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Urwin Rippentropp
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


Urwin Rippentropp was a Human Empath, most notable for his role as an ambassador in the service of Baron Gyfford. He was a native citizen of Therengia, having been raised in Riverhaven among a Human family of common working stock. He spent most of his early career as an Empath in Riverhaven, healing indiscriminately at "the crate" and acting as an accessory to many of the pranks, gags, and crimes against the state conducted by several characters whose players posted frequently at the Smelly Cat forums. Through the Outcast War, he served unofficially as a young healer in Riverhaven.

Urwin died of natural causes in his late thirties - apparently from a heart attack brought on by his long-maintained state of extremely poor fitness - in 381 AV. As his death was natural, neither favors nor clerical assistance could bring him back.

He was characterized by a raucous and often tasteless sense of humor, an inordinate love of cheap beer, and a predisposition to trip over his own sentences, which were typically little more than strings of the longest and most impressive-sounding words he thought he could fit together.

He was atypical among guilded adventurers in Elanthia because he vocally shunned physical exertion. His forays into combat and survival training were extremely few, far between, and brief. He became rather pudgy as a result of this and his Halfling-like dietary habits, which his wife Azarii gleefully indulged.

He professed a great amount of nationalistic zeal for Therengia. His love of his homeland carried with it a certain disdain for most other realms. He especially detested Ilithi and most, if not all, of the islands of Qi'Reshalia. He once held a vocal disdain for Elves and Elotheans, but in his later years was not as forthcoming with what once were his usual snide remarks (or outright tirades) besmirching their cultures. This was likely due to some combination of his marriage to an Elf and the increasing visibility of his role as a diplomat.

At the time of his death, he was the ambassador to the court of Prince Vorclaf, at Ulf'hara keep near the city of The Crossing in Zoluren.

Rumors abounded that he was conducting an affair with Countess Vanassa during his time in Zoluren. The two were seen dancing very slowly and generally behaving like enamored teenagers at both the Silver and White Ball and the Green and Gold Ball.

He was awarded the title "Ambassador of Kertigen" by an unknown power after hinting to Chris that he was beginning to gather a clear idea as to the unusual Dwarf's true nature.

With the opening of the geneology office in the Crossing, he adopted the some of the closest of his confidants into the Rippentropp family. The Rippentropp family quickly became a controversial fixture in Elanthian events. He had named no heir, but as he lay dying he declared that Jhime was to be the new patriarch of the family.

He was known for irregularly tacking "updates" in cities throughout Zoluren and Therengia. These come in the form of posts in the Events folder of the official Dragonrealms play.net forum. They are typically written in an ebullient style and often contain (sometimes grievous) factual errors that reflect either an author with strong biases who rather selectively interprets the facts available to him, a man who can't be bothered to check the facts of what he's reporting, or both.