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The Task System is a method of earning coins through performing tasks for NPCs, though the system may later be expanded to reward experience, favors, items, titles, Roleplaying Awards, or more. The system was released in July 2007, created largely by GameMaster Obseden.

The process is begun by ASK <person> FOR TASK. Depending on the person, you may receive a variety of tasks. You may choose to ACCEPT or DECLINE the task, but there is a 10 minute waiting period before you can ask again. Once the task has been accepted, you may also abandon it with ASK <person> FOR TASK CANCEL, but the same cooldown period also applies.

Task Types


The task giver will name a boss-variant of some commonly hunted creature. For example, Ijna the wind hound. They will also tell you a hunting area. You need to go to that area and kill that sort of critter; eventually the boss will spawn, and you'll need to kill that to complete the task.


Usually only given by special NPCs during festivals, this task involves making a certain number of crafted items. In return, the payment is in festival tickets, gems, coins, and possibly rare crafting materials.

The items in question must be of high quality and made by the person turning them in.


This task involves taking an item from one person and delivering to another. The recipient may either be close by or in another province entirely.

If you're having trouble giving the item to the recipient, make sure you're using the syntax "give <item> to <person>".


This task involves foraging up the requested item and delivering it back to the task giver. The items requested can be any of the items a player can forage within the game (see: Foraging Compendium).

Item Recovery

This task involves finding an item for the task giver. The task giver will name a location and a sort of creatures, and you must kill that creature at that location until eventually one of them drops the desired item as it dies.

If you're having trouble returning the item to the task giver, make sure you're using the syntax "give <item> to <person>".


The task giver gives a creature and a location, and a certain number which must be killed.

Once they are killed, return to the original task giver for reward.


This task involves finding an item for the task giver. This may involve going to a certain area, and KNEELing and then SEARCHing. Usually this version has an area in which it may be found, and it may take a great many searches to find. When you search, you should see you search for a bit, but do not find the item you are looking for. If you instead see you don't find anything of interest here, it means you're in the wrong area.

If you're having trouble returning the item to the task giver, make sure you're using the syntax "give <item> to <person>".


The task giver will ask for a skin from a particular type of creature, which must be brought to them.

Task Givers

Most of the following list was posted by GameMaster Obseden in the Simutronics Forums 8/5/2007. All delivery tasks will be to other task givers, which can identify new undocumented task givers.

Skinning and foraging tasks also teach Trading skill to Traders.

Task Giver Location Task Types
Cormyn The Crossing, Cormyn's House of Heirlooms delivery, searching, item recovery
An old blind beggar The Crossing, wandering the streets kill, delivery, item recovery, skinning, searching
a street urchin The Crossing, Town Green Southwest kill, delivery, searching
firewood peddler Mags The Crossing, bazaar foraging
Amfitro The Crossing, Viper's Nest Inn delivery, foraging, searching
a barkeep The Crossing, Sand Spit Tavern delivery, foraging, skinning, searching
wandering minstrel The Crossing, wandering the streets delivery, foraging, searching
Guildmaster Gauthus The Crossing, Warrior Mage Guild delivery
Guildleader Salvur Siksa The Crossing, Empath Guild foraging
Guildleader Kalika The Crossing, Ranger Guild delivery
Guildleader Silvyrfrost The Crossing, Bard Guild delivery
Guildleader Kssarh The Crossing, Moon Mage Guild delivery
Guildleader Agonar The Crossing, Barbarian Guild kill, delivery
Guildleader Esuin The Crossing, Cleric Guild delivery
Guildleader Ansprahv The Crossing, Trader Guild delivery
Guildleader Verika The Crossing, Paladin Guild delivery
Kalag the Black Zoluren, Thief Guild delivery
Secretary Melger Crossing, Carousel Desk forage, searching
Tiger Clan trade minister Tiger Clan, Trader's Guild Outpost forage, skinning
Stone Clan trade minister Stone Clan, Trader's Guild Outpost forage, skinning
Dirge trade minister Dirge, Darkstone Inn forage, skinning
Leth Deriel trade minister Leth Deriel, Eshar's Trading Post forage, skinning
Wolf Clan trade minister Wolf Clan, Trader Outpost kill, forage, skinning
Daralaendra Riverhaven, Warehouse Office skinning, item recovery, delivery, searching
old Maisie Riverhaven, wandering the streets delivery, foraging, searching
Halfling sailor Riverhaven, wandering the streets delivery, searching
Anthelorm Riverhaven, gem shop boss
Fara Riverhaven, Fara's Furs kill, boss, delivery, item recovery, searching, skinning
Ioun Riverhaven, Ioun's Pawn delivery, item recovery, searching
Guildleader Mo Riverhaven, Barbarian Guild kill, delivery
Guildleader Jelna Sarik Riverhaven, Cleric Guild delivery
Guildleader Nebela Mentrade Riverhaven, Empath Guild delivery, foraging, searching
Representative Remen Riverhaven, Paladin Guild delivery
Journeywoman Ievia Riverhaven, Ranger Guild delivery
Guildleader Willowbrook Riverhaven, Trader Guild delivery
Guildmistress Karazhil Riverhaven, Warrior Mage Guild delivery
Fade Throne City unknown
Saeru Throne City unknown
Guildleader Crow Therengia, Thief Guild delivery
Pawnmonger Aelik Shard, Aelik's Pawn delivery, searching
Bored-looking clerk Shard, Derleth's Teahouse delivery, foraging, searching
Flower peddler Shard delivery, foraging
Juggler Shard delivery, foraging, searching, skinning
Ishh Aesry delivery, searching
Peg-legged sailor Ratha skinning, delivery, searching
Kretsky Ratha skinning, delivery, searching
Raif Ratha, First Tier delivery, hunting, item recovery, searching
Chabalu Ratha, Chabalu's Exotics item recovery, delivery, searching
Paedraig Ratha, Paedraig's Pawn item recovery, delivery, searching
proprietor Hara'Jaal, Driftwood Tavern, Bar skinning, delivery, kill, item recovery, foraging, searching
Dumi Sh'aar Hara'Jaal, Sh'aar's Trove delivery, searching, item recovery
Oweede Mer'Kresh delivery, searching, recovery
Haldram Hibarnhvidar, The Thirteenth Passage skinning, foraging, delivery, item recovery
Sephina Ain Ghazal, Sephina's Lockbane delivery, boss, item recovery, kill
an Estate Holder representative Fang Cove skinning

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