Smelly cat

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Smelly cat
Status: Alive
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven

Smelly cat is an NPC located in Riverhaven as well as a forum for off-color humor and other kinds of fun that can't be had on the official Dragonrealms forums.



Current Appearance: Many cats haunt Riverhaven's alleys, but none so revolting as the notorious smelly cat. No one belittles his name, for the inherent stench smothering Riverhaven itself must emanate from this single feline, with a hide so matted you can practically see the fish odor rising from his fur. Bright almond eyes reflect the streetwise senses of a hunter-scavenger, lost in a virtual paradise of rampant rats and seafood entrails.

Old Appearance: Smelly Cat appears to be an ordinary stray cat. For the past 50 years, he has patrolled the docks looking for food and the occasional scratch behind the ears. Fifty years of eating fishheads has given him an interesting odor, but despite the ghastly stench and wild lifestyle, he seems nice enough once you get close enough to him.

The Legacy

  • In 2003, a website ( was launched to play host to logs of the hilarious antics of a group of troublemaking "Havenites." After a short time, they created a forum on the website and it became a much more public affair. The website and forums are currently run by Quanette, Phii, Jhime, and Urwin. Registration is open to all, and all are welcome unless they somehow manage to get themselves banned. Smelly Cat has remained the most prolific non-official Dragonrealms forum since its inception, and references have often been made at in-game events (by both players and GMs, and in both a positive and negative light) to the website, all under the smiling guise of innocent roleplay.
  • In what is believed to be an April Fool's Joke,'s Forums temporarily shut down on 31March2009. A few hours later the DNS information was changed and Vanmar, recent "obsessive crazy", was revealed as the new owner of the forums. All folders were deleted and bannings began. Vanmar allegedly paid $5,000 in USD to Quanette for control over the website.


Occasionally drops a fishhead