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Dwarven Cities in the Siergelde Shel

Shortly after the establishment of Hibarnhvidar, settlers left seeking other areas to claim. Karadel, Gardul, Fashein, and Berdna were amongst the first of the new foundings.


Gardul was one of the earlier dwarven settlements, located in the Siergelde Shel. While the city itself lasted for many centuries, the organizations it was a member of changed several times. It was one of three cities in the Gardul Free State, which became the Greystar Commune in 1040BL after the fall of Berdna.

Symbol: The hammer and mountain symbol is the icon of the Dwarven city of Gardul.

Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall is dedicated to 'The Forty-Eight', a brave band who gave their lives trying to defend Gardul against overwhelming incursions by the Dragon Priests.
The artwork on this portion of the wall commemorates the Dragon Priests being expelled by a crowd from Gardul due to their preaching that Kertigen is merely a demon and the World Dragon the only ruler of the area.


Berdna, was of the three cities (along with Gardul and Fashein) comprising the Dwarven Gardul Free State. It was overrun by biters that erupted out of the earth into the Dwarven tunnels in 1041 BL. The Free State was reconstituted as the Greystar Commune under a tetrarch of military commanders chosen by advanced age and lot to prevent the destruction of the other communities.


Fashein was the third dwarven settlement in the Siergelde Shel. It was the second-longest lasting dwarven settlement, except for Gardul.

Political Organization

Quick Summary

  • Status: Fallen
  • Capital: Gardul
  • Period
Gardul Free State: ~1700BL - 1041BL
Greystar Commune: 1040BL - 200BL

Greystar Commune

The Greystar Commune formed a military-state as a result of Berdna's destruction. It was ruled by a tetrarch of military commanders chosen by advanced age and lot to prevent the destruction of the other communities.


Gardul and Fashein.


In 1040BL the Gardul Free State was reorganized as the Greystar Commune, creating a defensive pact between Gardul and Fashein. Ties remained strong between the Greystar dwarves of the Siergelde Shel and the Gemfire Dwarves throughout their existence. The Commune maintained closer ties with the Seven-Star Empire than most of the other dwarven cities. In 475BL, it sought Imperial aid against the biters, but after nearly a decade of words and no support, they aligned themselves with the Dwarven Kingdoms.

In 238BL, the Commune aligned themselves with Lanival while the other Kingdoms remained neutral.

Ultimately the Greystar Commune collapsed when the Dragon Priests razed Fashein in 201BL, and Gardul in 200BL. The survivors were welcomed into the other surviving Kingdoms.

Gardul Free State

The Gardul Free State lasted until 1041BL and the fall of Berdna.


Berdna, Gardul, and Fashein.


The Gardul Free State ended in approximately 1041BL when Berdna fell to biters emerging from the dwarven tunnels. The remaining two cities, Gardul and Fashein ended the Free State and reformed a communal defense organization called the Greystar Commune.