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You may only put one type of lockpick on a ring at a time. (ie. only superior lockpicks)

A lockpick stacker is any item which is able to store and stack similar lockpicks. A lockpick ring or a special lockpick case might be a couple examples.

The "top" or last lockpick placed on the stack is the only accessible one - it is the one you will pick/repair with and the one to come off the stack first. See PULL and TURN below.


  • PUT {MY} [LOCKPICK] [ON: Stack a lockpick into the item on "top". This will be the lockpick used if you pick, repair, etc.
  • PULL {MY} [OBJECT]: Remove a lockpick from the item. The last put into the stacker is the first to come out.
  • TURN {MY} [OBJECT] {TO [BEST|QUALITY|WEAKENED|DAMAGED|WORST]}: Get the desired lockpick ready for use. As above, the last lockpick to go into the stack is the "top" lockpick and will be used for picking, repairing, etc. You may want to turn to best for better picking or selling, the most weakened for repairs, the most damaged or worst to pick until it breaks and get rid of it, or just get rid of it. The options are many!
  • APPRAISE {MY} [OBJECT] - Gain some information about how many lockpicks you have and the maximum the object can hold.
  • APPRAISE {MY} [OBJECT] CAREFUL - As above, but also gain some information about average condition and quality of the lockpicks.
  • STUDY {MY} [OBJECT]: Shows syntax and options.


Alabaster lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Black suede pouch with an onyx claspThick as Thieves (2)
Blackened steel lockpick casebeltSketchy By Design (7)
Bloodwood lockpick ring shaped like a flock of butcherbirdsbeltSketchy By Design (9)
Bronze lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Cast iron keyring stamped with a balance scalebelt
Clockwork lockpick case affixed with tiny silversteel-infused Gnomish kochobeltSketchy By Design (7)
Compact lockpick case stamped with a depiction of the Darkfell AbyssbeltSketchy By Design (9)
Complex lockpick ankle-cuff composed of interlocking ka'hurst bandsankleHouse of the Revenant Fang 433/Incidental loot,House of the Revenant Fang 437/Incidental loot
Copper lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Coralite lockpick ring wrought like a leaping Glacian sea dragonbeltSketchy By Design (9)
Crystalline lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Dark suede pouch with an onyx claspThick as Thieves (2)
Darkly painted lockpick case depicting a pair of emerald-eyed panthersbeltFenwyrthie's Curio Shop
Dergatine locksmith's strand fastened with a black diamond solitairebeltDrathrok's Duskruin 438/Incidental loot
Diamondique lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Ebonwood lockpick case carved with butcherbirds in flightbeltSketchy By Design (7)
Engraved animite lockpick casebeltSketchy By Design (7)
Golden key with an elaborately sculpted "D"beltDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental loot,Droughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental loot,Droughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental loot
Iron lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Item:Alabaster lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Item:Bronze lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Item:Copper lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Item:Crystalline lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Item:Darkly painted lockpick case depicting a pair of emerald-eyed panthersbeltFenwyrthie's Curio Shop
Item:Diamondique lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Item:Iron lockpick ringbackKilam's Locks
Item:Ivory lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Item:Lapis lazuli lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Item:Lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks,Ragge's Locksmithing,Ss'Thran's Locks,Sephina's Lockbane
Item:Onyx lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Item:Sandstone lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Item:Steel lockpick ringbeltKilora's Weaponry,Kilam's Locks
Item:Sunstone lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Lacquered smokewood lockpick casebeltSketchy By Design (7)
Lapis lazuli lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Lockpick ringbeltRagge's Locksmithing,Ss'Thran's Locks
Luminous lockpick wristcuff of braided moonsilver strandswristDroughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental loot,Droughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental loot
Onyx lockpick ringbeltSephina's Lockbane
Onyx lockpick ring dangling a ruby-eyed ravenbeltSketchy By Design (5),Sketchy By Design (6)
Pewter lockpick ring dangling an enameled sailing shipbeltSketchy By Design (5),Sketchy By Design (6)
Rectangular tool case embossed with the image of an orlogbeltBreaking and Entering/Work Room loot
Sandstone lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Scale-etched orichalcum lockpick ring suspending a teardrop dragon's blood rubybeltTildi's Blooms (4)
Small circular darkspine lockpick case featuring clockwork mechanismsbeltSketchy By Design (9)
Smooth acenite lockpick casebeltSketchy By Design (7)
Soft leather lockpick case embossed with intertwining serpentsbeltKharsaan's Tent
Steel lockpick ringbeltKilam's Locks
Sunstone lockpick ringbeltHekipe's Locksmithery
Tel'athi lockpick case etched with a pair of crossed daggersbeltSketchy By Design (7)
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