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A GameMaster or GM is a member of the Simutronics staff involved with in-game creation, events, policy enforcement, and more. GameMasters can be separated into two primary categories: Customer Experience and Development. While these categories denote a GM's principal responsibilities, it is common for GMs to contribute in many areas outside their main focus.

Active GameMasters

GameMaster Ranks

GameMasters progress through a series of ranks as their experience and responsibilities grow:

Special Ranks

GameMaster Roles

Customer Experience GM

A Customer Experience GM handles most customer interaction. This interaction ranges from answering questions about technical issues and basic gameplay, to running merchant events and major invasions or storylines. Some Customer Experience GMs also work with Weddings, monitor the public message boards, perform liaison duties between the players and the Development team, and handle all types of player concerns and feedback.

Wedding GMs

Wedding GMs along with Wedding Coordinators communicate with players who pay for a GM Assisted Wedding.

  • Coordinate wedding time and date
  • Create custom items for the wedding including wedding clothes, food, drink, and party favors
  • Add room messaging during the event
  • Create temporary custom titles
  • Provide party invitations

Guild Advocates

These advocates will have some duties previously associated with Liaisons, as well as other duties previously associated with Guild Gurus and Assistant Gurus. As members of the System/Guild Sub-teams, they will help maintain the sense of continuity for their "home guild" and keep things going in the right direction. The Guild "Liason" positions were eliminated in January 2008.

Title GameMaster
Advocate Lead Grejuva
Barbarian Advocate
Bard Advocate
Cleric Advocate
Empath Advocate
Moon Mage Advocate
Necromancer Advocate
Paladin Advocate
Ranger Advocate
Thief Advocate
Trader Advocate
Warrior Mage Advocate

Guild Ally

A guild ally is an events GM (or CE GM) with the power to do events for a certain guild (or even guilds) on par with the advocate, but only overseeing the events side of things. Guild Ally is similar to Race Champion -- it is a position a GM takes on in addition to their main GM role, not a standalone position.

Title GameMaster
Advocate Lead
Necromancer Ally
Bard Ally

Premium GMs

  • Host monthly Premium (aka Estate Holder) meeting
  • Create new benefits for Premium members
  • Alter items through LTB scrolls
  • Create custom titles and personal messaging through LTB system
  • Provide special merchants and alterers

GM Zadraes is in charge of Premium for Prime, and GM Lyneya runs The Fallen and Platinum Premium matters.

Race Champions

These are GameMasters who lead development and direction of a single playable race (Human, Elf, Rakash, etc...)

Race Champion
Dwarf Unknown
Elothean Unknown
Elf Evike
Gnome Unknown
Gor'Tog Unknown
Halfling Unknown
Human Unknown
Kaldar Unknown
Prydaen Unknown
Rakash Unknown
S'Kra Mur Jhustis

Development GM

A Development Team GM does not generally work directly with customers, choosing to focus mainly on creation and system coding. They are the designers of the game, and participate not only in the implementation asnd development of ideas, but also in the physical creation of them. This can be something as simple as the simple addition of a new verb to something as complicated as a massive change in the core game mechanics.


In the past, the Development team was broken into two distinct entities: the Guild teams and the System team. As of January 2008, these two groups have been merged into one team with four Sub-Teams. Namely: Lore, Magic, Survival, and Combat. These teams will be responsible for those guilds who share a primary skillset, as well as developing content within that skillset for other guilds. For example: The Magic team will focus on Clerical, Moon Mage, and Warrior Mage development, in addition to handling general magical development (i.e., devices and such), Bardic Enchantes, and spells for the other magic using guilds.

Systems/Guild Teams

Title GameMaster Responsibilities
Producer Lyneya
Guild/Systems Lead
Guild/Systems Lead Asst
Combat Lead Kodius Barbarians, Paladins, and Combat Systems
Lore Lead Grejuva Bards, Empaths, Traders, and Lore Systems
Magic Lead Armifer Clerics, Moon Mages, War Mages, and Magic Systems
Survival Lead Unknown Necromancers, Rangers, Thieves, and Survival Systems
Core Systems Lead Unknown Backbone systems such as EXP, death mechanics, login/logout mechanics, direction, front ends, etc.

Worlds Team

Title GameMaster Responsibilities
Producer Lyneya
SGM Team Ulerith, Zadraes
Worlds Lead Ulerith
Worlds Lead Asst
Areas Lead Ulerith P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, and quest area design
Culture Lead Libraries, Races, History, and Languages
Logistics Lead Unknown Premium/Platinum, ALAE, Events (coding), quests (coding), and Mentor/Host/GM tool development
Structures Lead Houses, Boats, and Orders (coding)
Sentients Lead Ulerith Creatures, NPCs, Pets, and Tasks


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