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Crabwood at a Glance
Material Type Woods
Colors Red-brown, Dark brown, Pink, Pale brown, Brown
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

Crabwood is a tree from the mahogany family and typically grows in tropical climates.

The heartwood tends to be a pale reddish brown, darkening with age to a medium or dark brown. Sapwood is a lighter pink or pale brown and not always demarcated from heartwood. Quartersawn surfaces exhibit a ribbon-like appearance.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Crafting Properties

This is a wood that can be used in crafting.

Universal Properties

Workability Density Value*
80 ? 4,6884,688 Kronars <br />3,750.4 Lirums <br />3,382.861 Dokoras <br />4.688 LTBpoints <br />4.688 Tickets <br />

*Single volume value in Kronars.

Physical Properties

Hardness Durability Physical
90 80 40

Bowyer Properties

Stiffness Bend Strength
80 40


Shortbow & Arbalest Longbow & Heavy Crossbow Composite Bow & Light Crossbow
30 30 70

Magical Properties


Raw Material Sources

House of the Revenant Fang 429/Incidental loot, House of the Revenant Fang 433/Incidental loot and Taisidon


ItemSource isRarity is
Crabwood short hunting spearCultured Attire (6)
Polished crabwood instrument bowMusiceum (9)Musiceum (8)festival
Stout steel hand axe with a shaped crabwood handleTaisidon Safari 420 Game Prizes

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