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Albarco at a Glance
Material Type Woods
Colors Brown
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations Yes

Tropical and semi-tropical hardwood. Very large tree, prefers non-flooded rainforest. Wood is reddish or purplish brown with occasional dark streaks. Durable wood with a straight grain of medium size.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Crafting Properties

This is a wood that can be used in crafting.

Universal Properties

Workability Density Value*
30 ? 3,0333,033 Kronars <br />2,426.4 Lirums <br />2,188.613 Dokoras <br />3.033 LTBpoints <br />3.033 Tickets <br />

*Single volume value in Kronars.

Physical Properties

Hardness Durability Physical
55 85 70

Bowyer Properties

Stiffness Bend Strength
35 70


Shortbow & Arbalest Longbow & Heavy Crossbow Composite Bow & Light Crossbow
90 50 60

Magical Properties


Raw Material Sources

Random Crafting Material Rewards and Taisidon


ItemSource isRarity is
Albarco balalaika set with smoke rubies along the fretboardMusiceum (3)Hollow Eve Festival 417/AuctionItem:E'erdream instrument case set with two lotus flower sapphire clasps
Albarco blowgun dart with colorful iridescent flightsSeastar Curios
Low-heeled doeskin boots tooled with faint musical scoresLimited Treasures (3)Item:Dusky rose songsilk cloak with a sheer satin hood adorned with fallen leaves
Pair of narrow albarco hairsticksFashionable Panda (2)

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