Green and Gold Ball

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The Green and Gold Ball was formally hosted by Prince Vorclaf and Princess Arilana with the assistance of her Lady-In-Waiting Ysselt in Ulf'Hara Keep during the early part of 389 AV. Much like her previous Silver and White Ball the guests, decorations, and food items were of corresponding colors of the season. Other notable attendees included Baron Gyfford, Ferdahl Aemmin, King Galpelus, Countess Vanassa, Isilshori future wife of Prince Fayne, Guildleader Annael, and Merchant Prince Zackes along with their respective entourages.

Political Conflict

Upon Baron Gyfford's arrival many of his militia who were present knelt, or bowed in fealty to him. After noticing their reaction he commanded that they rise, and that official court business did not extend to the ball; however, when his eyes set on his cousin, Prince Vorclaf, the Baron suggested that he may kneel. This begun a back and forth nipping between the two rulers that lasted for most of the gathering.

During their previous meeting to discuss the death of their mutual friend the Lady Natashya a heated argument arose and the relationship between the two provinces wore thin. At some point during the argument a vase was smashed, and Prince Vorclaf mentioned this vase when he suggested that he take the southern lands of Therengia in repayment. To trump his cousin the Baron then replied that he would rather take Dirge and tear it down to create a "southern villa". Whether these verbal thrust and parry are the signs of future hostilities or simply an exercise in sharp banter is unknown.

After the announcement of the groundbreaking for the Zoluren Orphanage, Gyfford once again displayed Therengian prestige and wealth by pledging support in the form of funding and food stuffs. While many in the crowd applauded his generosity and kindness, some wondered if this was a move to boast the strength of Therengia.

Also in attendance was an Outcast delegation led by King's Wiseman Tiso who were only reluctantly tolerated.


Unlike at the previous Silver and White ball the amount of bloodshed and general trouble making was greatly diminished. Official tally lists only one murder, and no assaults. Noticeably not in attendance was Brigadier General Zukir, and it was reported by Guardsman Alvar that he would not be making an appearance in order to limit the disruption by "subversive members of the population who were displeased with him recently". It is suspected that these rogue elements are loyalists to the criminal group led by the recently deceased Kalag The Black.


Prince Vorclaf is wearing a platinum and crimson velvet crown with bejewelled arches set with a brilliant-cut diamond, a full-sleeved forest green shirt with flared cuffs, an albredine crystal ring, a braided animite tri-band ring set with a snow-white gladiolous between two small moon pearls, a pale golden leather belt sheath, some soft forest green linen trousers edged with pale gold piping and some dark leather shoes.

Princess Arilana is wearing a slender gold diadem set with an oval-cut cabachon emerald, a pair of dangling earrings with diminutive teardrop diamonds that cascade down fine gold chains, a pale gold watersilk gown that cascades down in sheer tiers from a single knot at the shoulder, a platinum engagement ring displaying a flawless diamond centered between channel-set pearls of blue and white, a braided animite wedding ring bearing a snow-white gladiolus intricately crafted of moon pearls, a sinous gold hip-chain set with emerald ivy leaves and some thin-strapped golden sandals threaded with gossamer butterflies.

Baron Gyfford is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a finely tailored gold silk shirt, a sea-green damask tunic embellished with lean stylized lions in gold bullion, an ornate white gold ring with the Baronial seal of Therengia carved into a massive square cut bloodgem, a belt of hammered gold linked with cabochon emeralds, an enameled sheath with inlaid panels of gold trimmed in polished squares of malachite, some gold velvet breeches with sea-green trim and some sea-green leather riding boots with ornamental golden spurs.

Ferdahl Aemmin is wearing a lightweight golden firesilk shawl draped over the arms, a delicately twisted platinum diadem, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a platinum General's badge, a softly-draped sleeveless gold silk tunic, a calf-length robe of deep green brocade fastened at the throat with an enameled lotus brooch, a wide gold skirt of fine Elothean silk and some green silk slippers with gold edging.

Countess Vanassa is wearing a golden rose, some delicate animite combs entwined with gold wire and dark emerald roses, some elaborate gold and animite earrings, a fine gold chain dangling with an exquisite winter emerald, an enveloping cloak of deep green cashmere clasped with a golden rose in full bloom, a formal gown of pale gold spidersilk accented with deep green embroidery along its low neckline, an exquisite animite ring embracing a large midnight diamond encircled by smoke rubies, an albredine crystal ring, a gold bag of soft velvet and some spidersilk slippers clasped by gold roses with winter emeralds nestled in their petals.

Isilshori is wearing a pair of elbow-length black satin gloves, a double tiered tiara of diamond-cut gold scrollwork glittering with dozens of tiny teardrop emeralds, a high collared sheathe of dark green satin with a heart-shaped plunging backline edged in iridescent gold braid, a pair of gold silk slippers with emerald-tipped ribbon laces, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a deeply hooded cloak of heavy black wool.

Guildleader Annael is wearing a pair of faceted emerald teardrop earrings, a golden wire pendant twisted to form a spiral cradling a glass sphere, a green velvet dress, a pair of soft cotton gloves embroidered with green and gold dragonflies, a soft golden pouch and some dark green velvet slippers trimmed in fine gold-leaf embroidery.

Merchant Prince Zackes is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, an animite and glacier emerald earring, a dark green wool jacket with a gold braided high-collar, a supple leather pack clasped with an animite claw, a tailored spidersilk shirt clasped at the wrists with animite claws, an albredine crystal ring, a heavy animite wedding band displaying a brilliant blood ruby, a platinum ring with the crest of the Trader's guild surrounded by blue diamonds, a dark leather belt with an emerald-studded gold buckle, some formal pants of dark green wool with gold braid down the seams and some polished leather shoes clasped with gold and emerald buckles.

Ulf'hara Guardsman Alvar is wearing a golden great helm crested with a short green feather, a dark silk sash embroidered with the crest of Zoluren, a heavy crossbow, a green silk shirt, a suit of golden plate armor edged with painted green ivy, a gold-plated steel tower shield painted with diagonal green stripes, a pair of golden plate gauntlets, a deep brown leather sheath crisscrossed with rawhide strapping, some deep green leather trousers with a gold buckled belt and a pair of green leather boots with golden toe-plates.