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In Dragonrealms: The Fallen CHAT is the command used to communicate with your clan members.

In Dragonrealms: Platinum and the test server the CHATTER channel is used to talk on a global gweth system.

In Dragonrealms: Prime only Free to Play (Free Accounts) players up to 15th circle and Mentors have access to CHATTER. This communication medium is only used to gain help with in-game mechanics and learning the ropes in an OOC manner.


  • CHATTER <message>


CHATTER is primarily an OOC communication tool. While staff may monitor it for language and inappropriate content, the nature of conversations as far as being In Character or Out of Character is not a matter that staff will be concerned with.

In Dragonrealms: The Fallen and Dragonrealms: Platinum gwethdesuans are the primary form of In Character communication in DragonRealms. You are certainly free to attempt to use CHATTER to communicate ICly, but don't be surprised by a lack of response or adverse responses -- CHATTER is intended to be OOC by its nature due to a lack of IG lore explaining why you can miraculously be telepathic without the aid of a magical device or supernatural ability.