Muckele's Hoy

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Muckele's Hoy
Province Zoluren
Town Lairocott Brach
Map Ranik's Map 10
Owner Muckele
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Lairocott Brach, Muckele's Hoy]
Heat, noise and the smell of sweat assail your senses as you enter this busy workshop. Hung on one of the walls is an ornate suit of armor, several pick axes, sturdy helmets and other mining accessories. Muckele Rognvald stands at the forge, fashioning yet another suit of armor. You also see a low stone table with a catalog on it and a thick stone door.

Page 1 - Armor
Item Price Done
Laminated breastplate 3,000   
Full chain shirt 1,625   
Embossed half plate 1,625   
Fluted suit armor 7,500   
Polished plate 6,875   
Laminated hauberk 3,750   
Lamellar armor 3,750   
Ornately decorated breastplate 3,125   
Page 2 - Helmets
Item Price Done
Dwarven helmet 2,750   
Visored basinet 625   
Horned helmet 1,080   
Combed morion 762   
Dwarven great helm 3,750   
Plain ridged armet 362   
Embossed close helmet 500   
Full flat-topped helmet 612   
Page 3 - Weapons
Item Price Done
Straight-bladed scimitar 1,062   
Slender thrusting blade 750   
Median-winged axe 787   
Twine-bound battle axe 787   
Enamel-hilted longsword 3,250   
Flange-hilted sword 812   
Periperiu sword 1,062   
Two-pronged halberd 1,750   
Page 4 - Shields
Item Price Done
Ceremonial shield 100   !!
Circular buckler 375   !!
Jousting shield 625   !!
Embossed pageant shield 687   !!
Heavily studded targe 750   !!