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Taisidon isle.jpg
Province: Unknown
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None

Home to the village of Teil-Minavsel, this island is full of tropical delight and splendor.

Many activities are available to tourists and residents, such as: diving for oysters (with pearls!), mining, a vast assortment of unique creatures to slay, and much more!


The island was debuted during the original quest and was re-visited during the sequel.


Due to the popularity and nostalgia of the island, a Simutronics-run paid visit titled Taisidon Safari was released. The Safari allowed players to explore the island without having to worry about accomplishing any goals or tasks.

Recently, the Safari has been updated and re-released with three different tiers available. The different tiers are in a cascading order with each tier offering increased shopping and events for tourists.

Safari Dates

The safari version of Taisidon has been run multiple times over the years:

Taisidon Mystery

As a reward for helping to solve the murders aboard the Morada, you can receive Taisidon tour coupons that can be assembled into Taisidon tour tickets to access the island.

During this event, the village, nearby shops and ships are not accessible. When you arrive on the island, you will be 2 rooms north from the bamboo altar. Moving west from the altar will bypass the village and take you directly to the room "outside" the village west gate.

Mystery Dates

Maps and Landmarks


Genie-generated map
This map is of the island from 420

* A interactive version of the map shown above is available here.
  • Kythryn's Taisidon Tour maps, updated in 446 (2023):


  • Boat Ramp: In the center of the beach outside the East gate of the village. This is where the Gilded Wave docks.
  • Saendalen Sea: Accessed by traveling along the Northern section of the beach. The saendalen sharks and whitetip sharks reside here.
  • Rundown Building / The Painted Barn: This structure stands outside the West gate of the village. Animated Items reside here
  • Battered Shack / Once Fine Cutlery: This structure stands outside the West gate of the village. Animated Items reside here
  • Corsair Lagoon: This body of water on the Western side of the island is home to piranha.
  • The Gash: A deep chasm in the Northernmost section of the island. To reach this place, you must first climb up a mountain cliff and then cross a fallen tree.
  • Mountain Passage: A channel under the mountain that leads from the Northernmost section of the island to the savannah
  • The Savannah: Occupying the Southwestern corner of the island, is the savannah. Home to the aptly named Savannah Bull.
  • The Cave: Home to spiders and bears, this cave is not to be tread without caution.
  • The Mist: Difficult to navigate due to the thick fog permeating the area, the Mist is home to zombies.
  • Kerwaith'lyba Burial Grounds: This extensive cemetery strangely contains an odd campsite within its boarders. Though to get here, one must travel through many dangerous locations so it just might have use to those who travel this far.


  • Hermit's Home: Residing along the shores of the river in a clearing near to where pards occupy, this hut is crude but homely.

[Jalren'rae'Taisidon, Hermit's Home]
Only the bare essentials are present in the hut. A sleeping mat, a simple table, and a small cooking pot are the only major furnishings in the one-room dwelling. A light breeze passes through the gaps in the make-shift walls and an occasional gust curls the corner of a woven grass sleeping mat. You also see a scribbly sign.
Obvious exits: out.

READ sign:

A scribbly sign reads:
"Out looking for faeries!"

  • Stone Hut: Presumably the home of Bertoldt, whose corpse still resides within, this structure can be found between the Mist and the Burial Grounds.

[Jalren'rae'Taisidon, Stone Hut]
The small hut is cool and dry, the air scented with sweet and musty smells. Mice and insects chitter in the thatching above the sparsely furnished room. The desiccated corpse of an elderly Elothean man slumps over a book atop a desk beside the plank door, an ivory scribing quill still in his shriveled hand. On the wall hang several crumbling parchments.
Obvious exits: none.

  • Campsite: It is unknown who established this site or what its purpose it, regardless it is stationed within the Burial Grounds and creatures that reside there do not enter it.

Rocks and foliage have been cleared to make room for the large tent that someone has set up in this area. The heavy canvas tarps, held in place by branches, are silvery from long exposure to the elements. Near the tent a firepit holds scattered bits of charred wood and scorched rocks as evidence that others have passed here before. You also see a dented coffee pot and a large iron kettle.
Obvious paths: out.


With the world-altering changes to the nature of magic and continued S'Kra Kor aggression in the past few decades, many of the island's former inhabitants have migrated or gone extinct due to new stresses in the environment. In a rush to fill the resulting power vacuum, many new threats have attempted to exert their dominance to rule Taisidon.

A detailed chart with the island creatures along with detailed information on Creature Bait and gem drops can be found on the Taisidon Safari hunting page.

Aggressive Inhabitants

Non-Aggressive Inhabitants

Rare Items

A number of rare flowers, gems, woods and metals can only be found on Taisidon Island. Many of the gems and flowers can be found through drops off the local creatures and from games like the Darkbox. Woods can be found by searching the island for Lumberjacking locations. Metals can be found by searching the island for Mining locations. There are a number of materials that, while released, were not added as drops but only as materials from shops, such as the releases during the first Taisidon Mystery event in 2020.

Rare Item Item Type Notes
aformosia wood introduced in 420 (2016)
albarco wood introduced in 420 (2016)
aldam lorma blossom flower introduced in 412 (2014)
audrualm metal introduced in 420 (2016)
avodire wood introduced in 420 (2016)
brilliant yellow heliodor gem introduced in 412 (2014)
chocolate opal gem introduced in 412 (2014)
cosmic zircon gem introduced in 435 (2020)
crabwood wood introduced in 420 (2016)
drake's heart amber gem introduced in 412 (2014)
faceted inferno's heart gem introduced in 412 (2014)
fire whirl ruby gem introduced in 435 (2020)
forest fire jasper gem introduced in 412 (2014)
fractalline fabric introduced in 443 (2022)
greenheart wood introduced in 420 (2016)
iceblink peridot gem introduced in 435 (2020)
ilomba wood introduced in 420 (2016)
Imperial coral gem introduced in 412 (2014)
Katamba spinel gem introduced in 412 (2014)
king protea blossom flower introduced in 412 (2014)
jungle turquoise gem introduced in 412 (2014)
macawood wood introduced in 420 (2016)
moonstained wildflower flower introduced in 412 (2014)
night sky citrine gem introduced in 443 (2022)
pink lisianthus flower flower introduced in 412 (2014)
quelium metal introduced in 420 (2016)
ramin wood introduced in 420 (2016)
red etlingera blossom flower introduced in 412 (2014)
scarlet emerald gem introduced in 412 (2014)
seastar tourmaline gem introduced in 412 (2014)
sparkling tasialm gem introduced in 412 (2014)
starshine metal introduced in 443 (2022)
sunstar jasper gem introduced in 412 (2014)
Taisidon sunset garnet gem introduced in 412 (2014)
tidal bloodstone gem introduced in 435 (2020)
trillion-cut lava topaz gem introduced in 412 (2014)
velvety jambu blossom flower introduced in 412 (2014)
vibrant rainbow rose flower introduced in 412 (2014)


  • Most of the areas within the island are named using the Gamgweth language. For instance, "Jalren'rae'Taisidon" means "Island of Thunder" in the common tongue.
  • In order to reach the bottom of the water where oysters are, you need to find the highest location nearby and dive.
  • If swinging on vines near the pit it is possible to fall in. If you do happen to fall in, look around for something to use in order to climb out.
  • When trying to cross the chasm of the gash, you should travel with caution over the fallen tree. Trying to simply walk over it while standing up is not a smart move and can cause you to lose balance, thus making you fall.
  • Traveling through the mist is slow and tedious, if you're not able to fight creatures that live there then you should attempt to go as fast as you are able.
  • Throughout the island there are a number of tropical flowers which only grow there, keep your eyes open or you are likely to miss an exotic specimen.
  • There are a few edible items scattered across the island for the culinary adventurer.