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Zoluren Town Meeting 3/9/2011 · on 3/10/2011 3:07:40 AM 5219

- Alexsei did the intro, handed out the banded cobalt rings we use for invasions. Lots of new folks about who took one.
- Frozen Heavens: What it is, how it was discovered, a bit about the nimbuses that populate it. Also some talk about the obelisk located here, the disks attached to it and the one that got away (and is now with the Children of Kelestraum).
- Ferdahl audience: Court appointments made (congrats Synamon, Arourra and Traim), strained relations between Therengia and Ilithi, the upcoming meeting between Ferdahl Aemmin and the new Dragon Priest Emperor.
- There was some negativity from Therengians present about the Ferdahl's decision to meet with the Dragon Priests, after shunning the Baron for marrying an Outcast.
- Ambassador Synamon spoke up for a bit but mostly wanted to keep low-key. She did emphasize that not all Ilithians are in agreement with the Ferdahl, but are bound to follow their liege's decisions.
- Eladrin spent a lot of the event being disparaging toward Ilithians, people misusing albredine rings, moon mages, etc.
- Toward the end things were moving toward directionless banter, so we cut off.

Additional notes:
- I decided to remove a few off topic lines from the log, for the sake of readability. If you want the full version please just ask.
- I realize I might've cut things too abruptly for some of the Therengians expressing their opinions. No offense meant, I was having trouble keeping focused with all the chatter.
- Zynara, if you're reading this, Talliska owes you an apology for missing your whisper. She'll probably seek you out if you don't seek her. But the answer to your question is no, we haven't had a report on anything of the sort recently.

The log is below.

Alexsei says, "First of all, greetings to everyone who has decided to attend this Zoluren Town Meeting tonight. I am Alexsei Krauser, Vice Speaker of the Order of the White Rose, in in the Rose's name I would like to bid you all welcome."
Alexsei says, "For those of you who are here with us for the first time, let me quickly go over what the Town Meetings are."
Alexsei says, "The Zoluren Town Meetings are, at the core, a community event. They meant to be a nexus of information for citizens and visitors to Zoluren."
Alexsei says, "They are a forum to exchange news and info about recent happenings and events, as well as place to share ideas and thoughts on how to best defend this province."
Alexsei says, "As such, while the White Rose is holding and sponsoring the event, it is by no means meant to be only a forum for us to speak. By all mean, you are all encouraged to share information you hold and wish to share with the people here."
Hewlet confidently says, "So many people."
Eladrin asks, "So, uh, who are we defending the province against?"
Alexsei says, "Greetings and welcome to those who have just joined us. Refreshments are on the table, cloth and buffet."
Eladrin asks, "Is it ilithi?"
Eladrin says, "Theyre a bunch of jerks."
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "Therengia."
Hewlet confidently says to Eladrin, "Elves are hot."
Eladrin says, "Well, madigan is the backbone of therengia, im pretty sure theyd collapse without him."
You say, "It's a general statement, we aren't referring to a specific threat."
Eladrin says, "Lets save some time and just take him hostage now."
Alexsei says, "Any threat to the province and its people, yes."
Eladrin says, "Look, its called being proactive people."
Stilva says to Eladrin, "Saying they have spines at all, bless yeh."
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "You've good ideas."
Manze says, "Eladrin, behave or I am calling the guards to come get you."
Alexsei says, "Now, before getting to the meat of the meeting with the current events, let me quickly go over the topic of secure communication during emergency situations."
Eladrin says, "Youd be amazed how often i hear that."
Manze says to Alexsei, "Go on."
Alexsei says, "During some previous meetings, it was suggested that we keep a solution for private group communications during emergency situations, so as not to give important information on the gweths."
Alexsei says, "One such solution was the adoption of a color of albredine rings to act as such a channel, one defenders could rely on to pass info. After deliberation, Banded Cobalt was chosen as Zoluren's color."
Hewlet confidently says, "They have colors."
Naniaki says, "Like this."
Hewlet confidently asks, "?"
Kathlen says to Hewlet, "Some rings have colors, some are plain."
Hewlet confidently says, "Oh."
Kazeth slowly asks, "You said that so confidentally.. was it a question?"
Alexsei says, "If you have a ring attuned to this color, you will be able to join in. If you do not have a ring, and are interested in getting one, let me know. The Rose offers a ring for free to those who wish to receive them."
Silvwyn says, "Confidently unsure. I like that."
Hewlet confidently says, "Yes it was a question."
Zlynn asks, "I tought you could touch the rings together and they change?"
Hewlet confidently says, "Try it out."
Manze says, "Don't."
Naniaki says, "They melt together."
Hewlet confidently says, "Oh."
Manze says, "You need a clear one to attune to a colored one, otherwise they both melt."
Naniaki says, "One has to be colorless and the other a set color."
Hewlet confidently says, "Oh I have a clear one."
Kathlen says to Hewlet, "You need a colorless ring to touch to one of the colored ones, it's complicated. Your ring won't change colors."
Kazeth slowly asks, "May I have a ring?"
Abison says, "The albredine crystal rings are for private conversation. Alexsei is talking about the colorless albredine rings that you can tap toget for a group channel."
Myravern asks, "May I have a ring?"
Zuckulore asks, "And I?"
Sliyder says, "Heh."
Kazeth slowly asks, "Do we simply wear them?"
Zavulon asks, "Are there more?"
Myravern says, "Thank you."
Eladrin says, "What recourse do we have if this network of rings becomes nothing more than snuggly smut and filth."
Hewlet confidently asks, "You can think to everyone with one?"
Myravern asks, "How do I use it?"
Eladrin says, "I feel this is a pressing concern."
Manze says, "To use them you have to tap before each thought you want to send over them."
Eladrin says, "Can we screen the ring users."
Hewlet confidently says to Eladrin, "Blame Ariya if that happens."
You say, "When you want to use it, tap on the albredine ring before thinking. Your next thought will go onto our channel."
Myravern asks, "Then it goes to everyone with a ring this color?"
Naniaki says to Eladrin, "They wear out."
Sliyder asks, "What If I dont tap it before? I'm takling in my own head?"
Myravern asks, "How do I think to just one person?"
Ariya says, "What did I do."
Eladrin says, "Yeah, but it only takes one person treating it like an inn room to scar us all for life."
You say, "Well, if you have gweths you'll end up thinking to everyone."
Eladrin says, "We cant take that lightly."
Hewlet confidently says to Ariya, "You would turn something smutty."
Manze says, "Eladrin, that is enough."
Alexsei says, "If your ring does not fit, try to wear it while also holding a bladed weapon in your hand."
Silvwyn says to Eladrin, "That's what smashers are for."
Ariya says to Hewlet, "That is what I live for."
Vrangel says, "Fit on what."
You say, "Most people don't really use the rings anyways except when it's time for an invasion."
Blackfier says, "This ring doesn't fit me."
Eladrin exclaims, "Youre right! it is enough! enough of the smut on the rings!"
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "I've plenty of smashers, no worries. I'll share."
You say, "Soemthing about that extra tap making people lazy maybe."
Sliyder says, "Heh."
Therrilliar says, "I heard you Sliyder."
Alexsei says to Blackfier, "Hold a bladed weapon in your hand and try wearing it again."
Manze asks, "The only one that's gonna be filling it with smut is you Eladrin, so I guess we don't gotta worry then huh?"
Blackfier says, "Interesting."
Myravern asks, "How do we think to just one person?"
Eladrin says, "What thats a horrible accusation."
You say to Myravern, "You'll need a different drink for that."
You say, "Er."
Marssi says, "I've never heard Eladrin use smutty language."
You say, "Ring."
You say, "I have drinks on the brain."
Eladrin asks, "Were you unaware that i am a noble and virtuous paladin?"
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "You'd polute our brains? Shameful."
Alexsei says, "To think to a single person, one needs an albredine crystal ring. They are a different kind, yes."
Madigan slowly says, "Gads."
Eladrin says, "Its lies and slander."
You say to Myravern, "The albredine crystal rings allow for one on one thoughts."
Alexsei asks, "Have I handed a ring to everyone who wished for one?"
You say, "Here, I got an extra."
Myravern says, "Thank you."
You ask, "So should I get on with it before things get too hectic?"
Alexsei says, "Indeed. I will now leave you with Talliska, who will be handling the current events section of this meeting."
You say, "Hello everyone. I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to report on the latest in current events."
You say, "I've got a couple of topics to cover for today."
You say, "First I'll talk about the Frozen Heavens, an area roamed by hostile nimbuses, recently discovered in the southern reaches of Zoluren."
You say, "Then I will review Ferdahl Aemmin's recent audience at the Great Tower of Shard, including the visit by Valthyrz, emissary of the Dragon Priest Empire."
Blackfier says, "Horrible critters."
You say, "Since we've got some Ilithians here, I'd be glad for your help when I get to that portion if you have anything to add."
You say, "At the end I'll open things up for those of you who would like to announce or discuss other recent events or occurrences."
You say, "So let's begin with the Frozen Heavens."
You say, "This area can be reached from within the Gash, where the snowbeasts roam just north of the gondola to Ilithi."
You say, "There are two entrances to the Heavens. One way is through a snow-choked passage. It's slow-going to slog through the snow, and you have to beware of avalanches, which can be fatal."
You say, "The other way in requires climbing skill. You can climb over the treacherous ice wall, which is found at the glacier in the south end of the Gash."
You say, "The nimbuses inside are nothing like I've ever seen before. Though they look like will-o-wisps, they are actually imp-like beings surrounded by tendrils of light."
You say, "Their special attack hits several times in quick succession and can stun and imbalance you, so be careful when hunting there. They are meant for adept combatants to hunt."
You say, "Now, I also have the story about how the Frozen Heavens was initially discovered, which I'd like to recount to you next."
You say, "On the 1st day of the 10th month of Nissa, an overly curious Dwarven adventurer decided to go exploring in the Gash."
You say, "At the glacier, he came across a dark cave atop an icy cliff. Chunks of obsidian hover in the innermost chamber, and at the center is a translucent obelisk with four faces."
Eladrin says, "Getting you accustomed to their scent."
You say, "Three of those disks are still there: one with sluggish swirls of red and orange, another of a sickly black material, and a third of a dull blue substance."
You say, "The disks correspond to the moons of Elanthia. Red for Yavash, black for Katamba, blue for Yavash. So presumably the fourth disk is a white color for the lost moon Grazhir."
You say, "The obelisk obviously intrigued the dwarf adventurer, as he pried off the Grazhir disk for himself. This foolish act was what led to him walking the Starry Road that day."
You say, "Several moon mages also saw visions of the event. So I went to Court Mage Malzard of Ilithi, who graciously told me more about what happened next."
You say, "According to Malzard, the dwarf adventurer's greed was his downfall, as it alerted the nimbus creatures lurking in the cave. They pursued the dwarf adventurer, leading to his demise."
You say, "This left an opportunity for the Children of Kalestraum to profit from his death. They are a group of Moon Mages known for practicing sorcery and terrorist acts."
You say, "Scion Ealuik, a high ranking member of the Children, sent a Votary named Tressoth to fetch the disk from the poor dwarf's corpse and bring it to him."
You say, "When I spoke to Malzard, he was conversing via thoughtcast with Ealuik directly. Through that conversation he discovered that the Scion intends to use the Grazhir disk for his own research."
You say, "Whatever Ealuik intends, it is no doubt something sinister. One of his more notorious crimes was assisting in the abduction of Lady Edenlaen, Khola rae Aev of the Empath Guild, during the Outcast War."
Kazeth slowly says, "That doesn't sound good..."
You say, "It should also be noted that Kalestraum's Children harbor a vendetta against the Moon Mage Guild, and hold few if any scruples about their methods to seek revenge."
You ask, "And that's the story of the Frozen Heavens and its mysterious obelisk. Does anyone have thoughts, questions or comments to share?"
Kazeth slowly asks, "Did the imp things come to defend the obelisk?"
You say, "It seems that that's what happened."
Kazeth slowly says, "Thank you."
You ask, "No problem! Anyone else?"
You say, "You can actually find the cave with the obelisk in it by the way, if you head up to the Frozen Heavens."
You say, "You can even focus on the obelisk if you're a magic user."
Eladrin says, "No questions here, i think we can all agree that less moon mages in the world is a good thing."
Kazeth slowly asks, "Is that safe?"
You say, "Though I couldn't make any sense of it, it's lunar magic."
Eladrin says, "Three cheers for the moon mage hating terrorists."
Kazeth slowly asks, "Will the nimbus things attack me?"
You say, "It didn't hurt me."
Woadraven says, "No offence taken."
You say, "They're swarming around the area."
Blackfier says, "They are all over down there."
Kazeth slowly says, "Guess I better stay away then."
You say, "I think that removing the disk actually did something to the obelisk so it isn't functioning like it used to."
You say, "Don't ask me what it originally did though, that'd be something a mage would know better."
Kathlen says to herself, "Time to show Neth the snow and ask him to sing. Deadly avalanch."
Alexsei says, "I simply have to say that the danger of the avalanches in that area is not to be ignored. I had the misfortune of getting caught in one, and that was a rather harrowing experience."
Eladrin says, "Well, i think i'll be organizing a field trip soonish."
You say, "Snapped necks aren't fun. Though I should've moved faster."
Woadraven says, "I wonder what would happen if the disc was returned to the column. Too dangerous of a trip for me, though."
Eladrin says, "I wonder how many people i can get killed in an avalanche in one go."
Myravern asks, "Was there anything else down there?"
You say, "Hmm, nothing that I could find."
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "I'll count, you yell."
You say, "Just a whole lotta snow and ice, the dark cave with the obelisk and the nimbuses."
Eladrin says, "Sounds fair to me."
You say, "Okay, any other comments on this topic? Otherwise we're a movin' on."
You say, "All right then! The other topic I've prepared for today is the audience of Ferdahl Aemmin in Ilithi."
Blackfier says, "Spicy."
You say, "Again Ilithians, please don't hesitate to interject if I've gotten any facts wrong or you'd like to add more to what I've said."
Kazeth slowly asks, "What's an Ilithian?"
You say, "A person from Ilithi."
You say, "Our southern neighbor."
Eladrin says, "Theyre bad people."
Kazeth slowly asks, "So it doesn't matter what race?"
You say, "That's just one opinion. They're perfectly fine people to me."
Kazeth slowly says, "Oh..."
Eladrin says, "Talliska has been subverted."
You say, "All sorts of races there. As with any province."
You say, "So anyway..."
You say, "The Ferdahl's audience occurred on the 2nd of Nissa this year."
You say, "The first announcements she gave were the long-awaited Ilithi Court appointments."
You say, "She named Synamon MacUlrik as the new Court Ambassador, Arourra Zunee as the new Court Cleric, and Traim Ruin as the second Commander of the Ilithi Militia, alongside Commander Rainea."
You say, "We've got at least one of those people here now."
Eladrin says, "We've been infiltrated."
Kathlen says to Eladrin, "You let them in."
Kazeth slowly says, "Synamon... wow, that name makes me hungry..."
Eladrin asks, "How can we plan to counter to growing illithian threat if theyre right here?"
You say, "That's only a threat in your mind, as far as I know."
You say, "Congratulations are in order for these deserving folks as they settle into their new positions."
Eladrin says, "Relations between zoluren and illithi have always been tense."
Eladrin says, "And even tenser than normal of late."
Kathlen says, "Those barricades don't help."
Therrilliar says, "Not always...they were fine when Shard first opened and they welcomed us."
You say, "I don't know of any particular cause of tension between Zoluren and Ilithi. You can walk right past the barricade at this point anyway."
You say, "But moving on now."
Abison says, "Good fences make for good neighbors."
Ariya says to Kathlen, "Happens all the tiem when ariyan is standing with me."
You say, "Next the Ferdahl received petitioners. One of these was Ambassador Erieck Gotsby of the Therengia Court, who made his second attempt to be recognized as Therengian Ambassador to Ilithi."
Katjia says to Ariya, "She gets my snuggles too."
You say, "Ferdahl Aemmin once again refused the petition, a sign of continued strained relations between Therengia and Ilithi since the Baron's marriage to Outcast Princess Macja."
Ariya says to Katjia, "Ariyan gets my kisses. It makes me sad."
You say, "The final petitioner was an unexpected visitor: an emissary from the Dragon Priest Empire named Valthyrz."
You say, "If you recall from a previous meeting, Hhrsaraa, the former Dragon Priest Empress, was apparently executed by her own people."
You say, "The emissary was sent by her successor, whom Valthyrz only referred to as 'His Holiness'."
You say, "Valthyrz claimed that the new Emperor wished to correct past excesses of the Empire, in particular the 'needless hostilities' the Dragon Priests have shown to the provinces."
You say, "To this end, he asked for an opportunity to discuss a possible truce between the Dragon Priest Empire and Ilithi, or at least the City of Shard."
Eladrin says, "Oh so now theyre making accords with the dragon priests."
Sensusharr says, "She is not the outcast princess, she is the baroness of theringia."
Eladrin says, "Very trustworthy people there."
You say, "They are not making any accords. They are only agreeing to meet with the Emperor on neutral ground."
Therrilliar says, "No good will come of this."
You say, "That is all that has actually been confirmed."
Shannodoah darkly says, "You know, if someone stabs you, and then says they are sorry. It doesn't changed the fact they stabbed you."
You say, "Originally the Ferdahl asked that the new Emperor come to her city to visit before she consider anything further."
Therrilliar says, "There is no such thing as neutral ground where the dragon priests are concerned."
Kazeth slowly asks Shannodoah, "Is it the same people?"
Eladrin says, "Even considering peace talks is heinous."
Kazeth slowly says, "She just said the last people were killed."
Sensusharr says, "When baroness Macja married the Baron, her alligeance changed."
You say, "I won't make any particular judgment on what Ilithi decides with this, I'm just reportin' the facts."
Lancel says, "But her blood did not."
You say, "Valthyrz said such a meeting would be inconvenient, and proposed that they meet on neutral ground, protected by banner or consecration."
Lancel says, "Blood is thicker than water."
Shannodoah says, "Dragon Priests are fanatics, I don't care who leads them."
Naniaki says, "It'd be the same as holding the current Ferdah'l responsible for what the one 4 rulers back chose to do."
Sensusharr says, "She gaze her word."
Stilva says, "...Paranoia is a crippling weakness."
You say, "Ferdahl Aemmin's suggestion was Ain Ghazal, but this location is in Forfedhdar, and the Emperor wished to meet in an open-air area closer to Shard."
Lancel says, "Big deal people lie."
You say, "So the final consensus was that Ilithi's new Ambassador would find an appropriate location for the meeting between the Ferdahl and the new Dragon Priest Emperor."
You say, "And here she is."
Sensusharr says, "Outcasts don't, and when she gave her word it was her life."
Zynara quietly says, "Why meet them at all, it's ridiculous."
Therrilliar says, "I hope they have a successor ready..."
Synamon says, "It was a fabulous first day."
Lancel says, "But shes not an outcast according to you. Thus she can be a liar."
Sensusharr says, "She baceme the empress."
Sensusharr says, "Baroness, sorry."
You say, "Well, would you like to add anything else Ambassador? Since it is kinda your project now. Interesting first assignment."
Sensusharr says, "When she married the baon her alligence was with the baron."
Shannodoah says, "It is amazing these Dragon Priests want to talk peace, yet they still attack anyone traveling the roads between Shard and Hib."
Synamon says, "We have been working on meeting spot and the militia is getting the logistics of the meeting worked out."
Kazeth slowly asks Shannodoah, "Maybe they are split?"
Synamon says, "No one trusts the dragon priests."
Sensusharr says, "I am one of the baroness's companions."
Powerhaus says to Shannodoah, "I think that's why they're zealots."
You say, "I bet that's gotta be an incredible job to coordinate. Make sure the place is secure."
Synamon says, "But, her grace can not turn away some one who wishes to speak of peace."
You say, "Besides that, it would be a chance for everyone to see what sort of person this new Emperor is."
You say, "Since the emissary was really vague about him."
Blackfier says, "Pick it up Bargirl."
Synamon says, "Also, not know who his new leader is, is a dangerous place to be as well."
Synamon says, "As for the outcast..."
Zynara quietly says, "I can not imagine how the Ferdahl can stand there and contimplate a meeting with a Dragon Priest of all things, when she looks down her nose at the Baron for marrying an outcast.. that's nearly a pot calling the kettle black scenario."
Sensusharr says, "I am not an outcast."
Zynara quietly says, "I said that out loud."
Sensusharr says, "I am one of the baroness's companions."
You say, "Well it's definitely a controversial topic that's for sure."
Shannodoah says to Synamon, "As a long time Citizen of Shard, my loyalty of course lies with the Ferdahl. Doesn't mean I have to like that these fanatics are being taken seriously."
Synamon says, "I do not disagree, but it is not my place to question her grace and she feels that this is a meeting that is important."
Eladrin says, "Its an abomination."
You say, "Personally I say don't judge the entire province for the Ferdahl's decision; they still need to protect their liege."
Alexsei says, "Whether the situation is enjoyed or approved of by folks if for you all to decide. These are simply the facts, as plain and bare as we can have them."
Kazeth slowly says, "I bet that Ferdahl knows what they're doing."
You say, "I bet plenty of them were surprised by the decision too. I know I was."
You say, "Though I'm not from Ilithi."
Silvwyn says, "I don't know that any of Shard knows what they're doing."
Silvwyn says, "They did let crazies take up residence in their city and torture people left and right, after all."
Eladrin says, "Yeah, its not like the dragon priests have commited any heinous atrocities."
Eladrin says, "Like trying to exterminate the entire bard guild."
Zlynn says, "Hey now."
Lancel says, "And supporting Necromancy."
Eladrin says, "Which for the record, is probably the one good thing theyve done."
Zynara quietly asks, "Supporting? how about delving and devloping?"
You say, "I'm sure you all have your opinions, we could debate 'em all day but I should probably move on."
You say, "Now you know, and whatever you decide to do with that knowledge is up to you."
Naniaki says, "Indeed, this is Zoluren town meeting, not Ilithi."
Eladrin exclaims, "Full on illitian offensive!"
Eladrin exclaims, "Lend me your swords friends, we will cleans their lands!"
Kazeth slowly says, "How does one have a Zoluren Town Meeting..."
Myravern asks, "Where is the border between Zoluren and Ilithi?"
You say, "The White Rose isn't supporting an Ilithian offensive."
You say, "It is at the Gondola, way past Leth."
Sliyder says, "Gondola."
Evro says to Myravern, "The blockade."
Eladrin says, "You guys wouldnt support a goblin offensive."
Eladrin says, "You dont have any tiger blood."
Sliyder says, "Haha."
Synamon says, "The gondola is the crossing point into ilithi."
Myravern asks, "Is the entrance to the new area north of the border?"
Manze asks, "Of course not, we kill goblins, why would we support them?"
You ask, "All right, does anyone else have any events or happenings to report about?"
Evro says to Myravern, "It is."
Sliyder says, "Sounded like entrance was in Zoluren."
Woadraven says, "Where do zombie ogres come from. I saw one start a huge fight a while back at the bank."
Crayzeke says, "Loo crayz."
Shannodoah says to you, "Well the Locksmith Union is always popping boxes at the pond. But thats nothing new."
Evro says, "That wouldbe from which ever necro raised it."
You say, "That was a necromancer's creation."
You say, "Er, the zombie was. Not the Locksmith Union."
Sliyder says, "Anyone have some time post meeting to go over this whole necromancer thing with me? I'm way out of hte loop."
Woadraven says, "Oh. That makes sense."
Shannodoah says, "I was gonna say..."
You say to Sliyder, "Sure, I could try."
You ask, "Anyone else? No events anyone wants to plug?"
Evro says, "If ya wanna get into necros....eesh we could ask Crayzeke there why he was fighting with them against the citizens of Theren a couple days ago."
Crayzeke asks, "Sure had to bring that up eh?"
You say, "Oh? Sure, go right ahead."
You say, "Now that you're in the spotlight."
Crayzeke says, "You can ask and i will tell if you want."
Evro says to Crayzeke, "I anjoy a good debate."
Silvwyn says, "Hey, that's lies and slander. Crayzeke is a good man."
You say, "I have heard of the necromancer activity acting up in Theren but would appreciate a report if anyone has one."
Crayzeke asks, "Nothing to debate i was there with a fellow moonmage and then you came in and started attacking... dont your remember me killing there zombie before i shot at you?"
Crayzeke says, "Means im neutral."
Evro says to Silvwyn, "How'd you know? ya an ex goose that fled the family when it was headin down hill."
Eladrin says, "What."
Silvwyn says to Evro, "Do I even know you? You seem to have a lot of misinformation about me."
Crayzeke says, "There was necros in theren attacking folk."
Stilva says, "There was a fairly large hoarde of skeletons spotted north of Langenfirth a few nights ago, but beyond that I've heard of nothing."
You say, "Thank you for that."
You say, "Considering that no one has any other useful information to bring..."
Eladrin says, "I mean dont get me wrong, i agree that silvwyn is a hooker."
Bralinson exclaims, "Take that mess somewhere else!"
Silvwyn says to Eladrin, "You, sir, are a venomed, onion-eyed ground-swill!"
You say, "It's okay, we're about done."
Eladrin says, "But theres no need to drag the name of the once illustrious goose family through the mud."
Alexsei says, "Well then."
Evro says, "Mud? all I said was she jumped ship while it was sinking."
Blackfier asks, "Whose the gooses?"
Silvwyn says, "And you know nothing."
Myravern asks, "Anything else?"
Alexsei says, "If no one has anything else to share, then we have reached the end of this particular Town Meeting."
Eladrin says, "A unified front of awesome that disbanded long ago."
Myravern says, "Thank you for the meeting."
You exclaim, "You're welcome!"
You say, "Thank you for coming by, everyone."
Blackfier says, "I wanna be a goose."
Alexsei says, "I want to thank you for attending, on my behalf and that of the White Rose. Thank you all for your time, thoughts, and information."
Woadraven says, "Thanks for the wine, unfolding of events and useful information."
You say, "Well that's what we're goin' for. Background noise aside."

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