to try my luck at forging, and it seemed fun. I liked mixing everything: like I was a real mastersmith!

So now I'm taking a short stop back in Crossing to with this Dwarf that lives by the Cleric's guild to learn how to be more disciplined, and who knows what I'll be doing next! I think I'll take a trip back down to Shard. Who knows! I feel like things are really working out great for me, and I'm really finding my place in life. I'm becoming a great hunter, and I'm really starting to feel my way around the entire world, not just Crossing.

I'm really glad you gave me the chance to explore the world and learn about things on my own. I hope I'm making you proud.

Anyway, attached is a bit more coin. Maybe I'll write from a whole new city next time!


PS: Oh! And my 27th birthday was a few days ago, and I was enjoying my trips so much I totally forgot! See how much fun I'm having?


Wow, it's been over forty days since my last letter? I haven't heard from you since then, but I barely know where the time has passed.

I've been training and working, I guess, but it feels like just a few days passed since my last letter. Maybe all that work is finally getting to me, and I'm just going through the motions at this point. One day I'm in Crossing visiting friends, and it seems like the next thing I remember is fighting a snowbeast near Shard.

Maybe I was hit on the head too hard somewhere. I'm sure it's nothing!

I'm sorry for the rather boring letter, but since so much time passing just sprung up on me, I felt I really should write something before I zone out and end up missing another few weeks!

I hope you're all doing well still.



Hello everyone! I hope fall is treating everyone at home well.

If you think the weather can get crazy at home, let me tell you what happened in Qi recently!

Ratha and a few nearby islands were hit by a HUGE bout of terrible weather! I was in Shard when it started, but I had to head up there because I was so concerned. Remember those cats I mentioned that lived in Kygar's Pub? I couldn't stand knowing they might get blown away, so I went to check to see if they were okay. Turns out they barely noticed what was going on, and instead just wanted me to pet them for a good deal of time.

Eventually the weather died down and me and a few others who also showed up at the Pub started walking around to make sure that no ships got blown into any buildings or if the sand sprites decided that now was a good time to revolt, but nothing like that happened. We did run into a very nervous merchant who said his business partner may have been shipwrecked over at an island called Hara'jaal. We went on his ship, the Dawn Trader, and went to help find his partner.

After a few nervous moments in a very choppy sea (I guess Drogor wasn't in that bad of a mood!), we made it to shore. The wind kept blowing pretty badly and knocking over Tyrael, so I'm kind of glad I was at a safe distance from him at the time or else I would have been flatted.

We took a moongate from the shore into the town they have out there and asked around for the missing lady, but no one knew anything. Then, Damian (the Moon Mage who gated us into town) was able to sense where she was passed out and took us there. Finally closing in on saving her, we were ambushed by these huge crab things! I knew to stay out of trouble, so I just hid in the back while everyone else beat them up.

We then finally reached her wrecked boat and found her lying in the mud. She was okay, but right when we checked on her these snot goop moster things ambushed us! Once again, I stuck to the plan of staying in the back while everyone else did what they're much better at doing in comparison to me. It went without a hitch and no one got hurt at all SO SEE NO REASON TO EVER WORRY. I know you can be concerned at times when I'm around all that magic and blades and stuff, but these people just never have any kind of accidents where they hit each other like that so you don't need to panic about this stuff like I know you sometimes do.

Anyway, we then made our way back to Ratha with our recently rescued new friend, and after a bit of time hanging out with the kittens once again I went back to Shard. I've been getting better and better with this sword that Tyrael made for me, and these zombie and skeleton kobolds in the area are definitely upset about it. Where do they get all the spears they keep throwing?

I hope you're all doing well, because I'm still having a nice time exploring outside of Crossing like you suggested. Getting stronger by the day, even! Hope to hear from you soon.



Hello again.

I had the oddest last few days. First, I ran into someone who said they met me, but I absolutely didn't remember him. Apparently I met him on a ferry and pretty much kept to myself. Maybe I was just really exhausted from traveling so much. I need to eventually take a day off!

The bigger thing that happened lately was this odd dream I had. I was in a desert with some friends, and I think there must have been a Ranger with us too because a really large coyote was traveling with us too. The coyote made me really nervous, but I think it was just because he was so big. All I know is that I really want to stay away from large animals in the desert now for a bit, so maybe I'll just focus on cleaning up that graveyard near Leth some more. These worms are ridiculous, and the wolves that prowl here aren't much more pleasant, either.

And, well, that's what I've been up to. Minor bouts of memory loss and crazy dreams! Hopefully things have been a bit happier for you!



It's been forever, hasn't it!

Things have been going well, as always. Or at least more often than not! Of course, talking about how I beat up a bunch of vipers and crocodiles doesn't make for a good letter, so I'll focus on the interesting things that happened lately.

A few weeks ago, some giant creatures attacked the northeast gate, and a Paladin I know shouted out that maybe hitting them with a boulder from the catapult might work. So I and two others went north to try and fire it, but apparently I really can't hit the broad side of a massive war mammoth because it flew right over that thing's head and crashed into the ground, almost really hurting some friends of mine! I was advised that I should stick to trying a different way to be helpful, so that plan seems to have went a bit badly. But otherwise it wasn't that bad of a fight!

It turns out that the reason they all attacked was because a big cave is being dug up in Dirge, and it upset some local beasts. I don't know what's going to be in that thing, but it better not cause even more of those things to attack. Clearly the catapults just don't work against them so we need to think up better defenses!


A few days later, I was minding my own business at a bar, and suddenly this really large oaf of a Dwarf crashes right into me and takes my seat! I mean I know I'm really small, but not that tiny! Geez! The worst part is that no one even bothered telling him what a huge jerk he was being! So then I take another seat and fume a bit about how rude people can be sometimes, and finally the barkeep notices me. I was just about to say something when he loudly declares at no one I could see "THAT'S NOT A FUNNY JOKE!" and stomps off.

I swear, maybe the beer was just a bad brew that day.

Oh! And someone recently actually asked me if I was a Paladin of all things! I swear, I must really be staying fit and keeping my armor in good condition these days to get a compliment like that. So, see, your daughter is being confused for a Paladin. Pretty sweet, huh?

Anyway, I'm just writing this while opening some treasure boxes, and now I'm almost done with these work. So I'll take that as a reason to end my letter and get back to doing other things.

Hope everyone is doing well!



Long time, no write, yet again!

It's not that nothing interesting has happened as of late; it's more that all the interesting things that go on have continued going on, so I would feel a bit silly writing a letter that went "killed a bunch of really dangerous beasts again!" and "did some work for some guy!"

I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you guys, though. Is everyone still doing well?

I guess if I had to write about anything that was a first experience of mine, it was meeting some of the guild leaders outside of their normal work roles. Two or three of them and this visiting friend of theirs went to the local art gallery's bar sorta recently, just to talk about what's been new with them.

Other than getting drunk (it's like finding out your grade-school instructors had outside lives!), they discussed a few rumors. They said a few merchants were mapping out shipments to the fairgrounds in Therengia, so that sounds like something fun might be on the horizon. Also, some young Bards (Bardlings?) were talking about Adan'f problems down south, but nothing solid really came from it yet. I'm hoping the former is true, but the latter really worries me and I'm hoping that's just local rumor and nothing more.

Anyway, that's all from me. You should really save up if those merchants really are planning something up there!



A goblin war!

We don't know what happened with the goblins out the west gate, but some braver-than-normal goblins decided to form a war party and block all movement between Crossings and Tiger Clan for the last few days. Some of them wore suits of armor with eyes painted on them, but I have no idea what that meant.

I tried fighting them myself, but I wasn't that helpful against most of them. I think I mentioned them before, but Paladin Tyrael took a group of young Paladins and charged against the edges of the massive goblin army, and whenever a group of goblins split away from the main division, a Moon Mage named Damian would suck them into this rippling... something. When I asked where the goblins were being sent, he said it was a a grey-colored place and spoke of it as if that should be enough to know the goblins were properly taken care of..

Before that part of the fight, I was helping an Empath named Ysilke battle the goblin forces and she mentioned that I helped her cast a spell! I'm not sure how. Maybe I was just inspirational? I did feel a bit drained (maybe just exhausted?) when she cast, so maybe that's some Empathy thing. It does seem odd that it would have helped us fight if it made us so tired, though.

Otherwise, everything has been okay! Only 11 days before my birthday! Part of me feels I should head back home to say hi, but I don't want to impose myself on you now that you're free of me.

Hope everything is well!



Just quickly writing to you. Is everything okay? I had a rather upsetting experience a few days ago and now I'm worried about everyone at home.

Are there any kind of secrets I should know? Someone, or someones -- I don't know who -- said they know something important about me. They also said that they hope I figure out who I am before I end up hurting myself, because they see potential in me. It's all nonsense to me, but if there is something about me they're after I'm scared that they'll come to you or something.

So is everything okay with everyone at home? Nothing strange to report back?

Sorry for such a concerning letter. I did tell Tyrael about the incident shortly after it happened, and if I am ever in any real danger I can always reach him for help, so don't worry about me. But I don't think you guys have a Paladin around incase anything happens.



Things have gotten worse.

I don't know what's going on anymore, but they're after me even more now. I still don't know what they are, though.

People are starting to tell me things about me that I didn't even know myself. I'm somehow linked to Life energy, but I have no idea how. They tell me that they'll still be my friend no matter what, but I think they're really worried. I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe I need to just disappear after this next delivery, but I don't think that would fix anything, either.

Just can't figure out what I should do. I have to take a trip to Aesry to deliver something rather important to some friend of a friend. I can't use any form of magical transportation in the process because it may alert the wrong people and send them after me, but I'm worried that will hurt everyone just as much.

I don't know what to do anymore, and I think those voices will try and take advantage of that.

Is there anything I should know?

I don't know what I should do. I have to go.



Hi everyone back home!

I hope everything is still calm where you are. I haven't been harassed by those voices that were picking on me for quite awhile, which is good considering the job I have to do in the next few days. I don't want anything trying to get in my way.

No real progress on whatever Life energy was clinging to me, either. It's still there, but doing nothing. It's really odd, though. The more I think about having that kind of energy in me, the more I feel like I'm aware of it. It sounds so stupid.

You know how, when you have a bug land on your shoulder, you might not know it's there until someone tells you, and then suddenly it's like you're unable to do anything but notice its presence and feel every detail of that bug as it crawls along your body?

But I still don't really, I don't know, feel it. But it's weird. When I try to think about that energy which is all around me, nothing happens for a really long time but eventually I just... I don't know. Like I would think that someone spilled some dirty mop water behind me at a bar or some lamp oil was pooling near by nightstand or some clouds were blocking on the sun right outside of where I'm looking. But once I went to look each time, it wasn't like there was anything there.

This sounds so stupid. I figured maybe that feeling sunlight and water or oil or whatever was just what someone would feel if they're connected to... I don't know, Life?

I asked a Ranger what it's like to see Life energy and I was just told that if I could see something like it, it would be a greenish-blue or something. I feel like I should really ask a Ranger I know about this stuff since that Ranger I did ask just seemed annoyed at me wasting his time, but I'm still really too nervous to talk about this to most people.

Of course, I say I'd rather not think about that stuff, but here I am writing a whole damn letter about it.



They're back and they've convinced an entire city that I'm terrible this time. I don't understand. I helped so many of them, and now they looked at me like I was some kind of monster.

I didn't know what to do after that trial ended, so I ran south. I just needed to get away. I feel so ashamed and dirty and hurt.

I kept running until I reached to pray at the Monastery near Vela'Thor, where I finally heard her again. That soft voice I missed so much. Nahida told me I just had to pray and believe again, or else I would be lost forever, so I can't not believe that voice was anyone but Albreda. The way it was so soothing, so kind, so soft. And now I know what I have to do.

I'll bring the package to Aesry once the sun starts going down. I don't want to wait by the docks during the afternoon, when I'm writing this. I want some amount of darkness since... I don't know. Maybe they weren't even my friends, but instead tricks from those damned voices. I don't know what to make out as real or fake anymore.

But, that's what she wants me to do. Go to Aesry and be protected, and it's where my friend wanted me to go as well. I just need to get on the Lybadel and take the objects there. That will fix everything.

It's going to fix everything.



I took a friend's ship to Aesry to make the delivery, but was attacked along the way by someone named Divult. I wasn't badly injured, but he tried to teach me something during the robbery (which was odd itself!), and I think it was magic. It was very confusing, like he wanted to take the package I was delivering but was also very interested in me as well, beyond just the delivery stuff.

I think he was interested in me over that magic stuff because he was as surprised as I was when I could understand what he was trying to do before he actually did it (he was thinking about how to make the sky muddy... I think). I don't know why I would know about mud or anything like that, but it reminded me of how I would sometimes see dark shapes out the corner of my eye when trying to relax and calm down from whatever stress I would be experiencing at the time.

He said he knew the voices, but they didn't seem like they were really his friends, either. He seemed proud that he was able to outsmart them, or something, and mentioned that he now knew something that they didn't.

After he left, Tyrael came to take me back to the mainland to speak with Ryken (the guy who wanted me to make a delivery in the first place). I still had the container the package was in, and Ryken said everything was still safe inside it. I know he was lying, because it felt so much lighter than it originally was, but he was just trying to be kind and not upset me.

I don't know what to make of all this anymore. Why did I understand what Divult's magic was trying to do before he did it? I really hate not knowing so much about myself and letting down so many of my friends because of it.

I'm just glad I'm able to write this as calmly as I am now. The worst part of all of this is that every minor problem keeps turning me into a sobbing mess these days. I don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm so terrible at handling problems now. I need to become more disciplined and mature, or else I'll fail everyone.



Hi again!

It's been a long time; I know!

I decided that I needed a break from doing busywork for Mags and Cormyn in Crossing, so I'm now working for a Master Forger named Fereldrin up in Riverhaven. I still love living around Crossing, though, so I keep going back to feed my birds every so often.

Fereldrin is nice. He appreciates that I puts lots of effort into my crafts, but he does seem to get annoyed that I'm always using a platinum alloy mix that I created. He said that he doesn't even know where to ship all the stuff, so he's paying me less! It makes me wonder if I should take a short break and move onto hunting, but I really do like using tools and making small pretty things.

Making stuff isn't without its dangers, though. A few weeks ago I was caught under a rockslide while mining, and even though I felt like I died I was able to get right back up! I think I was able to get back up just like that because Albreda was watching me after all. I felt her eyes on me, and all of her friends! They seemed concerned that I died, and they wanted me to know that they really do care about me and want me to stay in their favor. I'm glad that Albreda reminded me I was important to her after all this time.

Oh, and there was an auction at a festival and I won some great tools to help me forge with! The festival itself was great. I got to help people with shopping, and a met this nice lady who used to date Tyrael, and there were all these bugs that needed to be captured, and a really nice ferris wheel ride.

I still keep thinking about that whole "waking up" thing and how I have Life magic on me or in me or something, but I haven't let it get to me really. It was weird, though. Remember how I said that if I ever just stayed in my thoughts and let my mind relax, I'd sometimes feel like I noticed something oily or shadowy or other silly things near me, but when I'd go look they weren't there? Now sometimes when I see someone concentrating I notice something weird about that, too. Like, one time Ryken said he was going to make it easier for me to carry things, and then I suddenly got this idea of a series of hands propping someone up coming from him. It was like when that Divult guy asked me to think about what he was doing, and I imagined muddy skies and stuff like that.

I keep wanting to bring it up with Lelenne, but I don't want to make her worry about me. Everyone's been much happier lately (except Nahida-I think she's still upset at me for dumb reasons), and I don't want to bring up bad times. Plus, what's so bad about seeing stupid stuff like lots of hands and so on? It's like I'm a Moon Mage and getting visions or something fun like that!



Happy New Year!

It's been a few days since the new year, and it completely skipped my mind to write and just let you know how I've been doing.

I've stopped doing work for Cormyn and Mags, at least for now. I'll miss doing all those odd jobs, but I've gotten too experienced to just go out and look for missing dolls in the street or gathering firewood. Especially since now I can get rid of those troublemaking thugs in the Crossing sewers to make sure no one in the streets gets robbed at night, and making tools and jewelry for Fereldrin up in Riverhaven. It just pays better to do those other things, and I do like being able to make money. Fereldrin says I'm a real professional at making stuff, and he has high hopes for me!

Forging has been a nice distraction for me from having to focus on feeling so alone lately. I've been kinda avoiding a lot of my friends, just because I don't want them to be hurt by whatever is coming after me. Those voices haven't come after me for awhile, but I know they'll be back someday. I don't want them hurt, and I would rather they think I'm just a bad friend than have those voices continue trying to convince them that I'm much worse than just a bad friend. I think they would take my side and all, and not trust those voices... but I think some of them are actually believing what those terrible voices say, and I don't think I could handle even more of them doing that.

Maybe that's what they meant by looking forward to me waking up. Maybe they just want me to realize that I'm meant to be alone, and they'd do anything they could to make sure I understood that. I don't know why they think I'm so destined for being lonely, though. And why would it even be such a big deal? I doubt I'd be the first person to feel alone in a city as big as Crossing.

But, a friend of mine, Lelenne, did speak to me today to check to make sure I'm okay, and to invite me to visit her and some friends in Shard. I don't know if I should go or not, but at least it's good to know that they still think about me, even when I'm trying to keep distant from them so they can be safe. She said that our friends would always protect me if I needed help, and I said "I know" and told her I appreciate it.

I appreciate her saying that, but it's not like I don't realize they sometimes help me when I'm hunting, anyway. Just before today I KNOW one of them protected me from a dusk ogre trying to sneak up on me while I was mining. The moment I noticed it trying to advance on me, it fell to the ground, cut to pieces, like someone really sneakily diced it up with some knives.

It's not the first time one it happened, and maybe they just didn't want me to think I was being watched or let me believe I really was roughing it out myself. I don't really ask about it, because then it might ruin whatever nice thing they're trying to do for me.

So, even though she said I could always go to Shard to see them, I know they're also sometimes up here with me trying to keep an eye on me so I don't get hurt. And I really do feel lucky, despite all the thoughts that I should just be alone.



Hi all!

Everything's been going nicely. I've been spending a lot of time in the forges, but okay the society still won't recognize me as more than just a professional blacksmith!

That said, while most forging work has been pretty boring (but profitable!), I had the oddest experience in the forges today. Fereldrin told me to make some lanterns, yet again, and as I was working in the forge the room got really dark. I thought I heard something behind me saying that things were coming soon, for a price. When I turned around, nothing was there! Maybe Fereldrin is using all these lanterns to fix the lighting problem here or something, and just wanted to say that I'd get my mark sooner or later, even though I'd have to pay for it.

He's a really odd guy, but I guess this is his way of showing approval.



Hello everyone back home!

I know I keep doing a terrible job at writing back home, but I guess I'm writing less and less often because things are becoming so commonplace! Like, would you really want to hear about how I had to fight off a horde of crevice worms almost all by myself, again in order to cause a problem with cave trolls to go away (Well, Tyrael and Damian were a lot of help, too)? I'm sure hearing all that stuff could get really tiresome!

Anyway, I was finally recognized by the Forging Society as a renowned blacksmith! They must really like all the flasks, chests, and armbands I've been making for them.

Let's see... what else was I up to... oh! I helped Tyrael, Damian, and some others capture some person who apparently worships Maelshyve. I know: I was just as surprised that people like that still exist, even in a city as modern as Crossing! He had Dragon Priests and these shadow creatures BOTH after him, because he apparently knows something really important. The Cleric Guildleader decided it was best to lock him away in their dungeons for safekeeping. I was asking Tyrael if we should try to learn what he knows, and Tyrael said that if lots of bad people are after him for the knowledge, having me learn about it would just put me at risk, too. It was a convincing argument to not even listen to something as dangerous as whatever that guy knew!

So other than random things like that happening time to time, I have been keeping out of trouble and having a rather pleasant (although sometimes boring!) time doing work at the forges and earning my keep. I've always loved summer because the birds always come out near where I live and it gives me a reason to fill all the feeders along the paths.

I hope everything is going well with you guys. Stay out of trouble!



It's been over a year since my last letter. I guess things stop being exciting and new as time goes on, but don't worry, I'm still working hard!

As of late, I've been doing blacksmithing work orders and hunting local animals around Shard in order to earn my keep. I only recently returned to Crossing to do some work for some fellow Gnomes! It turns out they had some machine that broke, and they needed to find a missing shipment of parts or something along those lines. All I know is that I had a great tip that thugs in the Crossing sewers may have had a bunch, and boy did they try to keep them away from me. Eventually, I also learned that another shipment was buried inside some coffins over in the crypts northeast of the town, and eventually ended up in the hands of some ghouls infesting the area. So I thumped a number of them there, as well.

All in all, things are just more... commonplace to me. I still don't understand whatever was being muttered about me so long ago by those voices, but they don't haunt me as much as they used to. I think it's because I'm almost 30 and, as I kept saying over and over, I really just need to grow up. I'm no longer the person I arrived here as. I'm getting stronger. The feeling that something dangerous is just out of my sight becomes less and less of a upsetting notion and has become more as thing I just deal with, like an itch I can't scratch or a splinter lodged under my skin.

I feel like I've somehow become more isolated and quiet, too, and I'm not sure why. It's like something just switched in my head and made me become so much more focused in becoming a better me. I don't know why or how, but it just happened. When I think about it, I feel a bit guilty and that I may have been betraying my friends by ignoring them and not being as helpful as a person as I used to be, but then I just feel this feeling of unease inside of me that I need to keep going toward something. I only wish I could fully understand what I keep working toward. Is it just that I want to be a better hero for hire, or whatever kind of work hunting beasts and thumping thugs is considered these days?

I don't know. This letter was such a jumble of thoughts, but I feel like something had to be said, or else you'd be concerned at how distant I've become.


It's been awhile! Again!

Almost a year and a half. Wow.

How are you all doing back home? Things that used to be rather exciting have now just stopped being stuff that's worth writing home too, but I'm still doing all the fun stuff I've always been doing!

A few months ago a bunch of us found a new village south of Crossing called Fang Cove. It's so far out of the way you have to take this big hairy sea mammoth creature OR sail there yourself in a boat! Tyrael let me sail his boat around there so I could visit the place more often. It's a very nice, calm place, and such a massive change from Crossing! It reminds me of home, where everyone knows each other and helps out.

I stayed out there so long that when I came back to do forging work for Yalda, she said the society reduced my rank! So now I have to be more careful about making sure they don't forget how awesome of a blacksmith I am.

There were also a group of these huge guys called the Elpalzi that wanted to start some fights with Crossing. One of their friends was killed in Kaerna a few weeks before I saw them trying to storm the Northeast Gate, but I don't know if that's the reason why they're attacking or was just the first one to die during a smaller initial strike or something. I hope whatever they're planning doesn't visit you guys!

I keep worrying that I'm getting too obsessed with my work. It's like all I do all day is forge or hunt for treasure. Maybe I should try to visit friends more often, but I keep feeling like I'm being pushed toward some goal I don't see just yet. At least all this work is making me a lot of money!



Dear Jurgis,

Hello! I hope this letter reaches you from Serric; I have no idea how to get in touch with a forger like yourself, but I hoped that someone running a Forging Society shop would.

I am writing in relation to the metal that you showed during your visit to the spider during that rather odd festival a few years ago.

You showed me a metal called silversteel, and explained that only a few select people know the formula, let alone know how to make it properly. Well, I have bad news: only half of that might still be true. A couple days ago in Crossing a ruffian on the run from some rock guardians had a bar of very poorly made silversteel on him. An associate of his later came by asking for the metal, claiming that they figured out how to make it (and it somehow involved rock guardians... I have no idea how). We didn't return the metal to him, which made him mighty upset.

I felt that it would be appropriate to alert you that someone is trying, although very badly, at creating the silversteel formula and that they may be associate with some rather unpleasant individuals. I can't imagine you or anyone in your group wanting these people to get their hands on the secret of your metal, let alone spreading around a very poor quality version claiming it is the real thing.

I passed the bar of metal off to a friend of mine, Tyrael, who would be MUCH better that protecting the evidence than I would. Once we hear from you and you instruct us on how to get the metal to properly reach you for your analysis, we can help get it to you.



Hi again, everyone back home!

Today was one of the more stressful days I've had in awhile.

There seem to be a string of murders happening in Zoluren, where the killer covers something owned by the person in paint. Hopefully that happens after they're killed, because now that word about it is spreading, the idea of finding something you own covered in paint would probably be an incredibly dreadful feeling.

I was talking with this guy I met in Fang Cove recently named Harpiano about how he found a dying gnome with some painted tubes a few nights ago, and we were alerted about Yalda being threatened by some Olvi. Now, I do lots of work for Yalda still, so I didn't want her hurt, so I left Harpiano behind and rushed right over to see her. I ran into Bralnth and Arechis there, since they were just as concerned about Yalda. It turned out someone wanted to buy her entire forge for a week, no questions asked. Well, Yalda refused and they came at her with knives! As we were talking to her, wondering where the guards were, a town minstrel came by to check on Yalda and let us know that the guards are swarming the Middens right now because a child was just killed. The color drained from poor Yalda's face then, because they threatened to start killing kids if she didn't do what they said and she thought they were just trying to scare her, not actually sincere.

We then rushed out the east gate, and there was this tiny body covered in a bloody cloth. We were instructed to fan out and find any signs that could help the town guard catch this lunatic, and we came across a paint-covered doll, a bloody knife, and a carving knife that didn't appear to be used yet (thankfully!). After a brief pit stop to make sure Yalda was still safe, we then went to the main Guard House and turned in what we found.

Harpiano joined us around that time, and tried to tell the guards he was head inquisitor to find this crazy guy named Bolrock, but it didn't seem like the guard cared all that much. I'm hoping that this Bolrock lunatic isn't connected to the killings, because Harpiano was telling me that the guy seemed to have put himself back together after being completed eradicated and banished and all this other stuff! I'd rather find an angry Halfling that we can just toss in jail that is nice and non-terrifying.

After all that, we went our separate ways and I checked to see if Riverhaven's forge was still safe. While doing that, someone used some kind of magic on me and then asked if I knew where a missing child was. It seems there was some confusion at some point about what was going on in the city. When I explained that the kid was actually dead, they started yelling at me for not getting a Cleric (I guess Harpiano didn't count? - oh, right, by the way Harpiano is a Cleric!) and saying Yalda didn't even know ANYTHING about the murder! It's possible this person was just a drunk lunatic, since I doubt that Yalda would ever forget being ambushed by Olvi assassins that then killed a kid to send her a message.

I'm hoping that we can find this painting killer soon, because I don't want this to become an even bigger string of murders. There might be more than two already as it is!



Hello all!

Remember that place I first thought was a brand new island, Fang Cove? Well, I've been staying there more often than not lately, mining for metals and shipping them back to Crossing for processing. And others are now starting to become more attracted to the area, too!

Just yesterday, this very famous Elven craftsman, Uwresari, came by in order to just check the area out. He must be one of those Mountain Elves, because the sea air was practically killing him. He wouldn't stop coughing and wincing, and insisted it wasn't because he was sick or anything. I did tell him about how it might be a good idea to speak to the Estate Council about helping invest in the Cove, but I also suggested he find someone else to visit for him next time.

But, as a place gets more popular of course trouble shows up, too! This ship called the Dawnsinger is currently docked at the... well dock, and it's full of pirates that must be plotting something terrible. I thumped a few of their heads so hopefully they realize that Fang Cove isn't the type of place they'd want to cause trouble in.

This other person, Yhur, also showed up! He looked pretty fancy, but was also a bit of a jerk! He wanted to attack Fang Cove and get their riches, but I convinced him to instead try to get treasure deeper in the island and leave the town itself alone. I think that could eventually become a problem if the Estate Council ends up wanting those treasures too (and I'm sure they will!), but for now the important thing is keeping Fang Cove safe. Without the town itself safe, there won't be much of a way to get those treasures, anyway!

But, still, I guess this means more people are realizing Fang Cove is around, so hopefully it'll mean the Estate Council will want to put more resources toward their investment!

Stay safe at home. I know there's a bigger problem coming with those terrible Xala'shar cultists, and I don't want anything to happen to you guys back home.



I have a pile of letters I've been meaning to send you, but for now I want to tell you that the dream I keep having became even more vivid tonight.

It starts off being the same dream as always: I'm helping that kind priest with his chores. He watches me gather berries for his wine, watching me intently all the while. In the shadows I see Lelenne, watching me, just like she normally does the last few years I've been hunting for treasure. Like when we're hunting for real, she's getting much better at doing what she does, because now the priest is being continually surprised when Lelenne ends up tossing a few berries into the basket. But, instead of looking for Lelenne, he's stares at me more, as if I'm going to just wink at Lelenne or something to give him a clue where she's hiding.

Time passes, and he starts getting frustrated, then starts to worry. I start getting a bit upset myself when he begins to panic, which only making him more tense. Lelenne's been as protective of me as Tyrael lately, so she begins hacking berries off the bushes faster and faster, I guess to tell him to back off or something, but that only causes him to yell out in alarm. Other priests start running toward us looking incredibly nervous about what is going on, and suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. At that point, Lelenne stops like she always does, because she knows that he'd never hurt me, plus his presence makes the rest of them calm down, too. It's their leader again.

He gives me more coins than usual, and tells me I have become quiet good at my job. But, he's worried that I don't know how good of a job I actually did this time. He tells me to walk with him, and during out walk he calmly explains that not everyone knows how good they are at what they do at times. He tells me that he knows I've been scared of a friend of his, but he really does have my best interests at heart. They both just want me to be as prepared as I can be before I wake up. I keep telling him I am awake, and he just smiles and puts his hand on my shoulder again, nodding. Not yet, he tells me, but I should enjoy my time asleep as much as I can, because once I wake up I won't be able to live the life I do right now. He then hugs me, sending me on my way back home.

Then I do actually wake up from the dream, where I'm in my cottage bed all along, even though I feel as exhausted as I would have been if I really was doing all those chores. I open my window and when I look outside I just see a giant stringy rope of that oil again just... there. Out in the open. I was so used to it hiding right outside the reach of my vision that I practically forgot about it. And now, there it is. Just like that.

It's weird. All this time I kept trying to ignore it because I was so scared about what it could be, but now it's just sitting there, out in the open, and I don't care that much at all. I might as well just go, hey, oil rope thing, how are you. And, when I think that, I almost feel like it acknowledges me, saying hello back. And, there we go. Not scared. Friends! With... a rope. It's just there, and I'm okay with it.

Well, off to the forge!


It's been awhile!

I took a break from adventuring, crafting, and the like, just to get my head together after all these odd experiences, and it was making me feel much better as of late!

Of course, maybe my decision to start back up isn't the best idea just yet, either, since I just had the oddest dream when resting in Fang Cove.

I was sitting on a farm cart with two humans (one woman, one man), an elf, and a prydean, for a discussion about trees. The prydean did most of the talking, but the human woman kept mimicing what the prydean said, while the man tried to keep egging the prydean on to talk even MORE about trees, for whatever reason (they're TREES, people, geez!). The elf just politely smiled and nodded like I did during the whole thing.

Anyway, the joke and the prying didn't seem to bother the prydean all that much, because he keeps talking about his botanical stuff. There were other things to worry about, anyway, because the cart was suddenly upset and we had to walk to a new one! I gave the prydean a flat orange (it's a dream, who am I to question the dimensions of fruit) while we waited, and then we boarded the next cart. The prydean started to believe the driver at the new one needed to be yelled at, because we're about to go fishing and if this guy screws up as well it'll be the death of us, but the woman who kept copying him said there's no reason to be angry because we're about to see some beautiful purple fish so get over it and relax. So, we did.

Anyway, we get to their farm and start talking about fish, plants, and other things. Suddenly, the prydean starts screaming at me about something or other and starts clawing into at my stomach! As I feel myself about to die in the dream, I woke a sweat, somehow in the swamps north of Dirge, surrounded by a few former crocodiles.

Who knows what the heck THAT ending was all about, because otherwise it was a rather pleasant experience. Maybe going to sleep on a full stomach after killing some yellow gremlins isn't the best thing to do.




I swear I'm never getting enough sleep lately, because I feel like I'm just losing days of the week and remembering accepting jobs that I don't remember taking to begin with!

Anyway, last month I was hired by this nice elderly Gnomish man who heard through the grapevine that Morpion may have found something that he lost a long time ago. I think. So I met with him and he did find a treasure recently!

A few days later, I did find Morpion out on Fang Cove. He did find something recently, and was pleased to learn that someone actually cared about it! It really was just a small trinket, and didn't appear to have any value except sentimental for the Gnome guy. I packed it up in a box, like I was told, I think?, and went back to my other tasks until I was going to be called, somehow?

I don't know why I have all these holes in my memory, where I know what I need to do but don't remember when I was told to do them, or by who. I really must be overexerting myself at this point. I definitely need a vacation.

Anyway, I don't know what happened this morning because everything seems to have gone wrong. One moment I was minding my own business, tending to my birds, and suddenly I wake up, half the day gone, in a gambling hall! Some guy was laughing at me, saying I stumbled in there and made a complete fool of myself, and then I realize I also lost the trinket! I think someone stole it from me!

Not only do I have to now tell the person who hired me that I wasn't able to return his treasure like I promised, but I have to to back to Morpion and... tell him thank you and that he'll be visited for reward for a job well done?

What th