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Capital of the Rakash lands beyond the Great Barrier.

Odcoru was a major Rakash city in the far West. Many of the Rakash who fled Lyras and came to Eastern Kermoria were from Odcoru, including the merchant Cefrit.

Odcoru was a bustling city that housed a population similar in size to modern-day Shard. Though the citizens were very largely Rakash, the occasional Human or Halfling did live there at times. No Prydaen ever lived in Odcoru, however, as their two cultures were very different and the lands of the West so vast that such co-mingling wasn't really ever considered by either race. Prydaen visitors and merchants did come to the city, though, and Rakash from Odcoru were by far the most familiar with their Prydaen neighbors of any Rakash in the West.