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This article is about the DragonRealms Platinum instance and the Platinum subscription package. For information about the currency denomination, see Currency.

DragonRealms Platinum is a separate instance of the game that requires an additional $10 fee over the cost of Premium services to access.

It is focused primarily on roleplay and a small community.


Along with all Premium benefits, Platinum players also get:

  • 100 extra long term benefit points a month.
  • Personal teleportation jewelry
  • Free custom title
  • Free vaults
  • Bigger initial vault size: all vaults start with a 250 item capacity
  • Free (faster?) vault transfers
  • 28 character slots
  • 50% off the cost of all quests
  • Free runs of older quests like Dunshade and Gnome.
  • Hollow Eve Festival festival admit all tickets for $30
  • Early access to most new releases before premium
  • Automatic access to the test server
  • Jadeite and Kyanite gweth drops
  • Gweth reach is worldwide: hear anyone, anytime.
    • NOTE: This channel is IC.
  • Global chatter.
    • NOTE: This channel is OOC.
  • Free Fallen account
  • UPDATED 6/10/2020: After 6 months of cumulative subscription time, you also get access to special portals that take you to any major city, any time you want!
  • Large capacity donation baskets in each province.
  • Smaller crowds, which means more space in hunting areas and more attention during events
  • Some Estate Holder teleportation rings to Fang Cove start out unlocked - no need for a GMNPC merchant!
  • Fang Cove portal always open.

NOTE: Most of these Perks only apply in the Plat instance.

Roleplay in Platinum

These guidelines are taken (and edited/modernized) from older Platinum sites.

  • Except for Chatter or Out of Character (OOC) whispers, all forms of conversation in Plat are considered In Character (IC).
  • Just because you “see” a characters name on the screen doesn’t mean your character automatically knows their name. You just see an elvish male, or a Tog female. Introduce yourself (or not) to people, but be careful to not assume anything.
  • Separate OOC knowledge from IC knowledge whenever possible. You might know someone is a Thief based on what they chattered, but your character might not know that.
  • During character creation it is a good idea to contemplate a character history. You might be stopped right after arriving in town and get whisked up in some event, and a back story can go a long way to making it more enjoyable. Picking a nick name should also happen now so there is no confusion later on. For example, a thief might take a name other than what the guild refers to him as.
  • Decide upon a reason for feeling the death of characters. We all get the So and So was just struck down! Messages, but how DO we know? It could be you feel the changes of fate as a moon mage, a ripple in the aether streams as a warrior mage, perhaps your god just tapped you on the shoulder, or maybe the animals are speaking of the fallen.
  • Carrying herbs or learning the location of the autohealers is a must in Plat. Our dedicated Empaths work very hard to keep us moving, but they have lives too. Sometimes they can’t be around and so we have to learn how to fend for ourselves.
  • Keep mindful of others. Roleplay can take many forms, and some find it fun to play the bad guy. In Plat you’ll find the majority of people reluctant to REPORT if something goes wrong. Instead try to handle it using IC methods. Sometimes there was a misunderstanding, and we are tolerant of mistakes made by beginners. Explaining your intentions in OOC whispers with someone is safest bet – ESPECIALLY if you aren’t sure they want to be involved. Finally we have the WARN verb that can be used to further ensure nobody is left upset.
  • Plat people are generous. Don’t abuse that generosity, but keep in mind that even new players can easily find coin, supplies and a bit of advice from the local populace.
  • With the smaller numbers of people playing Plat, we tend to gather in several key locations. One of these is the Northeast Gate of Crossings or north of the portal at Fang Cove.
  • Equipment. Good places to scrounge for starting equipment are the donation racks and Platinum-specific baskets near most major towns. Feel free to take what you need from any of these spots, all that is asked is that when you get more settled, you help keep stuff on them for other newcomers.
  • Dead people don’t talk. While talking as a ghost is mechanically possible, its generally frowned upon to talk while dead. This doesn’t include OOC whispers that might be necessary to ensure weapons are not lost.


  • Make sure you turn "chatter /on" when you get in game. This will add you to the worldwide chat channel, where players can talk to each other OOC.
  • Platinum characters take knowing each other seriously! Be sure to introduce yourself and get to know other character's names before actually knowing who they are.
  • Many Platinum players create character profiles on Elanthipedia for both other players and GMs to get a general OOC understanding of who the character is, in order to better accommodate that character's interests into certain events.

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