Taisidon (quest)

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This was a Simutronics-run paid quest.

Offical Description

With hundreds of deaths littered in its wake and legends of unbelievable 
treasure, Taisidon is again opening its shores to the outside world.  Are 
you brave enough to return?

This event's QUEST TYPE is two day.  Please type QUEST POLICY TAISIDON for 
more information on this event.

There was also a sequel called Return to Taisidon.

End Prizes

[Shho'i'yvvh-urpi'botuk, Den of Treasures]
The brightness of this room is blinding after the dimness of the cave beyond. Blazing torchieres illuminate tall mirrored walls and reflect the sparkling contents of the hidden room. Treasures of every shape and size abound, covering nearly every square inch of the elaborately tiled floor. You also see a shimmering emerald portal and a magic box.