Morum Melgorehn

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A Simutronics-run paid quest.

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Official Description

Gnomes have long been recognized as the tinkerers of the lands, inventing things that are only in the fantasies and legends of other races. One of the greatest of these inventors was known simply as Melgorehn. Melgorehn had a large family, though none had the talent she did. She created all sorts of amazing machines, all well before their time. When she died, the whole family started bickering over who would get to lay claim on her many inventions. The whole family, that is, except her two twin nephews. Melgorehn must have known this would happen, because shortly after she died, a will was found stating that all her possessions were to be left to the twins.

A year ago, these two Gnomes set off on an expedition to retrieve their inheritance, but they got more than they bargained for. After some...slight...problems finding the place their aunt left her treasures, they discovered it wouldn't be as easy as they had thought. Obstacles blocked their path while a mysterious race had seized all the treasure, worshiping it like holy icons. Though they escaped with some, they knew there was still much left, so after making some much needed adjustments to their Aunt's mechanical marvels, they set off again. Since they found the treasure once, it should be a snap to find it again, right? However, once they got there, they discovered they weren't the only ones that had been making modifications in the last year....

The Gnomes have returned, and they need your help again! (Of course they need help, it simply wouldn't do for them to die before they got their hands on the rest of the inheritance.) Many died trying to help them retrieve their inheritance the first time, but surely the twins wouldn't let that happen again, would they? (Probably should bring some favors just in case....) New and unknown dangers may be lurking, but the rewards can be great if you complete a few simple tasks. (Simple compared to what, wrestling a dragon!?) Are you ready for the challenge? (Of course you are!) Sign up and find out today! (Just don't mention jokes to them...)

Things for sale on the Quest

See Dzil'Tseyi

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