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Ilomba (a.k.a. boxboard or false nutmeg) is a tall and wide tree that is found in tropical hardwood rainforests. The wood is greyish white to pinkish brown, straight grained and with a coarse grain. The seeds contain a lot of oil and can be used as candles as well as for making soap.

This material is required to be provided for alterations.


Hardness Durability Workability Stiffness Physical Shortbow
Composite Bow
Capacity Density Value
40 20 30 35 40 15 20 60 45 30 11,382
11,382 Kronars
9,105.6 Lirums
8,213.251 Dokoras
11.382 LTBpoints
11.382 Tickets


ItemSource isRare item
Carved ilomba sheath embellished with glistening adobe andraditesSeastar Curiostrue
Dragon-head forging hammer with a viridian ilomba haftDuskruin Auction 435true
Ilomba boardsS'Kra Kor dancerS'Kra Kor shaman (2)S'Kra Kor villager (2)S'Kra Kor warrior (2)Simian CageTransmutation chesttrue
Ilomba hautbois set with rounded aoustone keysMusiceum (3)true
Luxurious ilomba bed draped in garlands of moonstained wildflowersPink vouchertrue
Pair of delicate ilomba hairsticksFashionable Panda (2)true
Weathered ilomba chest with vardite hingesTransmutation chestUnfinished collectionTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadetrue

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