The First Land Herald/421-05-21 (2)

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Article Number: BI46
Dateline: 421-05-21

The Forfedhdar capital of Hibarnhvidar was attacked this afternoon by creatures loyal to Asketi the Hag. This invasion was mostly confined to the outer area of the city, around the western gate and on the Market road that connects the gate to the Bank.

The initial wave of attackers was composed of several species of adder. The serpents were easily felled by the first adventurers who arrived in defense of the city. Shortly thereafter, some stealthy Asketian harbingers joined the fray. Although these shadowy adversaries were somewhat stronger than the adders, they too proved to be no real match for the combat prowess of the warriors assembled near the gate.

The true test came with the third and final wave — ragged wind hags, bony wind wretches, and lesser North Wind banshees. While the hags and wretches were noticeably more powerful than the previous enemies, the true danger lay in the banshees and their frightening ability to thrust an incorporeal hand into the chest of an unlucky defender and taint the heart with an icy curse, as was seen in the invasions of Crossing and Shard a short time ago. In addition, Seer Eyuve reported that each round of torturous wailing unleashed by the banshees reduced the spirit of everyone in the area by a substantial amount.

It was confirmed by this reporter that the curse can, in some cases, fade away on its own given enough time, though it has the potential to cause serious damage to the chest areas of some victims. If Clerical assistance in removing the curse is unavailable, seeking a healing touch is therefore highly recommended. But healers be warned: there are reports of the curse transferring from person to person via an Empathic link.

Wind wretches were also observed utilizing an interesting combat maneuver. After hurling his axe and lodging it in the arm of one of the foul creatures, Saragos Daerthon witnessed the following:

Flinching slightly, a bony wind wretch pulled out a curved haralun axe inlaid with twisting silversteel lines that was lodged in him. He hurled it at Tenike with a bone-rattling, maddened shriek!

Guided by a sudden current of frigid wind, the haralun axe lodged savagely into Tenike's left hand!

Quite the formidable foe! Luckily, Doctor Dianelle al'Bannin was quick to set up a triage center in the Bank to help wounded fighters return to the battle as fast as possible.

While this marks the third time in almost as many weeks that one of Kermoria’s major cities was assaulted by the minions of Asketi, perhaps an attack on Hibarnhvidar is the easiest to fathom. As Isharon Anloraes remarked during the battle, “It is little surprise that Asketi's handiwork would be seen here, not far from her mount.”

Still, one cannot help but feel a measure of trepidation regarding the notable increase in unprovoked attacks of late.

Simera Asherah
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date

Asketian harbinger

Bony wind wretch







Giant adder




Lesser North Wind banshee

Ragged wind hag