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Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Associates: Urwin
Relatives: Zackes

Countess Vanassa is a Human Trader who operates several moderately-sized businesses, most of which are festival- or quest-only "temporary" shops. She frequently holds auctions, tea parties, contests, and other events, usually in the Zoluren area and frequently for Premium-only players. She appears to be of minor Zoluren nobility, but the exact circumstances of her claims to title and rank are largely undefined.

She is a jewelcrafter and frequently includes her own (typically very high-value) items in her auctions, raffles, and contests.

Vocally detests her husband, Trader Prince Zackes. Has been seen in the company of Therengian ambassador Urwin very frequently while in Zoluren.

She is the head of the current Estate Holders Council.

Appearance at Celebration Auction 10/13/2007

You see before you, Countess Vanassa Charmd, Head of the Estate Holder Council.
Her dark grey eyes gaze out from behind thick long lashes, with just a hint of sparkle in their depths. Her blond-streaked auburn hair is worn long, twisted in an elaborate braid that falls down her back with silk ribbons and strands of black leather woven through it. Her ivory complexion is accented with a hint of rose at the cheeks, and a tiny beauty mark in the shape of a heart at the corner of her right eye.
She is fairly young for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a jaunty black hat with a pure white feather stuck in its brim, an animite earring displaying a gleaming black diamond, a black velvet backpack, a snug black leather bustier, a deep rose spidersilk shirt with billowing sleeves clasped tightly at the wrists with black diamonds, an exquisite animite ring embracing a large midnight diamond encircled by smoke rubies, an albredine crystal ring, a black bag of soft velvet, a deep black satin skirt belted with a wise rose sash and some glossy black leather shoes with large moon pearl clasps.

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