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This is a convenient list of cities and other locations that are associated with a particular race or clan. Emphasis is on places that are player-accessible, but inaccessible locations are allowed.

Settlements Associated With One or More Races

Area/Province Name Race Clan Deity Guild Status
Zoluren Wolf Clan Human Barbarian open
Zoluren Knife Clan Gor'Tog Botolf open
Zoluren Arthe Dale Halfling open
Zoluren Promado Human ruined
Zoluren Sunfall Hub Prydaen closed
Zoluren Stone Clan Dwarf Stone Clan open
Zoluren Tiger Clan Gor'Tog open
Zoluren Leth Deriel Elf Forest Elves open
Zoluren Ilaya Taipa Elf River Elves open
Zoluren? Berdna Dwarf ruined
Zoluren? Fashein Dwarf ruined
Zoluren? Gardul Dwarf ruined
Therengia Riverhaven Human, Halfling open
Therengia Rossman's Landing Human open
Therengia Therenborough Human Paladin open
Therengia Hvaral Dwarf open
Therengia Yuc Cugis Elf Sand Elves planned
Therengia Muspar'i S'Kra Mur, Elf Sraan Irhhnth, Sraan Mhhg; Sand Elves open
Therengia Haizen Cugis Elf Sand Elves open
Therengia Siksraja Rakash open
Therengia Tifflan Human, Halfling ruined
Ilithi Fayrin's Rest Elf, Halfling Forest Elves open
Ilithi Steelclaw Clan Elf Barbarian open
Ilithi Shard Elothean, Elf open
Ilithi Horse Clan Elf Wind Elves open
Ilithi Elamiri Elf (formerly Dwarf) Mountain Elves closed
Ilithi HighHold Dwarf ruined
Qi'Reshalia Ratha S'Kra Mur, Gor'Tog, Human, Dwarf, Halfling Sraan Irhhnth open
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Surlaenis'a S'Kra Mur, Elf, Elothean Sraan Mehath, Sraan Venda open
Qi'Reshalia Mer'Kresh Human open
Forfedhdar Ain Ghazal Elf River Elves open
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Dwarf, Gor'Tog open
Forfedhdar Boar Clan Gor'Tog Ranger open
Forfedhdar Raven's Point Dwarf open
Forfedhdar Nenav Dalar Dwarf closed
West Odcoru Rakash closed
Albaria Albabriddlaen Luethra Storm Clan closed
Albaria Avaev Luethra, Gnome, Shaerek closed
Albaria City of the Dead Luethra Rasman Sect ruined
Albaria Eimitek Gorbesh closed
Albaria Eimuetek Gorbesh closed
Albaria Il'in Sius Shaerek closed
Albaria New Albabriddlaen Luethra closed

Settlements With No Known Dominant or Founding Race

Area/Province Name Deity Guild Status
Zoluren Crossing Tamsine open
Zoluren Kaerna Village open
Zoluren Mir'Kazeril ruined
Zoluren Dirge Botolf open
Zoluren Acenamacra open
Therengia Sicle Grove ruined
Therengia Throne City Moon Mage open
Therengia Langenfirth Ranger, Trader open
Therengia Fornsted open
Therengia Su Helmas Moon Mage planned
Therengia Teil Minavsel closed?
Ilithi Chyolvea Tayeu'a Warrior Mage open
Ilithi Fang Cove open
Qi'Reshalia Enclave open
Kermoria Elirach closed?
Kermoria Karadel closed
unknown Sa'leng Upen closed

Instructions for Editing Tables

  • If the location is in a player-accessible area, please include a link to the relevant Ranik map.
  • The Race(s), Clan(s), and Guild(s) fields refer to the dominant/founding race, clan, or guild, if any. Separate each with a comma. Leave it blank if there is none.
  • The Deity field refers to the area's patron deity (if any), not merely to favor opportunities. Leave it blank if there is none.
  • Status options:
  • open: the area is active and accessible to players
  • ruined: the area is no longer active but may still be accessible to players
  • planned: an area that GMs plan to release
  • closed: the area is active but not accessible to players