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Creature Levels:
    Overall 9
    Level Variance -
    Natural Attack 9
    Weapon Attack 0
    Defense 9
    Player Estimated 9
Potential overall skill: 36
Skill Cap 50 to 65
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins No
Has Gems No
Has Boxes No
Has Other Unknown
Uses Weapons Unknown
Alignment No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses Yes
Body Type insect
Body Type (Alt) monstrous
Body Size small
Premium-Only No
Skinning Details
Part Name razorsharp claw
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required 45
Max Value >170 Kronars">" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Max Arranged 190 Kronars152 Lirums <br />137.104 Dokoras <br />0.19 LTBpoints <br />0.19 Tickets <br />0.19 Scrips <br />
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required <36 / 71
Teaching Cap 73


The beisswurm does not seem to have the fully developed body of the lesser known adult. Long, thin and with razor sharp teeth, it slithers contentedly along the ground until it discovers its next meal. Only later in life does it grow legs and develop the ability to deliver icy breath.

In Depth

Special defense

  • Beisswurm are immune to stuns.

Squishy. Swarm. Only found in 1 place and spawns homogeneously. Bridge south of area leads to extremely deadly Warklins. Be careful not to wander there. Spawn 3 per hunter in area.
Skill Range: can handle 2 with average 40 in shield/evasion.

Combat 3.0

Armor (tert) currently hard capped at 70
Twohanded Edged: 60 21.38% thoughtful (4/34) (weapon secondary) after an hour of hunting. Weapons over 80 do not move off of clear; fairly certain they cap at 78 as well.
With 18 agility was able to start two-handed blunt from 0 and hit them.

Hardcaps defenses at 68, soft cap around 58-60.

On my Survival/Armor secondary, these guys are training Evasion and Light Armor VERY slowly at 59 ranks. A variety of weapons in 30-40 range are hitting, but only light and heavy thrown are doing enough damage to eventually kill at Strength 20. Definitely still great for Skinning at 50 ranks. Trains Parry and Shield well at 54 ranks. I barely get hit, and never for serious damage wearing mostly leather and rotating out legs in the other armor types.

Survival primary, Evasion/Stealth will not move off learning at 63 ranks. Skinning still moving nicely at 72 using arrange.

-Lore primary, Light Armor fell off sharply at 60 ranks.

Combat 3.1

Couldn't handle them with defenses in the high 40s and facing 4 at a time. Stunlocked pretty quickly.

TM (primary) stopped moving at 63. Parry (secondary) won't move beyond dabbling at 61.