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Province: Unknown
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


Teil-Minavsel is the major, and perhaps only, settlement on the island of Taisidon. The village itself is home to a handful of residents and houses a number of shops during the Taisidon Safari visits.

Government, history, and background

Government type


Prominent people

  • Tour Host: Stationed in the village is a tour host who is able to provide guest with a plethora of information about the Taisidon Safari and the island of Taisidon itself.


First unveiled to the public during the original quest and re-visited during the sequel, the village is now a frequent sight to any and all who venture on the Taisidon Safari.

Locations about town


  • Aristocrat's Home: Nearly covered by a mudslide, this ancestral home resides in the Southeast corner of the walkway area. Despite the poor condition, there is still a guard dog protecting the interior, so perhaps someone still occupies this residence.
  • Miskvar's Home: Standing on the Southwest corner of the walkway, through a break in the bamboo, is a stacked-stone dwelling known to be the residence of Miskvar.
  • Dancer's Gazebo: Anchored in the Southwest corner of Seord-Wend, one can find a sloped-roofed bamboo structure which houses the gazebo for use by any and all who desire to dance.

Prominent hangouts

  • The Square: Located in the center of the green in the northern section of town, the square is a frequent spot for adventurers to gather and pass time during Safari visits.
  • The Garden: This quiet area is located through a gate in the Square, it's one of the only safe places for folks to hide during S'Kra Kor invasions.
  • Village Well: On the south side of the village green stands the well, a source of drinking water for the village.


Bars, inns, and taverns


  • Bronze Statue: Carved into the shape of a monkey holding a guava, this whimsical bronze statue stands along the Western side of the Walkway.
  • Sundial: Along the northern side of the walkway in the south section of the village is the bronze sundial.
  • Anchor: Resting on the Eastern side of the walkway area is a large moss-covered anchor. Based on lettering chiseled into the piece, it would appear that it came from the Rath'ar'va.
  • Lantern Post: In the far southeastern corner of the walkway is an iron post with a strange teardrop-shaped red symbol painted on it.
  • Wooden Totem: Hung with bundles of herbs, the decorative piece stands at the Northeastern part of Seord-Wend. A dwelling nearby is presumed to be the residence of the village medicine man.
  • Rattan Wheel: Affixed to a bamboo pole at the Northen section of Seord-Wend, the purpose of this decoration is totally unknown to tourists visiting the village.
  • Carved Rock: Worn by time and weather, most the lettering on this stone residing in the Western section of Seord-Wend is unreadable. However, the word "'sraan" can still be made out.

Important activities

Task givers

There are currently no known task givers in Teil-Minavsel.



During the Safari visits, several games make an appearance around the village and serve to entertain tourists during their stay. The availability of them is determined by the level of Safari ticket is purchased.


Each time a game arrives on the island, the following message is seen by all who are there:

  • An excited youth zips through, screaming loudly, "A (person running the game) just arrived in town! I hope I win this time. Playing with the (game type) is tricky!"


For many years, the island has been a target of the infamous S'Kra Kor. The exact reasons why they continue to plague the island and its lone village are unknown at this time. The three major types often seen by guests are the villager, warrior and shaman. These creatures are highly aggressive and will attack anyone they see in the village during their invasion.

Only recently has the village been tormented by several types of Treasure Creatures, perhaps lured there by the promise of loot and profit from the guests who visit during the Taisidon Safari. These creatures are often not very skilled but possess an incredible amount of vitality, so be prepared to spend quite some time trying to defeat them.


During the attacks, someone will travel from area to area and spread the word about what danger is currently present in the village.

  • A tired warrior strides in, sword and shield in hand and says, "The S'Kra Kor are invading the town! Please help us fight!"
  • A cry of alarm rises up within the village. You catch a frantic call, "It's a/an (adjective) treasure (type) again! It's here to raid our supplies! Rally the fighters!"




  • It is important to note that there is currently no form of town bank or depository anywhere within the village. The only way that coin can be safely stored or retrieved is by using the banking available aboard the Gilded Wave outside of the settlement. Funds utilized in this manner will take from or add to your accounts in the city of Riverhaven.
  • "Teil-Minavsel" is Gamgweth for "Village-SilverTidepool" and "Seord-Wend" is "Dark Alley"